Heeresgruppe Ostpreußen ???

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Heeresgruppe Ostpreußen ???

Postby Colonel Kurtz » 12 Nov 2009 03:16

Hello folks,
In the secondary sources with which I work with, I often stumble upon the Heeresgruppe Ostpreußen under command of Gen.Obst. Walter Weiß beginning on 5. April 1945.
Weiß had been commander of HGr Nord until 2. April 1945. According to my notes he did not have any other commands after that. HGp Nord was used as a framework for the new AOK 12 under Gen.d.Pz.Tr. Walter Wenck, while forces in Prussia (East and West) were all placed under command of Gen.d.Pz.Tr. Dietrich von Saucken at AOK Ostpreußen (the former AOK 2).
Does anybody have any notion what this Heeresgruppe Ostpreußen and why it appears in our research ? Was it an existing shell formation, but never used in active command ? Was it only a deceptive title used to fool the enemy ?
Thanks for your input !
Alain DeBonville

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Re: Heeresgruppe Ostpreußen ???

Postby askropp » 03 Jan 2018 19:56

HGr Nord was disbanded at midnight of 02.04.1945. AOK 2 and AOK 4 remained under OKH control until the fall of Königsberg. On 10.04.1945, AOK 4 was disbanded and AOK 2 renamed AOK Ostpreußen.


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Re: Heeresgruppe Ostpreußen ???

Postby genstab » 04 Jan 2018 16:39

Wow- A lot of us appreciate that, Askropp. That Fernschreiben (and your translation of it) makes things clear on what happened with the command changes.


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