216th Sturmpanzer Abteilung

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216th Sturmpanzer Abteilung

Post by Volklin » 02 Aug 2004 08:38

Where can i find the soldiers and more info on this unit?

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Post by Gertjan » 02 Aug 2004 14:11

Sturmpanzers were versed in Sturmpanzerabteilungen composed with 45 Sturmpanzers accompanied by 85 other vehicles (SdKfz.9...) and 611 officers and soldiers. The first unit was formed in April 1943. Sturmpanzerabteilung 216 was transferred in the area from Amiens in France to ensure the training of the crews. The unit was sent on June 10, 1943 on the Eastern front and known its baptism of fire within the 656th sPanzerjäger as an element of the group of army Mitte (center) at Koursk (summer 1943). The majority of Sturmpanzer IV of early production will be lost at the time of the battle of Koursk saillent like in Kharkov and Dneprstroy. After Koursk, the unit will be reconstituted and returned to the combat in September 1943. Sturmpanzerabteilung 216 fought in Russia until mid December 1943, and will again be returned to Germany to be reconstituted. In February 1944, the unit will be transferred in Italy, in the area of Anzio and Nettuno. The 216 remained Italy until April 1945, when the last Brummbärs were destroyed by their crews close to Lake Garda.
fromhttp://members.fortunecity.com/panzer4/ ... ummbar.htm

also more information and photo's if you search Google with 216 sturmpanzerabteilung :idea:

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