SS-Vielfachwerfer-Batterie 521

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SS-Vielfachwerfer-Batterie 521

Post by Blanusa » 21 Dec 2004 22:37


Looking for some help with this unit. Here is what I have so far. Maybe someone can correct, fill in or add some more info.

SS-Hauptsturmführer Hermann Schänzlin (??.03.1943-03.11.1943)(KIA) SS-Nr: 11 790
SS-Hauptsturmführer ? Flecke (03.11.1943-??.05.1945) SS-Nr: ?

Short history:
Formed during march 1943 with Vielfachwerfer auf Mittlere Gepanzerter Zugkraftwagen S303(f) and fought in the Kursk-battle.
In march 1944 it was attached to the III.(germ.)SS-Pz.Korps. It fought in Kurland where due to ammunition shortage or having all their vehicles destroyed the men fight as infantry. This is supposed to have happened either during september or november/december. The unit then got evacuated and reequiped with Vielfachwerfer auf Opel Maultier during the beginning of 1945.
In february they were attached to V.SS-Gebirgs-Armeekorps on the Oder front and subordinated to SS-Werfer-Abt. 506 from time to time. It appears they made it all the way to Berlin where it was finally destroyed.

I have found the following names used for this unit:
SS-Vielfachwerfer-Batterie 521
SS-Vielfach-Werfer-Batterie 521
SS-Werfer-Batterie 521
SS-Vielfachwerferbatterie 521
Werfer-Batterie Flecke
Batterie Flecke
SS-Werfer-Batterie Flecke
gepanzerte SS-Vielfach-Werferbatterie 521

Not really sure which is the correct one to use.

One particular thing I am interested in is if anyone can elaborate on the following passage from page 162 of "Tragedy of the Faithful"
On 18 September, because of the developments along the western shore
of Lake Peipus, SS-Panzer-Aufklärungs-Abteilung 11 was sent south. SS-
Flecke's SS-Vielfach-Werfer-Batterie 521 was attached.
Kampfgruppe Saalbach hurled itself against the spearheads of the Russian
attack, but the area was bare of troops.
Tragedy of the Faithful


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Re: SS-Vielfachwerfer-Batterie 521

Post by Daniel L » 09 May 2010 12:03

I am also interested. :)


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Re: SS-Vielfachwerfer-Batterie 521

Post by Alanmccoubrey » 09 May 2010 19:55

Daniel, This is a slightly different link from that in the sources above.

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Re: SS-Vielfachwerfer-Batterie 521

Post by Daniel L » 12 May 2010 00:19

Thanks Alan!

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Re: SS-Vielfachwerfer-Batterie 521

Post by Lightcommander » 27 Jul 2014 19:53

The last Commander of the SS - Vielfachwerfer - Batterie was my uncle Fritz Flecke born in Hüsten (in our days "Stadt Arnsberg")

The official indication is Kdt./SS-Vf.Wfr.Bttr. 521/SS-Wfr.Abt. 506 ... a1ea650f44

The Commanders of the SS - Vielfachwerfer - Batterie 521 were

March - November 1943 Haupsturmführer SCHÄNZLIN
November 43 - April 45 Hauptsturmführer FLECKE ... BSS521.htm

In February 45 - during the retreat movings from the River Oder to the "Kessel von Halbe" - my uncles unit battled next to the SS - Nebelwerfer Abteilung 505. One of his fellows (Hans Wahlhütter (Weiz/Steiermark)) in this unit sended in 1953 an eyewitness report about the last weeks and days to our family.

In this report Wahlhütter described, that Commander Flecke ordered to blown up the only german Vielfachwerferbatterie on April/28/1945 because they run out of ammunition.
Two days later he was killed in action during an attempt ecape out of the Kessel of Halbe.

I hope I could help a little bit.

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