Note on Gebührnis-Karte, SSEM File

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Note on Gebührnis-Karte, SSEM File

Post by stoveb » 18 Jul 2021 03:14


I have been getting a lot of these files recently for my research project. On one of these there is the following statement/note:

K.B. Nachz vom 01.01.1942 bis 30.06.1943

Does anyone know what this may mean?

As the man in question was wounded at some point, is 'K.B.' related to 'Kriegs-beschädigt' ? (Kriegs Besoldung Nachzahlung vom ....???)

There is also on the same file:

A.B. ab Sept 1944 %ual

These financial files are spectacularly complicated to understand, any help is most appreciated.


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