Any SS units in Königsberg/Samland Peninsula?

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Any SS units in Königsberg/Samland Peninsula?

Post by Spindler81 » 29 Mar 2020 03:21

I was wondering if anyone knew of SS units that were stationed or conducted combat operations in or around Zelenogradsk district, Samland Peninsula, or Königsberg (modern-day Kaliningrad)? I recently acquired a SS belt buckle that was uncovered in the Zelenogradsk district (Samland Peninsula) of Kaliningrad. In researching what SS unit it could possibly have come from, I was unable to find any solid information about any SS unit being stationed or conducting combat operations in Zelenogradsk district/Königsberg.

The only SS unit I found that was in vicinity of Zelenogradsk district/Königsberg was the SS-Fallschirmjäger Battalion 500. In October 1944, they were evacuated from the Baltic port city of Memel (modern-day Klaipėda), Lithuania and deployed to Polish East Prussia, south of Königsberg (see map). Since Königsberg was a major sea port very close to Memel, they could have passed through there. But this is just a guess. There were also fierce battles fought in Königsberg (Army Group North) and Samland (Army Detachment Samland) in 1945, but I could not find any identified SS units in these forces and battles.

I would appreciate any help and information for my historical search. Thank you!

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