German troops fighting on British side!

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German troops fighting on British side!

Post by ON TOP ASL » 03 Apr 2006 14:51

Any more information on the following?

Historical Perspective:
Road from Suda, Crete, 11 May 1945:
(The war was over, Germany had surrendered... or was
the war really over? Allied documents very often describe that the
German soldiers hereafter were more or less POW, some who were
guarding themselves.)
On 9 May of 1945 General Major Benthack had signed the
surrender of German forces on Crete in Heraklion. As part of this
agreement the German forces were required to surrender to the
British 28th Infantry Brigade commanded by Brigadier General
Preston. The Germans in Suda waited in vain for two days for the
British occupation troops. Then, on 11 May, an emergency call from
the British arrived, as they were in heavy combat with ELAS (the
communist Greek resistance movement) partisans. A German
kampgruppe with tanks attached immediately set out from Suda to
rescue their British conquers.
After a furious fight the Germans broke through the partisan lines
and liberated the British. Afterwards, the car of Brig. Gen. Preston
was always escorted by two German tanks as well as British troops.
Till the end of June 1945 1,600 German soldiers were still in the area
of Suda; involved in anti-partisans war-fare against the ELAS.

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Post by Großdeutschland. » 03 Apr 2006 15:55

Thats a pretty cool story.

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Post by wael » 10 Apr 2006 22:53

Very intersting story!!! It's amazing how the defeated Germans rescued their British conquers!

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Post by carolwmahs » 11 Apr 2006 00:06

thanks... great story. any word on the type of German armor and unit in the ASL scenario?

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Post by ON TOP ASL » 11 Apr 2006 07:08

No, this is a 3 player scenario, currently designed by Stewe Swann and probably will be released by HOB. He only got this information and no more, thats why I posted it here, I thought perhaps someone had some additional information.

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That new to me

Post by Fallschirmjäger » 11 Apr 2006 09:47

New to me for shure,and thats waht a lot of germans to thought,that they would turn around and start fighting the russians with the allies,imagine if they had,but that would have been to close to them having just fought each other i suppose.

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