II./G.R.67 in 1945 (Westpreussen)

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II./G.R.67 in 1945 (Westpreussen)

Post by adamb » 15 Feb 2023 00:18

Hello, I am looking for information about the activities of II./G.R.67 in West Prussia in 1945. I know that they fought in the area of Riesenburg (West Prussia). I am also looking for a photo of the commander of the 67th Grenadier Regiment, Major Fritz Berkholz.

I have a lot of information and data from NARA (AOK2, AOK4), documents of germandocsinrussia (XXIII Corps), history (books and studies) about 23 ID., 67th GR. and 23rd Pioneer Rgt (Btl.), Russian military reports from pamyatnarod, Polish testimonies and local research about WW2 in post-war West Prussia. In addition, I have received materials about the memories and course of battles of other units fighting in West Prussia at that time. However, I am still missing information about G.R.67, Art.Rgt.23 (I know that it took part in the fighting at Riesenburg) and Art.Rgt.299.

I am now looking for information regarding (history of units, memoirs):
-Fallschirm-Panzer-Ersatz- und Ausbildungs-Brigade "Hermann Göring".
-5 Jager Division
-Art. Rgt. 299
-5.Jag. Div (all units from this division)
I already have a thread on another forum where you can read what I learned about this topic:

https://www.wehrmacht-forum.de/index.ph ... 9Fen-1945/

Thank you for help.

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