An extensive list of Volkssturm-Bataillons?

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Re: An extensive list of Volkssturm-Bataillons?

Post by Halfdan S. » 12 Jan 2024 15:14

askropp wrote:
11 Jan 2024 23:38
Vice Admiral Erhard Maertens retired from service on 28 February 1945 and was killed in 5. May 1945 during the Battle of Berlin
Although claimed that way by Hildebrand, this is bullshit as the battle of Berlin ended on 2 May.
The same data are given in Maertens personel-file in Freiburg.

My own note from Freiburg reads:
... am 5.5.1945 ist Vizeadmiral a.D. Maertens als Volkssturmmann bei den Kämpfen um Berlin auf dem gelände der Lufthansa, Berlin-Staaken gefallen, "das Grab ist engeebnet und als solches nicht mehr erkennbar"; siehe BA/MA Freiburg: PERS 6/2201.

We agree though that the battle had long ended and the Volkssturm been discharged or gone into captivity. Does anyone have the death register for Berlin, it'd be interesting to see if they have anything on the death of Maertens?

Halfdan S.

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