An extensive list of Volkssturm-Bataillons?

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Re: An extensive list of Volkssturm-Bataillons?

Post by Germanicus » 29 May 2019 12:42

Volkssturm-Bataillon Uckerath
Volkssturm-Bataillon Ueckermuende
Volkssturm-Bataillon Ugartsthal Krs Stanislau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Uhlenflucht Krs Kalisch
Volkssturm-Bataillon Uhlenhorst Krs Angerapp
Volkssturm-Bataillon Ulbersdorf Krs Zuellichau-Scmwiebus
Volkssturm-Bataillon Ullersdorf Krs Bunzlau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Ullersdorf Krs Loewenberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Ulm
Volkssturm-Bataillon Ung Hradisch
Volkssturm-Bataillon Unna
Volkssturm-Bataillon Unruhstadt Krs Zuellichau-Schwiebus
Volkssturm-Bataillon Unterhagen Krs Saatzig
Volkssturm-Bataillon Uplege Krs Regenwalde
Volkssturm-Bataillon Uschkullmen Krs Tilsit
Volkssturm-Bataillon Usedom Krs Usedom Wollin Pommern
Volkssturm-Bataillon Usingen
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Re: An extensive list of Volkssturm-Bataillons?

Post by Germanicus » 29 May 2019 12:42

Volkssturm-Bataillon Vaake
Volkssturm-Bataillon Vaihingen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Vallendar Krs Koblenz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Vangerin Krs Rummelsburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Varzin Krs Rummelsburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Veilsdorf Krs Kulm
Volkssturm-Bataillon Velten Krs Osthavelland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Venzlaffshagen Krs Belgard
Volkssturm-Bataillon Verchen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Vetschau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Vettin Krs Ost Prignitz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Vichel Krs Ruppin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Vielbruecken Krs Elchniederung
Volkssturm-Bataillon Vietz Krs Landsberg-Warthe
Volkssturm-Bataillon Virchow Krs Dramburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Voelpke Krs Haldersleben
Volkssturm-Bataillon Vogelsang Krs Braunsberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Volkmannsdorf Krs Neisse
Volkssturm-Bataillon Von Luettwitz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Vorsbuch Krs Friedeberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Vorderheide Krs Liegnitz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Vosswalde Krs Oppeln
Volkssturm-Bataillon Votzberg Warthegau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Vsetin
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Re: An extensive list of Volkssturm-Bataillons?

Post by Germanicus » 29 May 2019 12:43

Volkssturm-Bataillon Wachendorf Krs Euskirchen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wachsmuth Krs Rosenberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wachsnicken Krs Samland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wadowitz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wagstadt
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wagten Krs Braunsberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Waidhofen Nd Oesterr
Volkssturm-Bataillon Waitendorf Krs Pyrjtz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Waitze
Volkssturm-Bataillon Waldau Krs Samland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Waldbeck Krs Neidenburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Waldburg Kbs Gebdauen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Walden Krs Lyck
Volkssturm-Bataillon Waldenburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Waldensee Krs Roesel
Volkssturm-Bataillon Walderse Krs Dessau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Waldhausen Krs Insterburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Waldhofen Krs Graetz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Waldkirch Krs Trernitz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Waldow Krs Rummelsburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Waldrode
Volkssturm-Bataillon Waldungen Westpr
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wallapin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wallehnen Memel
Volkssturm-Bataillon Waltendorf
Volkssturm-Bataillon Waltendorf Krs Graz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Waltersdorf Krs Heiligenbeil
Volkssturm-Bataillon Waltershausen Krs Neidenburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wandabakus Polen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wandalenbrueck
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wandern Krs Oststernberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wangitt Krs Samland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wangst Krs Roessel
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wanne-Eickel
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wanngnicken Krs Heiligenbeil
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wansen Krs Strehlen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Warbelow Krs Stolp
Volkssturm-Bataillon Warda Krs Marburg Jugosl
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wargen Krs Samland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Warcienen Krs Samland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Warienwalde Krs Tilsit
Volkssturm-Bataillon Warnigkeim Krs Rastenburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Warnikam Krs Heiligenbeil
Volkssturm-Bataillon Warnow Krs Usedom Wollin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Warrwitze Krs Pyritz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Warschau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Warschette Krs Osterode
Volkssturm-Bataillon Warschkeiten Krs Pr Eylau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wartelstein Krs Warthbruecken
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wartenberg Krs Pr Eylau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wartenburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wartenfeld Krs Elchniederung
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wartenstein Krs Goldap
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wartha Krs Litzmannstadt
Volkssturm-Bataillon Warthbruecken
Volkssturm-Bataillon Warthenau Krs Kattowitz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wassenberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wasserlos
Volkssturm-Bataillon Watenstedt
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wattenscheid
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weckesheim Hessen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weetzen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wehlau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wehnershof Krs Schlochau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wehrkirchen Krs Goldap
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wehrwalde Krs Angerapp
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weichselstaedt Wartheland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weide Krs Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weiden
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weidenhof Krs Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weidenhof Krs Gnesen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weigelsdorf Krs Frankenstein
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weilburg Krs Oberlahn
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weimar
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weinings Krs Pr Holland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weipert Krs Joachimstal
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weisseck
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weissenburg Bayern
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weissenburg Krs Gnesen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weissendorf Krs Warthbruecken
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weissenfelde Krs Warthbruecken
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weissenfels
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weissenhoehe
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weisskirchen Krs Ung Weisskirchen Jugosl
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weisstein Krs Waldenburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weisswasser Krs Niesky
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weisweiler
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weixdorf Krs Dresden
Volkssturm-Bataillon Welnau Krs Gnesen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Welun
Volkssturm-Bataillon Welvorwerk Krs Zuellichau-Schwiebus
Volkssturm-Bataillon Welzow Niederlausitz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wendelborn Krs Trebnitz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wendenschloss
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wengerz Krs Flatow
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wenigenlupnitz Krs Eisenach
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wenigtresen Krs Bunzlau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wenikerschlag Krs Neu Bistritz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wensken Krs Schlossberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wenzken Krs Angerburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Werben Krs Pyritz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Werblin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Werdal Krs Heiligenbeil
Volkssturm-Bataillon Werfen Krs Tilsit
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wermelskirchen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wernegitten Krs Heilsberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Werneuchen Krs Niederbarnim
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wernsdorf Krs Samland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Werschetz Jugosl
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weruschau Krs Welun
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weska Krs Pardubitz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weskendorf Krs Pr Holland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weskow Bei Spremberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wesslinken Krs Danzig
Volkssturm-Bataillon Westerholt Krs Recklinghausen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Westerregeln Krs Wanzleben
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weststernberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weunitz Krs Kosten
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wickenrode Krs Witzenhausen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Widenau Schoenlinde Krs Heiligenbeil
Volkssturm-Bataillon Widminnen Krs Loetzen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wiednitz Krs Hoyerswerda
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wielkopole Krs Kostopol
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wielolenka Wartheland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wien
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wien-Moedling
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wien-Percholosdorf
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wien-Stammersdorf
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wierzebaum Krs Schwerin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wiesbaden
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wiescheid Krs Koeln
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wiescherhoefen Krs Unna
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wiesel Oesterreich
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wiesenau Krs Guben
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wiesendorf Krs Ortelsburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wiesenfeld Krs Posen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wiesental Krs Angerburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wiebenthal Krs Graetz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wietkowo Bei Kulmsee Krs Thorn
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wietstock Krs Teltow
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wigandstal Krs Lauban
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wigstadtl Krs Troppau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wildau Krs Teltow
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wildnisrode Krs Schlossberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wilemsee Krs Posen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wilhelminenhof Krs Pyritz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wilhelmsberg Krs Angerapp
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wilhelmsbruch Krs Elchniederung
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wilhelmshagen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wilhelmshain Krs Prenzlau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wilhelmshaven
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wilhelmshof Krs Ortelsburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wilhelmshorst Krs Zauch-Belzig
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wilhelmshorst Krone Krs Deutsch Krone
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wilhelmsrode Krs Labiau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wilkau Krs Namslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wilkau Krs Schweidnitz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wilkau Krs Zuellichau-Schwiebus
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wilkau Krs Zwickau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wilke Krs Lissa
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wilkenau Krs Tilsit
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wilkowischken Litauen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Willenberg Krs Ortelsburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Willichsee Wartheland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Willkuehnen Krs Samland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Willudden Krs Angerburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wilnau Krs Mohrungen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Winde Krs Liegnitz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Windhuk Krs Altburgund
Volkssturm-Bataillon Windungen Krs Tilsit
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wintersdorf Krs Schroda
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wintzkowen Krs Neidenburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wirsitz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wischen Krs Meseritz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wiskoppen Krs Heiligenbeil
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wismar
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wissen Krs Altenkirchen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Witgowitz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Witschin Kr Tepl
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wittbeck Krs Stolp
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wittenberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wittenberg Krs Pr Eylau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wittenburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wittenfelde Krs Naugard
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wittgendorf
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wittingen Krs Lyck
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wittken Krs Elchniederung
Volkssturm-Bataillon Witzenhausen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Witzmitz Krs Regenwalde
Volkssturm-Bataillon Woerth A Donau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Woeterkeim Krs Pr Eylau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wohlau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Woignitt Krs Braunsberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Woischwitz Krs Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Woiten Krs Johannisburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wojtiechow Krs Littau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wokellen Krs Pr Eylau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wola Briwilnska Wartheland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wolbrom Krs Krakau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Woldenberg Krs Friedeberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wolfratshausen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wolfsdorf Krs Sprottau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wolfskirch Krs Lissa
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wollberg Polen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wollenberg-Neumark Krs Oberbarnim
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wollin Krs Usedom Wollin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wollstein
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wolmirstedt
Volkssturm-Bataillon Woltersdorf Krs Niederbarnim
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wongrowitz Krs Eichenbrueck
Volkssturm-Bataillon Woplauken Krs Rastenburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Woritten
Volkssturm-Bataillon Worrditt Krs Braunsberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Worowitz Krs Bischofteinitz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wosseden Krs Heilsberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wotzlaff Krs Danzig
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wrbica Jugosl
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wreschen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wriezen Krs Oberbarnim
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wrona Wroinska Polen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wuehleisen Krs Glogau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wueltschkau Krs Neumarkt
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wuensdorf Krs Teltow
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wuerben Krs Ohlau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wuerzburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wuestegiersdorf Kbs Waldenburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wugarten Krs Friedeberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wulften Harz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wundlacken Krs Samland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wuppertal-Elberfeld
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wurach
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wurchow Krs Neustettin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wusen Krs Braunsberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wussow Krs Belgard
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wusterhusen Krs Greifswald
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wustermitz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wutzig Krs Dramsburg

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Re: An extensive list of Volkssturm-Bataillons?

Post by Germanicus » 29 May 2019 12:44

Volkssturm-Bataillon Zabelsdorf Krs Templin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zabieniec Krs Leipe
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zabitek Polen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zabrech Krs Maehr Ostrau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zachun Krs Saatzig
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zagorze
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zanow Krs Schlawe
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zanzthal Krs Landsberg-Warthe
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zdunska Wola Krs Schieratz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zebau Krs Tepl
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zech Sued Krs Ellbogen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zechern Krs Heilsberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zechin Oderbruch
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zedlin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zedlitz Krs Fraustadt
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zedlltz Krs Ohlau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zedlitz Krs Trebnitz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zeesen Bei Koenigswusterhausen Krs Teltow
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zeithain Krs Grossenhain
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zeitz Land
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zellin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zempelburg Westpr
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zemun Krs Semlin Jugosl
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zepernick Krs Niederbarnim
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zerwatzki Krs Maehr Schoenberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zeulenroda Krs Greiz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zichenau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zicher Krs Koenigsberg Neumark
Volkssturm-Bataillon Ziegelau Krs Samland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Ziegelwiese
Volkssturm-Bataillon Ziegenfuss Krs Landskron
Volkssturm-Bataillon Ziegenhain Hessen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Ziegenhals Krs Neisse
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zielenzig Krs Oststernberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zielhausen Krs Lyck
Volkssturm-Bataillon Ziemianen Krs Angerburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Ziesche
Volkssturm-Bataillon Ziezenett Krs Belgard
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zillisch Steiermark
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zindel Krs Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zinndorf Krs Niederbarnim
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zinnwald Krs Dippoldiswalde
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zinten Krs Heiligenbeil
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zippnow Krs Deutsch Krone
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zirchow Krs Schlawe
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zirpe Krs Kosten
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zittau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zitzewitz Krs Stolp
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zlin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Znaim
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zollburg Krs Thorn
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zombkowitz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zoppot
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zorndorf
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zossen Krs Teltow
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zuchen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zuckmantel Krs Freiwaldau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zuehlshagen Krs Drahburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zuelkenhagen Krs Neustettin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zuellichau Krs Zuellichau-Schwiebus
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zuelzhoff
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zwickau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zwittau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Zychlin Krs Kutno
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Re: An extensive list of Volkssturm-Bataillons?

Post by Germanicus » 29 May 2019 13:51

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Vermisstenbildliste [DRK Missing persons list]

Georg Tessin 'Verbände und Truppen der deutschen Wehrmacht und der Waffen-SS im Zwelten Weltkrieg 1939 - 1945 Volume 17' as well as Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Vermisstenbildliste Page 278 to 280


Part 2 - Named Units

Volkssturm-Bataillon Adamek Schweidnitz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Augustin Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Bader Hennersdorf Krs Goerlitz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Baer
Volkssturm-Bataillon Bannewitz Waldenburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Becker
Volkssturm-Bataillon Beckmann Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Bergendorf Krs Gumbinnen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Berlin Ruhleben
Volkssturm-Bataillon Bescherer
Volkssturm-Bataillon Bischoff-Reichbad-Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Borisch Glogau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Brigen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Brockendorf Bei Heinau Krs Goldberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Brosig Pfeiffer Krs Jaegerndorf
Volkssturm-Bataillon Buckow Krs Schlawe
Volkssturm-Bataillon Buhr Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Dorpat Estland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Drake Berlin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Dreher
Volkssturm-Bataillon Drieschmann Hoenstein Krs Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Drieschner Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Eibel Krs Schneidemuehl
Volkssturm-Bataillon Elchwerder Krs Labiau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Exner
Volkssturm-Bataillon Fendler
Volkssturm-Bataillon Flasch Pr Holland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Franke Haynau Krs Goldberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Freye
Volkssturm-Bataillon Fuhrmann Freystadt
Volkssturm-Bataillon Gerich
Volkssturm-Bataillon Glaser Strasburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Goebel Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Goerkau Krs Komotau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Goldseck Stettin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Gottschalk Krs Brieg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Groeschel Garz Oder Krs Stettin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Grossjestin Krs Kolberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Hartmann-Gellrich Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Harung
Volkssturm-Bataillon Haunstein Krs Samland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Hechenleitner Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Hermann
Volkssturm-Bataillon Herpischboehm Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Hradetzki Strehlen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Kanther Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Katze Sucha
Volkssturm-Bataillon Kessler
Volkssturm-Bataillon Keyserlingk Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Kindlein Proskau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Kittgewitz Sorau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Klein
Volkssturm-Bataillon Kleve Deutsch Krone
Volkssturm-Bataillon Klingner Krs Goldberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Klose Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Kluger Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Kobulten Krs Ortelsbürg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Koenigsberg A-X
Volkssturm-Bataillon Koeppen Stettin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Koll Berlin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Koschate Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Kutschiwski Stettin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Landsberg Krs Pr Eylau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Langallen Krs Insterburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Langanke
Volkssturm-Bataillon Laukischken Krs Labiau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Laukitten Krs Heiligenbeil
Volkssturm-Bataillon Lehmann Stettin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Leo Schlageter Heuberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Lesna
Volkssturm-Bataillon Lietz Stolpmuende Krs Stolp
Volkssturm-Bataillon Loesch
Volkssturm-Bataillon Luisenberg Krs Insterburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Lutz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Mackensen Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Mahr
Volkssturm-Bataillon Maiwald Krs Czenstochau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Markert Schweidnitz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Markgraf Landau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Marold
Volkssturm-Bataillon Michael Krs Frankenstein
Volkssturm-Bataillon Montag Glogau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Moselland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Mueller
Volkssturm-Bataillon z.b.V Muenchen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Muessig Glatz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Muss Koenigsberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Nesslinger Neukuhren
Volkssturm-Bataillon Neuhof Krs Tilsit
Volkssturm-Bataillon Neu Kussfeld Krs Pr Holland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Oels Stab II
Volkssturm-Bataillon Oels Stab III
Volkssturm-Bataillon Peschke Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Pfeiffer
Volkssturm-Bataillon Pfeiffer
Volkssturm-Bataillon Pietsch Krs Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Poehlemann Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Pozelken
Volkssturm-Bataillon Prausen Krs Heiligenbeil
Volkssturm-Bataillon Preuss Althoefchen Unter Preuss
Volkssturm-Bataillon Punsk
Volkssturm-Bataillon Rabsen Krs Glogau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Radeland Spandau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Ratibor
Volkssturm-Bataillon Ratibor 6
Volkssturm-Bataillon Reichfeld
Volkssturm-Bataillon Ritter V Halt Berlin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Roland Ii Berlin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Roller Hamburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Rossitten Krs Samland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Roter Adler
Volkssturm-Bataillon Rudolf
Volkssturm-Bataillon Rudolf Siehe Auch Volksst Btl 26-29
Volkssturm-Bataillon Sandau Krs Ebenrode
Volkssturm-Bataillon Scharz Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Schlierfs Semmering Nd Oesterr
Volkssturm-Bataillon Schneider Grolbersdorf Krs Frankenst
Volkssturm-Bataillon Schoendorf Krs Kalisch
Volkssturm-Bataillon Schoenwolf Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Scholz Glugau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Schultz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Schreiber Hemrichsdorf
Volkssturm-Bataillon Schwalbenberg Krs Samland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Schwarz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Dr Schweitz Halbe Krs Teltow
Volkssturm-Bataillon Seidel Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Slarik Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Smolen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Spitzhacke
Volkssturm-Bataillon Stark
Volkssturm-Bataillon Staufen Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Stein Krs Chemnitz
Volkssturm-Bataillon Stemmler Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Stephän Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Stiller Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Stoeffel
Volkssturm-Bataillon Stoerel Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Strausberg Krs Oberbarnim
Volkssturm-Bataillon Strauss Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Tessmann Unter Div Baerwalde
Volkssturm-Bataillon Tierfeld Koenigsberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Torzewski Breslau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Traugott Schulze Stettin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Trier
Volkssturm-Bataillon Tuerk Freystadt
Volkssturm-Bataillon Uppleger Tempelburg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Urbat Thorn
Volkssturm-Bataillon Vecera
Volkssturm-Bataillon Voigt Stettin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Von Engeln Danzig
Volkssturm-Bataillon Von Falkenberg Unter Volksst Oppeln
Volkssturm-Bataillon Von Roland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wagner Koenigsberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Weckler Glocau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wehlau
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wenzel Poelitz Stettin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wiese Krs Pr Holland
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wittekino In Marl Krs Recklinghausen
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wolanke
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wositzka Berlin
Volkssturm-Bataillon Wuerfler

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Re: An extensive list of Volkssturm-Bataillons?

Post by Halfdan S. » 04 Jun 2019 19:30

Germanicus wrote:
29 May 2019 12:44
Interesting drawing, though the likeness to Hanke isn't that great - wearing his Deutscher Orden awarded om April 12th, 1945:

The NCO wears the three Danish Lions:åben and apparently has a Cuff-band "Schalburg".

Halfdan S.

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Re: An extensive list of Volkssturm-Bataillons?

Post by Germanicus » 13 Jul 2019 04:49

On April 7, 1934 the name Herbert Norkus was granted to Bann 201 and so this name was in use instead of Moabit. For unknown reason the name for the Bann was changed again in Moabit-Schoeneberg on March 1, 1935. The honour-name Norkus was once again granted October 1, 1938. ... norkus-48/

HJ-Abteilung "Herbert Norkus" ... _in_Berlin

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Re: An extensive list of Volkssturm-Bataillons?

Post by zafirkalvin » 17 Jul 2019 14:49

Germanicus wrote:
14 Sep 2012 17:11
I am compiling a list of Volkssturm-Bataillons. However the difficulty of compiling such a list is compounded by the fact that there is limited information collectively anywhere. However, I have utilised the complete Feldpostnummern FPN which I posess, which is most helpfull, as well as utilising the Internet to source any units that may have been overlooked. The German records should have this information yet it doesn't appear to have been accessed in any great Order of Battle depth. I maybe wrong, hopefully I am. I am therefor seeking your help, in posting this request, I am hopefull of gaining and adding to this forum, as I believe that due to the extensive knowledge this site is able to gather from it's members. In order to gauge how difficult this task is, I will quote from the following....

Here is the official Volkssturm table of organisation laid down by the Party on the 25 September.

1st Levy: 1,200,000 men in 1,850 battalions of which 4,00 were in frontier districts. All physically fit men between
the ages of 20-60 without essential war work exemption, assigned to frontline battalions, quartered in military
barracks and liable for service outside their home districts. This levy included all NSDAP, Political officials,
Allgemeine-SS, SA, NSFK and NSKK.

2nd Levy: 2,800,000 men in 4,860 battalions of which 1,050 were in frontier districts. All physically fit men
between the ages of 20-60 with essential war work exemption. Quartered at home and liable for service in their
home districts.

3rd Levy: 600,000 16-19 year olds, plus some 15 year old volunteers in approx 1,040 battalions: mainly 16 year
old HJ trained in the HJ-Wehrertuchtigungslager (toughening up camps).

4th Levy: 1,400,000 20-60 year olds unfit for activie service, plus volunteers over 60, in approx 2,430 battalions,
for guard duty, including concentration and POW camps.

Of the planned 10,180 battalions only a third of these were ever raised. Of these at least 700 battalions saw
– mostly on the Eastern front. Danzig-West Prussia, Mark Brandenburg, Lower and Upper Silesia, East
Prussia, Pomerania etc. In the West the only notable numbers of VSt to be raised were in Essen and Westmark.

Of the 3,000+ Battalions raised only those of the 1st and 2nd levies were issued with arms and clothing. The 3rd
Levy was not armed and the 4th Levy was expected to manage with hunting rifles, shotguns and captured
firearms. Note that the 4th Levy were never sent into combat. In the few recorded instances were this happened
the local Wehrmacht Kampfkommanduer disbanded the units before they could fight.

Further more it is stated...

During 1945 Volkssturm units helped form Army 'Gneisenau' formations within the Replacement Army. In January 26 'Baden' battalions joined Upper Rhine Infantry Regiments 1-15, later grouped into the 805th and 905th Divisions and 1005th Brigade of the 19th Army - nicknamed the 19th Volkssturm Army. The 303rd, 309th, 324th, 325th, and 328th and 'Burwalde' Divisions contained Volkssturm battalions, as did the People's Infantry Divisions (Volksgrenadierdivisionen) established by Himmler; 16 Grenadier (Führernachwuchs) Regiment, numbered 1233-42, 1246-50, 1256, formed from Officer Cadet Schools; and SS-Grenadierregiment 'Becker', later part of the '30.Januar' Waffen-SS Division.

Also in 1945 the Army formed 3000-series Fortress (Festungs-) units from Volkssturm companies with Army staffs, to man defensive lines in the East. There were 11 four-company Machine-Gun Battalions (3095-3105); two Infantry Battalions (3460, 3470); three-battalion Artillery Depot Regiments (3132-4); 25 Artillery Depot Battalions (3117-26, 3135-9, 3158-60, 3163-6, 3176, 3177, 3184); two Artillery Battalions (3086-7) and some Engineer Barrier Companies and Engineer Demolition Companies. Volkssturm battalions served in town garrisons cut off by the Soviet advance, notably in Breslau (38 battalions), Frankfurt-an-der-Oder (3), Kuestrin (4), Kolberg (2), Posen (1), and Schneidem hl (2).

1 Baden
2 Bayreuth
3 Berlin
4 Danzig-Westpreussen
5 Düsseldorf
6 Essen
7 Franken
8 Halle-Mersenburg
9 Hamburg
10 Hessen-Nassau
11 Kärnten
12 Köln-Aachen
13 Kurhessen
14 Magdeburg-Anhalt
15 Mainfranken
16 Mark Brandenburg
17 Mecklenburg
18 Moselland
19 München-Oberbayern
20 Niederdonau
21 Niederschleisen
22 Oberdonau
23 Oberschleisen
24 Ost-Hannover
25 Ostpreussen
26 Pommern
27 Sachsen
28 Salzburg
29 Schlezwig-Holstein
30 Schwaben
31 Steiermark
32 Sudetenland
33 Süd Hannover-Braunschweig
34 Thüringen
35 Tirol-Vorarlberg
36 Wartheland
37 Weser-Ems
38 Westfalen-Nord
39 Westfalen-Süd
40 Westmark
41 Wien
42 Wüttemberg-Hohenzollern
43 Auslandorganisation

Source ... olkssturm/

I will add my list within a day to this post however I wish to gauge the interest. I hope you will be able to assist.

Most respecfully
I imagine that the 19th army records at BAMA will have a lot of information on VS units, but at this time, I only have records into October. Eventually I will get all the records, but this will take quite some time....

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Re: An extensive list of Volkssturm-Bataillons?

Post by Germanicus » 22 Jul 2019 13:43

Dear zafirkalvin

I look forward to your research and what you find.

Thank you for the update.

Must respectfully


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Re: An extensive list of Volkssturm-Bataillons?

Post by Germanicus » 22 Jul 2019 18:03

A most interesting document. Does anyone know which book this is from?

Volkssturm-Bataillon Kreis Weststernberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon Kreis Oststernberg
Volkssturm-Bataillon 16/87 Franfurt (Oder)
2. Volkssturm-Bataillon des 1.Aufgebotes Frankfurt (Oder)
Volkssturm-Bataillon 1 .Aufgebot Landsberg (Warthe)
Landsberger Volkssturm-Einheiten
Volkssturm-Bataillon Küstrin
Volkssturm-Einheiten aus Königsberg (Neumark)
Volkssturm-Einheiten aus Guben
Volkssturm-Einheiten aus Züllichau-Schwiebus
Volkssturm-Einheiten aus Fürstenwalde
Volkssturm-Einheiten aus Crossen
Volkssturm-Einheiten aus Brandenburg (Havel)

z.b.V. Volkssturm-Bataillons aus Schwerin (Mecklenburg)
z.b.V. Volkssturm-Bataillons Rostock
z.b.V. Volkssturm-Bataillons Wismar
Volkssturm des Kreises Friedeberg (Neumark)
Landsberger Volkssturm-Bataillone
Küstriner Volkssturm-Bataillon

Volkssturm-Bataillon aus Fürstenwalde
Einsatz des Weststernberger Volkssturms

z.b.V. Volkssturm-Bataillons 33/1 (Gau Südhannover-Braunschweig) (=„Volkssturm-Bataillon Nieder Sachsen“) -
z.b.V. Volkssturm-Bataillon 13/1 Kurhessen (Kassel)
z.b.V Volkssturm-Bataillon 2/1 Bayreuth
z.b.V. Volkssturm-Bataillon aus Seesen im „Korps Oder (,Volkssturm-Bataillon 16/275 Drossen, 4.Kompanie des Weststernberger Volkssturms. )

Schicksal des 1.Meseritzer Volkssturmaufgebotes
Schicksal der Meseritzer Hitlerjugend
Schicksal des 2.Meseritzer Volkssturmaufgebotes
Schicksal des 1.Aufgebots aus Frankfurt (Oder)
Schicksal des Volkssturms aus Schwerin/Neumark

Volkssturm-Bataillon „NiederSachsen
z.b.V. Volkssturm-Bataillon 13/17 Kurhessen (Kassel)
Volkssturm Küstrin und Volkssturm-Bataillon „Lüneburg“
z.b.V. Volkssturm-Bataillon 7/108 Franken bei Lebus
z.b.V. Volkssturm-Bataillon 22/1 Oberdonau aus Linz
z.b.V. Volkssturm-Bataillon 27/85 Dresden

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Re: An extensive list of Volkssturm-Bataillons?

Post by Werter » 22 Jul 2019 20:00

Hello guys,
do you know what Volkssturm-Bataillon was under command of Admiral Kurt Fricke in Berlin?

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Re: An extensive list of Volkssturm-Bataillons?

Post by Germanicus » 28 Aug 2019 10:06

SI AS 1623 Armed Divisions of the National Socialist German Workers' Party in the Occupied Territories of Upper Carniola and Slovenian Carinthia, 1942-1945 (Fund / Collection)

SI AS 1623 bewaffnete Divisionen der nationalsozialistischen deutschen Arbeiterpartei in den besetzten Gebieten Oberkrain und Sloweniens Kärnten, 1942-1945 (Fonds / Sammlung)

In the fall of 1944 SA (Sturmabteilungen) was incorporated into the German Volkssturm, founded by A. Hitler on November 25, 1944. They were mobilized as the last reserves in the context of the total war of the Third Reich, all for weapons-capable handling men from the age of 16 to 60. Its founding in Gorenjska and Carinthia was under the responsibility of the provincial leader (Gauleiter), who was responsible for managing the military-organizational affairs of his provincial headquarters and special headquarters for the occupied territories of Gorenjska and Slovenian Carinthia. A Volkssturm was established in each district to fight the partisans and to control the territory. In early May 1945 the German Volkssturm was disbanded.

Deutscher Volkssturm, Kreis Krainburg (1944-1945)
Deutscher Volkssturm, Bezirk Kranj (1944-1945)
Deutscher Volkssturm, Kreis Radmannsdorf (1944-1945)
Deutscher Volkssturm, Bezirk Radovljica (1944-1945)
Volkssturm Bataillon Miesstal (1944-1945)
Volkssturm-Bataillon Mežiška-Tal (1944-1945)

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Re: An extensive list of Volkssturm-Bataillons?

Post by Germanicus » 28 Aug 2019 10:16

SI AS 1690 Armed Divisions of the Styrian Homeland Union, 1941-1945 (Fund / Collection)

SI AS 1690 Streitkräfte der Steirischen Heimatunion, 1941-1945 (Fonds / Sammlung)

In the fall of 1944, the German Vollkssturm was founded in Lower Styria and recruited all men of the age of 16 to 60 who were capable of arms. Its formation and management in the provinces were the responsibility of the provincial leaders (Gauleiters). The head of the German Volkssturm in Styria was a Gauleiter, who had military-organizational affairs with him as his provincial head of staff and a special head of staff for Lower Styria. In the districts, Volkssturm became the NSDAP district leaders, and in Lower Styria, where there was no NSDAP organization, the district leaders of the Styrian Homeland Federation, who also had district headquarters staff. The German Volkssturm in Lower Styria included the Wehrmannschaft Battalion of Lower Styria, the City and Regional Guard and the Selbstschutz of Maribor.

German Volkssturm, District of Celje (1944-1945) / Deutscher Volkssturm, Kreis Cilli (1944-1945)

Deutscher Volkssturm, Bezirk Celje (1944-1945) ([ARS] Rechtsträger / Körperschaft \)

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Re: An extensive list of Volkssturm-Bataillons?

Post by Germanicus » 28 Aug 2019 15:35


The order to raise the Standschützen-Bataillone came from OKW on August 23, 1944 and was directed to the Oberste Kommissar der Operationszone "Alpenvorland" und Gauleiter von Tirol-Vorarlberg, Franz Hofer. It was basically an order to raise local Volkssturm units in the area and OKW was to be responsible for the weaponry, equipment and training of these units, training led by experienced officers like Major Karl-Walter Lapp, a veteran Gebirgsjäger/Skijäger officer decorated with the Knight's Cross.


Standschützen-Bataillon Innsbruck
Standschützen-Bataillon Imst
Standschützen-Bataillon Landeck
Standschützen-Bataillon Kitzbühel
Standschützen-Bataillon Kufstein
Standschützen-Bataillon Reutte
Standschützen-Bataillon Schwaz


Standschützen-Bataillon Bozen
Standschützen-Bataillon Brixen
Standschützen-Bataillon Bruneck
Standschützen-Bataillon Innichen
Standschützen-Bataillon Meran
Standschützen-Bataillon Schlanders


Standschützen-Bataillon Bregenz
Standschützen-Bataillon Dornbirn


Standschützen-Bataillon Lienz

Source: Roland Kaltenegger "Spezialverbände der Gebirgstruppe 1939-1945" (2004).

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Re: An extensive list of Volkssturm-Bataillons?

Post by Rudowin1962 » 25 Nov 2019 00:17

I'm "digging" in the archives since years and never found what I'm looking for. My Grandfather was a member of the "Volkssturm Battalion 95 Stabskompanie" located in 1945 in Koenigsbrueck (approximately 30 miles NE of Dresden). He wrote a "Feldpostbrief" dated January, 27 1945 to his son (my dad). To my knowledge, this Battalion has been shipped to the east front near Finkenherd in March 1945. He never returned home and we still have no place to grieve. I contacted so many agencies and researchers, but no one have any info about this particular battalion.
To my knowledge, why was this particular battalion almost two month in the Koenigsbrueck base? Normally was the Volkssturm Training only a few hours, may days.
Thanks for all info and help.

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