Foreign volunteers for the SS Totenkopf Guards

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Foreign volunteers for the SS Totenkopf Guards

Post by Tim Osborne » 09 Feb 2024 11:04

I know that Baubrigade 1 (mobile construction force 1) were at Neuengamme up to end of February 1943, under the watch of SS Totenkopf guards. From research, I understand that a number of these guards were not German but other nationalities such as Polish.

My question is - did these guards have to prove some connection (by blood) to the German race? Or were did these guards just ‘switch’ to work for the German Forces to save their own necks? And if so, did they treat the prisoners/workers worse?


(I have posted this under the ‘Holocaust’ section, but not replies as to date, so I am posting on this topic.

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