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Re: Photo Quest

Post by Ivan Ž. » 09 Sep 2021 01:43

Brady wrote:
09 Sep 2021 01:31
So these are from a completely different photo archive than BA ?
Yes. From the SZ Photo and the Berliner Verlag / DPA (the copies with PK captions). And since these are all press photos, it's possible that some other archives/agencies (especially press-related) have copies of them, too (a quick check tells me that the BPK, for example, has at least one press photo from Heraklion 1941, the Ullstein Bild has several and the Dutch NIOD and Nationaal Archief have some as well).

Contrary to popular belief, the BArch owns only some of the German WWII images. There's tons of them in other archives and agencies, in and outside Germany.


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