Question for military history experts about adjutant officers

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Question for military history experts about adjutant officers

Post by Jawol » 20 Mar 2023 05:32

I was wondering if somebody could tell me more about ss adjutant officers. What did they do exactly and who exactly were they appointed to ( which ranks had adjutant officers working for them , sturmbannfuhrer and above? Oberfuhrer and above?). Were adjutant officers only in the Allgemeine SS or also the waffen ss? As in, would a general rank officer in the 4th polezi division for example, have an adjutant ? Were they used in divisions of troops?

What ranks were adjutant officers usually ? In photos they seem to be all untersturmfuhrer ranks and I don’t see any other company grade officers.

If anyone could help me out I’d be very thankful

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Re: Question for military history experts about adjutant officers

Post by Art » 20 Mar 2023 18:13

"Adjutant" could have different meanings in the German military. Adjutant could be an assistant to commander or staff officer. More specifically the battalion and regimental adjutants were assistants to the battalion and regimental commanders and were (de facto) chiefs of respective staffs. Adjutant was also a position of the staff officer responsible for personnel records and reporting in formations from division and above. This staff officer and respective staff section were normally designated as IIa. So exact functions, rank etc could vary and depended on exact kind of "adjutant".

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