28 Jager Divison

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28 Jager Divison

Post by Ezboard » 29 Sep 2002 12:12

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Reply 28 Jager Divison
I am looking for information on the 28 Jager Divison.

Marcus Wendel
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(1/6/00 11:07:22 pm)
Reply Re: 28 Jager Divison
28 Jäger-Division was formed as 28 Infanterie-Division and consisted of silesians and some volkdeutsche from Poland.
It took part in the invasion of Poland and in the west 1940. It invaded Russia with Heeresgruppe Süd and was sent to France in Nov 1941 where it was then converted to a Jäger-division.
As the 28 Jäger-Division it fought on the southern sector of the eastern front (for example at Sevastopol) before it was transfered to the northern sector. It retreated into Poland and ended the war in Ostpreussen.


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