Div. History 88.Inf.Div.

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Div. History 88.Inf.Div.

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Reply Div. History 88.Inf.Div.
Looking for Div.History 88.Inf.Div.and Bio of
Div.Kmdr. Graf von Rittberg.

Jeff Viguers
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(2/2/00 5:06:56 am)
Reply 88. Inf. Division / Georg Graf von Rittberg
Generalleutnant Georg Graf von Rittberg

Born: 30.May.1898 in Straßburg/Elsaß
Died: ?

Generalleutnant.: 1.Aug.1944;
Generalmajor.: 1.Feb.1944;
Oberst: 1.Oct.1941;
Oberstleutnant.: 1.Apr.1939

Kdr. 88.Infanterie-Division: 12.Nov.1943 - 8.Jan.1945
Kdr. Grenadier-Regiment 2: 1.Apr.1943 - Jul.1943
Arko 23: 1.Dec.1943 - 1.Apr.1943
Kdr. Artillerie-Regiment 131: 1.Oct.1940 - 1.Dec.1942
Kdr. Artillerie-Regiment 31: 10.May.1940 - 1.Oct.1940
Adjutant to Wehrmacht Bevollmächtiger Böhmen und Mähren: 1.Apr.1939 - 10.May.1940
Kdr. III./Artillery-Regiment 23: 1.Oct.1935 - 1.Apr.1939
Commissioned Leutnant in Fa.R. 61: 1.May.1915
Kadett, then entered service as Fähnrich on 8.Aug.1914

Postwar Captivity:
POW of Soviet Union: 27.Jan.1945 - 9.Oct.1955

Decorations & Awards:
Ritterkreuz des E.K.: 21.Feb.1944 as Gen.Maj. & Kdr. 88.Inf.Div.;
Eichenlaub (Nr. 610): 10.Oct.1944, as Gen.Maj. & Kdr. 88.Inf.Div. (simultaneously promoted Gen.Lt.;
Deutsches Kreuz in Gold: 29.Jan.1942 as Obstlt. & Kdr. Art.Rgt. 131;
1939 Spangen zum 1914 EK I/II; 1914 EK I/II; Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer; Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnungen.

88. Infantry Division: (Formed in Dec.1939)

Area of Operations:
Dec.1939 - May.1940: Germany
May.1940 - Apr.1942: France
Apr.1942 - Feb.1944: Southern sector, Eastern Front
Feb.1944 - Jun.1944: Withdrawn for refitting
Jun 1944 - Jan 1945: Poland

1.Dec.1939 - 2.Feb.1940: Generalmajor Gerog Lang
2.Feb.1940 - 12.Feb.1940: ?????????
12.Feb.1940 - 10.Mar.1943: General der Infanterie Friedrich Gollwitzer
10.Mar.1943 - 5.Nov.1943: Generalleutnant Heinrich Roth
5.Nov.1943 - 12.Nov.1943: ?????????
12.Nov.1943 - 8.Jan.1945: Generalleutnant Georg Graf von Rittberg
8.Jan.1945 - 27.Jan.1945: Generalmajor Carl Anders
27.Jan.1945: Disbanded

Doug Brown
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(2/4/00 10:03:56 pm)
Reply 88. Inf. Division Commanders
Hi Jeff
In Hitler's Legions Mitcham says that the 88th & 57th Inf. Divisions were under Gen. Stemmerman's "personal command" during the breakout from Cherkassy in February 1944. What were the circumstances. Was he officially the Divisional commander and if so what happened to Rittberg (and his counterpart at the 57th) during this period.

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(2/5/00 12:30:44 am)
Reply 88.Inf. Divison Commanders
Hi Jeff and Doug,the 88.Div[Rittberg] and the 57.Div[Generalmajor Trowitz]assigned as Rear Guard during the breakout at the Cherkassy[Korsun] pocket battle[Many German Div. and other units surrounded by Russians]left the surrounded pocket last on Feb.17/18 43.
General der Artillerie Stemmerman in overall kommand of"Gruppe Stemmerman" was killed in action during breakout.
Both the 88. and 57.Div. almost destroyed.

Ps: Jeff thanks for info. about 88.Div.

Jeff Viguers
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(2/5/00 2:02:46 am)
Reply GdA Wilhelm Stemmermann
XI. Army Corps was commanded by General der Artillerie Wilhelm Stemmermann from Dec. 5, 1943 to Feb. 18, 1944. (Feb. 18 - Stemmermann's death & XI. Army Corps was destroyed at Cherkassy)

88. Infantry Division (Rittberg) & 57. Infantry Division (Trowitz) were almost destroyed and were forced to withdraw for refitting.

Doug Brown
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(2/5/00 2:59:39 am)
Reply Thanks Jeff & Pete (n/t)

Richard Murphy
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(2/5/00 5:51:27 pm)
Reply von Rittberg's early commands
Am I correct in assuming that the 31st Inf. provided the Cadre for 131st Inf. in the autumn of 1940? Also, which Korps/Army did the 31st fight under in Belgium and France?



Jeff Viguers
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(2/5/00 9:49:25 pm)
Reply Yeah...
131. Infantry Division was formed with several men from 31. Infantry Division. :-)

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