Waffen-SS Information needed on planned units

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Re: Waffen-SS Information needed on planned units

Post by Germanicus » 06 Jan 2020 11:50

The following website contains the following information I have detailed below. I would be most interested if any one can share as to where the information has been obtained from, that is found, in this most extensive list of Units that are listed on this web page.

The list is enormous and very detailed. It will take you hours to go through the list. Enjoy.

The following SS units I believe are relevant to this forum that are contained on the web page.

Most respectfully


Metryki cudzoziemskich jednostek III Rzeszy. Waffen SS, Policja, Wehrmacht.
Autor: Jarosław Gdański

http://ioh.pl/artykuly/pokaz/metryki-cu ... acht,1115/

131. muselmanische SS Division „Neu Turkistan”
4.01.1944 - utworzono sztab formowania
1944 - rozformowany
SS-Obersturmbannführer Andreas Mayer-Mader

1. ostmuselmanisches SS Regiment
28.03.1944 - utworzony z rozformowanych batalionów „Ostlegionów” nr I/94 i 450
03.1945 - rozformowany: I i II do Waffengruppe „Turkestan”, III do Waffengruppe „Idel-Ural”
28.03.44 - SS-Hauptsturmführer Heinz Billing
27.04.44 - SS-Hauptsturmführer Emil Herrmann
06.44 - SS-Sturmbannführer Franz Libermann
07.44 - SS-Obersturmführer Gulam Alimow


Rumänischer Waffenverband der SS
1.03.1945 - początek formowania dywizji jako Rumänischer Waffenverband der SS
SS-Standartenführer Wilhelm Fortenbacher

Waffen Grenadier Regiment der SS (rum. Nr. 1)
3.11.1944 - początek formowania Waffen Grenadier Regiment der SS (rum. Nr. 1
I./1. - Waffen-Hstuf. d. SS Dreve
II./1. - Waffen-Hstuf. d. SS Nicolae Opris
16.04.1945 - przemianowany na Waffen Grenadier Regiment der SS 103
19.04.1945 - przemianowany na Panzer Zerstörungs Regiment der SS 103 (rumänisches Nr. 2)
SS-Sturmbannführer Gustav Wegner

Waffen Grenadier Regiment der SS (rum. Nr. 2)
??.01.1944 - początek formowania pułku
SS-Standartenführer Albert Ludwig

Waffen Grenadier Regiment der SS (rum. Nr. 3)
??,03.1945 - początek formowania w Döllersheim

Waffen Füsilier Bataillon der SS (rum. Nr. 2)
??.04.1945 - początek formowania
Waffen-Hauptsturmführer d. SS Ion V. Emilian


Waffen Grenadier Regiment der SS (bulgarische Nr. 1)
13.11.1944- początek formowania na poligonie Döllersheim
I./Gren. Btl.- Waffen-Ostubaf. d. SS Georgij Małkow
7.05.45 - Waffen-Hstuf. d. SS ? Bogorow
II./ Gren. Btl.- Waffen-Hstuf. d. SS Cwetan Markow
Panzerjäger Abteilung - Waffen-Hstuf. d. SS ? Lebibow
Sanitats Kompanie - Waffen-Stubaf. d. SS Dr. Łuka Bilarski
20.04.1945 - przemianowany na SS-Panzer Zerstörer Regiment (bulgarische)
9.05.1945 - do amerykańskiej niewoli
13.11.44 - SS-Standartenführer Günther Anhalt
17.11.44 - Waffen-Oberführer Iwan Rogozarow

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Re: Waffen-SS Information needed on planned units

Post by Der Rittmeister » 12 Jan 2020 17:34

I have not paid attention to the recent discussion, but I noticed a division Reichsmarschall. Just to make those aware, the name Reichsmarschall probably have its origins from SS-Panzer-Regiment 26 Reichsmarschall which was used as a disguise when SS-Panzer-Brigade Gross was disbanded in the end of November. That is probably why that name has shown up.

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