Wehrkreis of origin for Feldgendarmerietruppe 806?

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Re: Wehrkreis of origin for Feldgendarmerietruppe 806?

Post by AxelFaxel » 27 Sep 2023 19:29

Dear all,

reg. SD & SiPo Montpellier and it's various Außenstellen = satelite branches (as listed in the pic attached above) ... I have a list with probably most of the names of the relevant SD/SiPo members, incl. their ranks and roles, and where they went after the retreat from France (most of them went to Norway, together with parts of the SiPo & SD troups from Vichy). I have compiled that list over time, using various sources, and with very helpful contribution from some of the experts here in the AHF.

If you need any particular details reg one of the other "Grenzposten", please let me know, I'm more than happy to help

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