SS-Panzerjäger-Abteilung 7 (Div. "Prinz Eugen")

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SS-Panzerjäger-Abteilung 7 (Div. "Prinz Eugen")

Post by FransN » 19 Nov 2022 18:46

The SS-Pz. Jg. Abt. "Prinz Eugen" was formed in the end of 1942 at Weißkirchen (Bela Crkva) consisting of
1. Kompanie (Kp.), (FPNr. 16538)
2. Kp. (FPNr. 25613)
3. Kp. (FPNr. 24286)
(Source: Bohumir Kudlička & Radoslaw Szewczyk: "Prinz Eugen, the story of 7. SS-Freiwilligen-Gebirgs-Division 1942-1945, Mushroom Model Publications, Petersfield, 2014, page 28)

in early July 1942 Hstuf. Albert Landwehr (* 25.12.1907) was transferred from SS-Pz. Jg. Abt. "Das Reich" to the new SS-Frw. Div. "Prinz Eugen". No specific subunit was mentionned.
(Source: Mark C. Yerger: "German Cross in Gold", Volume 1, R.J. Bender Publishing, San Jose, 2003, page 89).
He became the first CO of SS-Pz. Jg. Abt. "Prinz Eugen".

The Pz. Jg. Abt. was mentioned as still being in formation in October 1942.
(Source: Otto Kumm: "Vorwärts Prinz Eugen", Munin Verlag, Osnabrück, 1978, page 44)

What was the exact month in 1942 that the Pz. Jg. Abt. started its formation?

A StuG Bttr. was formed for the division "Prinz Eugen" with order of SS-FHA Org.Tgb.Nr.II/5046/43 geh. of 08.07.1943.
Later in time it would serve as 1. Bttr. of the StuG. Abt./V. SS-Geb. Korps.
(Source: BA-MA RS 3-7/3)
On 10.12.1943 said StuG. Abt. would receive the number 105.
(Source: Pierre Tiquet: "Sturmartillerie de la Waffen-SS", tome III, Heimdal, Saint-Martin-des-Entrées, 2022, page 38)
On 17.06.1944 SS-StuG Abt. 105 was renamed SS-StuG Abt. 1007.
(Source: BA-MA Vopersal archive folder N756/149c)
Last-said unit was sometimes also referred to as SS-StuG Bttr. 1007, since this unit was always only of company size.
(Source: Tiquet, page 59)

According to SS-FHA Org.Tgb.Nr. 1666/44 gKdos of 17.06.1944 the SS-Flak Abt. 7 was disbanded. Its 1. (2 cm) Batterie was to be incorporated into SS-Pz. Jg. Abt. 7 as its 3. Kompanie (i.e. 3. (Flak)/SS-Pz. Jg. Abt. 7).
(Source: BA-MA N756/149a; see also Hans Stöber: "Die Flugabwehrverbände der Waffen-SS", Verlag K.W. Schütz KG, Preussisch Oldendorf, 1984, page 151)

An organisational scheme showing the actual situation (Ist-Gliederung) of the 7. SS-Frw. Geb. Div. on 01.08.1944 shows the composition of the Pz. Jg. Abt., i.e.
1. (Pak) Kp.
2. (StuG) Kp.
3. (Flak) Kp.
(Source: BA-MA RH 19 XI/32)

An eye-witness report describes the fate of the first platoon of 3. (Flak)/SS-Pz. Jg. Abt. 7 from September till late October 1944, when this unit was annihilated near Niš.
(Source: Kumm, pages 287-290).

In a table dated 08.10.1944 showing the German forces in e.g. Niš and Knjazevac, the following subunits from 3. (Flak)/SS-Pz. Jg. Abt. 7 are listed:
One platoon in Niš-North under KGr. Fischer
Two platoons in Knjazevac under KGr. Grattenauer.
(Source: Kaloyan Matev: "Red wind over the Balkans, the Soviet offensive south of the Danube, September-October 1944", Helion & Co., Warwick, 2019)

So far, so good. Now comes the tricky part:

Status reports are available for SS-Pz. Jg. Abt. 7 starting in October 1943 and ending in February 1945.
On 19.10.1943, 25.11.1943, 25.12.1943 and 25.01.1944 these reports have been signed by Stubaf. Albert Landwehr (* 25.12.1907)
On 06.03.1944, 05.04.1944, 02.05.1944, 04.06.1944, 02.07.1944, 02.08.1944, 07.09.1944 and 04.02.1945 by Hstuf., later Stubaf. Hans Schmutzler (* 22.10.1913)
(sources: BA-MA RH 10-335 and BA-MA N756/149a)
Between Landwehr and Schmutzler another officer my have been CO of the Pz. Jg. Abt.: Hstuf. Kurt Besuch (* 31.03.1908). He was killed in/near Araci on 08.02.1944. I have not been able to find that location on a map.
(Source: John P. Moore: "Führerliste der Waffen-SS", Atglen, 2002)

From the period 10.1943 - 09.1944 said status reports show the following composition
1. Kp. 9 x 7,5 cm Pak
2. Kp. 9 x 7,5 cm Pak
3. Kp. 6 x 4,7 cm Pak (t) (Sfl) auf Pz. Kw. I Ausf. B (Soll-Stärke: should be 10)
(Source: BA-MA RH 10-335 and BA-MA N756/149a)

In late September or early October 1944 a KGr. Schmutzler was formed, comprising
1. and 2./SS-Pz. Jg. Abt. 7
StuG Abt. 1007
14. (Pz. Jg.)/SS-Frw. Geb. Jg. Rgten 13 and 14
a Pi. Kp. from the Pi. Btl.
I./Jg. Rgt. 749
(source: BA-MA N756/150b)

"The division continued to use six obsolete 4,7 cm Pak (t) (Sfl) auf Pz. Kw. I Ausf. B in October 1944."
(Source: Matev, page 511)

Remnants of SS-StuG Abt. 1007 were incorporated into (what was left of) SS-Pz. Jg. Abt. 7 in November 1944
(Source: Tiquet, page 59, footnote 3)
Thus, not right after 17.06.1944, as ordered, but much later!
Between 17.06.1944 and November 1944 SS-StuG Abt. 1007 operated parallel to the companies of SS-Pz. Jg. Abt. 7 in their old composition (i.e. as in the status reports)

A final status report over the period 01.01 - 31.01.1945, signed by Schmutzler on 04.02.1945, shows that
A) from the remnants of the 3 companies with the old composition (i.e. as in the earlier status reports) a new "schwere Kompanie" was formed. So far it had only 2 "Beute" 7,5 cm Pak 40 guns
B) The foreseen Jagdpanzer-Kp is being formed in the Fatherland.
C) The remnants of the Flak-Kp. have been split up over several unit. No resurrection of the Kp. is foreseen at the moment.
(Source: BA-MA RH 10-335 and BA-MA N756/149a)

In conclusion for the period of 17.06.1944 until October 1944:
There is evidence that the 3. Kp. of SS-Pz. Jg. Abt. 7 maintained its old composition with the obsolete 4,7 cm Pak Selbstfahrlafetten (FPNr. 24286).
But there is also evidence that in this period the 3. Kp. was equipped with 2,0 cm Flak (with FPNr. 30067 from former 1./SS-Flak Abt. 7 ?).
Can anybody help me with this issue?

Best regards,

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