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Post by LEONXC » 03 Apr 2017 17:25


Has anyone the following kstn:

527 01/12/1934
531 15/02/1932
598 01/11/1938
1103 01/10/1937
1104 01/10/1937
1106 01/10/1937
1107 01/10/1938
1115 01/10/1938
1141 01/10/1937
1168 01/10/1937
1169 01/10/1937
1171 01/03/1939
1175 01/03/1939
1183 01/10/1938
1185 01/10/1937
1192 01/10/1937
1193 01/10/1938
1194 01/10/1937
1197 01/10/1937
1199 01/11/1938
1199 01/11/1938
1277 01/10/1937
1282 01/10/1938
1365 01/10/1937
2076 01/10/1938

thank you

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Re: KStN

Post by mcl173 » 04 Apr 2017 02:13

If what you're seeking isn't on http://www.wwiidaybyday.com/kstn/kstnmain.htm or http://www.sturmpanzer.com/Default.aspx ... =0&tabid=1 there may be some other obscure websites indexed by smaller search engines than google. There's also a remote possibility in using the Tor Browser. There is also the possibility of the original records being destroyed during WWII.

Failing internet options you are faced with inter-library loan. Specifically, using a local large university library for its inter-library loan services to locate 35mm microfilm rolls from the U.S. National Archives (NARA). Being from France this may not be an option. It's, or it used to be, a long process to find the right series of microfilm rolls (reels). If you're visiting Washington D.C. or Chicago, IL the process would be easier.

If the KAN, KStN exist another option would be to visit Germany's national archives, http://www.bundesarchiv.de/index.html.en, and ask for their help.

Gary Kennedy
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Re: KStN

Post by Gary Kennedy » 06 Apr 2017 14:26

To the best of my knowledge none of the tables on the above list for the dates stated are held in the KStN related folders at BA-MA in Freiburg. From my observations the US NARA holdings focus on the 1944-45 period rather than the pre-war or early war period.

As far as I can tell the bulk of the work done on the 1939-40 era Panzer Division unit organisations has been 'reverse engineered' as a result. A couple of threads on the forum containing related info or links can be found at;


viewtopic.php?f=50&t=223296&p=2029661&h ... 4#p2029661

There was another thread I know, with a link to a series of images showing a graphical representation of a motorised Schutzen Regiment and associated units, but I can't find it now, even though I posted to it. I didn't think the info was from the 1937-38 tables unaltered, but probably incorporating some post campaign amendments.

The germandocsinrussia website has provided a fair few early war tables, nothing as I recall to fill in the multiple blanks for the 1937-38 Schutzen, which is my particular area of interest.

Sadly the shredding doctrine for superseded tables looks to have been strictly adhered to in the early war years :)


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Re: KStN

Post by KStN201 » 06 Apr 2017 19:22

Could this be the other link you referred to above? It was called Guide for OOB symbols.

viewtopic.php?f=50&t=210686&p=1903132&h ... t#p1902274

I just searched under Schutzen Regiment!


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Re: KStN

Post by Gary Kennedy » 07 Apr 2017 15:13


Yes, that's the one thanks. I searched on KStN and my own name and still couldn't see it!


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