Waffen SS,trained only to attack.

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Waffen SS,trained only to attack.

Post by Ezboard » 29 Sep 2002 12:48

M Wittmann
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(4/9/00 2:42:14 am)
Reply Waffen SS,trained only to attack.
I have heard for years that w.ss units,until possibly fall 1941,were trained only in the attack,no defence.Can this be true?

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(4/11/00 12:23:21 am)
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About your question on tactics of the Waffen-SS. This statement is false, the Waffen-SS were shock troops. Which means they were sent to penetrate a break through or to close a gap in an enemy break through, thus they were trained in the defense as with the offensive.

Just a quick note, it's impossible to train any kind of force soley on offense it just wouldnt work and its not logical at all.


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