Whose Tiger is it?

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Re: Whose Tiger is it?

Post by Michael Kenny » 05 Oct 2021 14:45

AlifRafikKhan wrote:
05 Oct 2021 13:56

In English please
All you have to do is use Google Translate. It takes 30 seconds but (as I have already done it) you need to cut the text in half as it is too long in one go. It is a question about the 3 3rd SS Tigers shown and a one that appears to have survived .

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Re: Whose Tiger is it?

Post by Art » 05 Oct 2021 16:44

The question is about Tigers of the 9th company/3rd SS Division and their tactical numbers. The company had 4 operational Tigers in late March in battles near Balta or which 3 were knocked out or abandoned. There are photos of two Tigers with tactical numbers 911 and 921. The other two hypothetically had numbers 902 and 931. The question is about exact tactical numbers of the company, the surviving Tiger in particular.

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Re: Whose Tiger is it?

Post by Slava2012 » 06 Oct 2021 07:57

I even thought that 931 (regular Tiger Naff), after being hit, was all the same evacuated to a train and got to Tiraspol. But there was a photo of 931 blown up on a railway carriage at the Razdelnaya station on 2 April 1944, along with seven Tigers in need of repair.
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