Protestant Yugoslavs in collaborationist units?

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Protestant Yugoslavs in collaborationist units?

Post by driftwood » 13 Aug 2020 14:43

I'm not an expert on culture/religion in this part of the world, so apologies for any assumptions/mistakes here. Wikipedia claims there were around 229,517 Protestant Christians in pre-war Yugoslavia. Did any of them participate in collaborationist units with either the Germans or Italians? If so, were they given any special identity, or just mixed in to other formations?

I ask this question because I remember reading that, when Italy organized its collaborationist MVAC units, they were roughly divided along religious lines for Catholics, Orthodox, and Muslims. So I was curious whether Protestant Yugoslavs were ever segregated in this manner, assuming if any of them joined pro-German or pro-Italian collaborationist groups during the war.

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