Staff of SS-Division "Wiking" in 1941

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Staff of SS-Division "Wiking" in 1941

Postby Charles Trang » 19 Mar 2013 16:22

I have a few interrogations concerning Wiking's divisional staff in 1941 :

1) Who came after Kausch as Divisions-Adjutant in August 1941 ?
2) Who became Divisions-Ic when Otto Paetsch was named at the head of the SS-Aufkl.Abt.5 ?
3) Who was/were the Divisions-04 (Div.-Kdr. Ord.Offz.) ?
4) Who was named Divisions-02 after Hugo Wolf's death on 6th August 1941 ?
5) Who succeeded to Albrecht Krügel as Divisions-IIb ?

Thanks a lot for your answers. Those which were given in the previous posts concerning the Divisions-Führerstellenbesetzung were not satisfying as they did not fit the corresponding personal files.

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