Ranks and promotions within waffen SS/ SS KZ

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Ranks and promotions within waffen SS/ SS KZ

Post by Jawol » 28 Sep 2023 03:18

Are there accounts of people that joined during say, 1939-1940, and were alive during the war and by the end of the war remained the same rank they had at the beginning? iE, could some be a schutz in 1940 and remain a schutz in 1945? If they were say, stationed as a camp guard or something and were not on the front lines?

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Re: Ranks and promotions within waffen SS/ SS KZ

Post by ROLAND1369 » 29 Sep 2023 16:08

I think that an assumption has been made that a soldier who has the same rank at the end of war has it due to non promotion. It is certainly possible for this to occur, I have seen it in the Army earlier in my career. A soldier may decline promotion for several reasons. Some do not want the responsibility, some may not be capable of higher rank due to education or intelligence. By far the most common is disciplinary problems not serious enough to kick him out but enough to reduce him in rank. We used to call this promotion to private, second award.

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