Foreign volunteers officers.

Discussions on the foreigners (volunteers as well as conscripts) fighting in the German Wehrmacht, those collaborating with the Axis and other period Far Right organizations. Hosted by George Lepre.
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Dan E. Moe
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Foreign volunteers officers.

Post by Dan E. Moe » 24 Dec 2006 00:52

Hi, im making a list of foreign volunteer officers, from wehrmacht and waffen-ss. If any have names and their last rank that would be great. It would also be good if any know which unit the men are from. This is what I have so far, and remember, I am interested in officers from
all kinds of countries.

Best Regards,

waffen-brigadeführer bronislav kaminski
ss-brigadeführer pavlo schandruk
waffen-hauptsturmführer volodymyr kozak
ss-standartenführer bela vitez peinlich
ss-oberführer ladislaus deak
ss-oberführer làszlò deàk
waffen-hauptsturmführer andreas szinay
ss-hauptsturmführer janos zoltay
waffen-hauptsturmführer györgy vitès hermàndy-berencz
ss-oberführer edgard puaud
ss-hauptsturmführer henri-josef fenet
ss-standartenführer lèon dègrelle
ss-sturmbannführer lucien lippert
ss-untersturmführer leon gillis
ss-untersturmführer jacques leroy
ss-untersturmführer william shearer
ss-untersturmführer railton freeman
ss-sturmbannführer vivian stranders
ss-hauptsturmführer douglas berneville-claye
ss-brigadeführer christian peder kryssing
knud-børge martinsen
ss-obersturmbannführer christian frederick von schalburg
ss-sturmbannführer johannes hellmers
ss-hauptsturmführer per sörensen
ss-untersturmführer sören kam
ss-sturmbannführer arthur quist
ss-sturmbannführer jonas lie
ss-sturmbannführer erik schive lærum
legions-sturmbannführer Jørgen Bakke
ss-hauptsturmführer olaf t.lindvig
ss-hauptsturmführer frode halle
ss-hauptsturmführer per børensen
ss-hauptsturmführer aage henrik berg
ss-hauptsturmführer egil reichborn kjennerud
legions-haupsturmführer finn finson
legions-hauptsturmführer ragnar berg
legions-haupsturmführer henrik brun
legions-haupsturmführer jørgenvåg
legions-haupsturmführer henrik natvig bruun
legions-haupsturmführer frithjof sverre wraal
legions-hauptsturmführer aslak rønning nesheim
ss-obersturmführer johan petter balstad
ss-obersturmführer fredrik jensen
ss-obersturmführer kåre brynestad
ss-obersturmführer richard børesen
ss-obersturmführer egil reidar hoel
ss-obersturmführer sophus kahrs
ss-obersturmführer harald sødahl
ss-obersturmführer otto holmen
oberleutnant zur see der reserve ole hendersen blom
legions-obersturmführer august ingier
legions-obersturmführer omdahl
legions-obersturmführer hans georg holter
legions-obersturmführer peter thomas sandborg
legions-obersturmführer sveen
ss-untersturmführer per kjølner
ss-untersturmführer gøsta myrvold
ss-untersturmführer jan schneider
ss-untersturmführer axel steen
ss-untersturmführer bjarne sveen
ss-untersturmführer felix thoresen
legions-untersturmführer bjørn østring
legions-untersturmführer charles westberg
legions-untersturmführer jørgen høve
legions-untersturmführer harald hervik
legions-untersturmführer einar høve
legions-untersturmführer njaal reppen
legions-untersturmführer rolf ravn virum
legions-untersturmführer john braset
legions-untersturmführer karsten sveen
legions-untersturmführer tor marstrander
legions-untersturmführer kåre opsahl
legions-untersturmführer braseth
legions-untersturmführer waldemarsen
hauptmann mato dukovac
leutnant cvitan galic
waffen-hauptsturmführer hand ruus
ss-haupsturmführer paul maitla
ss-sturmbannführer alfons rebane
ss-obersturmbannführer harald riipalu
ss-obersturmführer ola olin
waffen-standartenführer vilis janums
waffen-standartenführer woldemars veiss
waffen-obersturmbannführer nikolajs galdins
waffen-obersturmbannführer voldemars gravelis
waffen-obersturmbannführer rudolfs kocins
waffen-obersturmbannführer voldemars reinholds
waffen-obersturmbannführer karlis aperats
waffen-sturmbannführer eduars stiepnieks
waffen-sturmbannführer gustavs praudins
waffen-hauptsturmführer zanis butkus
waffen-hauptsturmführer visvaldis graumanis
waffen-haupsturmführer georgs seibelis
ss-obersturmführer andrejs freimanis
waffen-obersturmführer robert gaigals
waffen-obersturmführer miervaldis ziedainis
waffen-obersturmführer paulis sprincis
waffen-obersturmführer rudolfs gaitars
waffen-untersturmführer karlis lobe
waffen-untersturmführer janis pikelis
waffen-untersturmführer robert ancans
legions-untersturmführer mervaldis adamsons
ss-obersturmführer gerrit-jan pulles
ss-untersturmführer joop havik
generalmajor emilio esteban-infantes
oberst antonio garzia navarro
ss-obersturmbannführer miguel ezquerra
ss-hauptsturmführer dr. abel olivas
ss-hauptsturmführer ezquerra sanchez
waffen-haupsturmführer dreve
waffen-haupsturmführer niculae opris

And please come with corrections when you find any!
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Dan E. Moe
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Post by Dan E. Moe » 24 Dec 2006 01:16

waffen-hauptsturmführer volodymyr kozak (ukraine) added.

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Serbian boy
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Post by Serbian boy » 24 Dec 2006 04:31


Waffen-Obersturmbannfuhrer der SS Schawaykin
Waffen-Sturmbannführer der SS Iwan Frolow
Waffen-Hauptsturmführer der SS Kapkajew
Generalmajor Georgi Zverev
Generalmajor Sergei Buniachenko
Oberst I. K. Sacharow
Hauptmann Chistjakow
Hauptmann I. F. Gurlewskij
Generalleutnant G.N. Zhilenkow
Generalleutnant F.I. Truhin
General A. A. Wlassow
Generalmajor V.I. Maltsew
Oberst M. A. Meandrow
Generalmajor W .F Malyschkin
Oberst W. I. Maltsew


Waffen-Obergruppenführer der SS Feketehalmy-Czeydner Ferenc
Waffen-Obergruppenführer der SS Ruszkay Jenõ
Waffen-Obergruppenführer der SS Grassy József
Waffen-Oberführer der SS Deák László
Waffen-Oberführer der SS Pisky Zoltán
Waffen-Standartenführer der SS Brenner, Miksa
Waffen-Standartenführer der SS vitéz Temesvári Jenõ
Waffen-Standartenführer der SS vitéz Temesvári Gerõ
Waffen-Standartenführer der SS Magyar Ödön
Waffen-Standartenführer der SS Josef Siemesreiter
Waffen-Standartenführer der SS vitéz Podhradszky Andor
Waffen-Standartenführer der SS Brenner Miksa
Waffen-Standartenführer der SS Vécsey József
Waffen-Standartenführer der SS vitéz Peinlich Béla
Waffen-Obersturmbannführer der SS dr. Lengyel Béla
Waffen-Obersturmbannführer der SS dr. jur. Károly v. Ney
Waffen-Sturmbannführer der SS Podhradszky Ádám
Waffen-Sturmbannführer der SS Magyar Dezsõ
Waffen-Sturmbannführer der SS dr. Bán Jenõ
Waffen-Sturmbannführer der SS vitéz Várnay Ferenc
Waffen-Sturmbannführer der SS vitéz Bodolay Lóránt
Waffen-Hauptsturmführer der SS Görgey Vince
Waffen-Hauptsturmführer der SS Klaffky Herbert
Waffen-Hauptsturmführer der SS Zöldi Márton
Waffen-Hauptsturmführer der SS vitéz Titeli János
Waffen-Hauptsturmführer der SS Duska Alajos
Waffen-Hauptsturmführer der SS Dr. vitéz Kereszturi Miklós
Waffen-Hauptsturmführer der SS graf Festetics Bennő
Waffen-Hauptsturmführer der SS Solti Ernõ
Waffen-Hauptsturmführer der SS Szentgróthy Tibor
Waffen-Hauptsturmführer der SS Zoltay János
Waffen-Hauptsturmführer der SS Pataki Géza
Waffen-Hauptsturmführer der SS Szinay András
Waffen-Hauptsturmführer der SS vitéz Hermándy-Berencz György
Waffen-Obersturmführer der SS Tóth Hermann
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Tapani K.
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Post by Tapani K. » 24 Dec 2006 09:03

Hello, couple of notes on the Estonians on your list:

The first name of Hauptsturmführer Ruus was Hando, not Hand. He was promoted to that rank in December 1944, although he had been taken POW in September of that year. He was sentenced to death in March 1945. Therefore, he never probably knew of his promotion.

Alfons Rebane's final rank was Standartenführer, although he probably did not receive notice of his promotion before the end of the war.

Tapani K.

Phil Nix
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Post by Phil Nix » 24 Dec 2006 18:27

Pavlo Shandruck was not a member of the SS
Phil Nix

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Post by Lasse » 24 Dec 2006 18:54


SS-Hauptsturmführer Hans-Gösta Pehrsson

SS-Obersturmführer Sven Rydén
SS-Obersturmführer Kurt Birger Norberg
SS-Obersturmführer Bengt Hassler
SS-Obersturmführer Carl Svensson
SS-Obersturmführer Rune Ahlgren
SS-Obersturmführer Johan-Ragnar Gustavsson

SS-Untersturmführer Torkel Tillmann
SS-Untersturmführer Hans Lindström
SS-Untersturmführer Gunnar Eklöf
SS-Untersturmführer Gösta Borg
SS-Untersturmführer Heino Meyer
SS-Untersturmführer Wolfgang Eldh-Albitz
SS-Untersturmführer Per-Sigurd Baecklund
SS-Untersturmführer Lars Blom
SS-Untersturmführer Yngve v. Hellenborg
SS-Untersturmführer (?) OIaf Jürgensen
SS-Untersturmführer Hans-Caspar Kreuger

SS-? Hjalmar Karlsen
SS-? Åke Kretz
SS-? Are Laggberg
SS-? Yngve Nordborg
SS-? Harry Raab

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Post by Juanjo » 24 Dec 2006 19:35



Arthur QUIST (17/02/1896-¿)
Reidar Egil Hoel (19/03/1898-¿)


Felix ANDERSEN (16/03/1896-¿)
Jörgen BAKKE (29/07/1894-03/03/1962)
Finn FINSON (02/08/1911-¿/¿/1986)
Frode HALLE (15/03/1906-10/01/1995)
Felix HARTMANN (30/09/1893-06/07/1974)
Jonas LIE (31/12/1899-11/05/1945)
Karl MARTHINSEN (25/10/1896-¿)


Ragnar BERG (01/10/1913-18/04/1942)
Per Henrik BÖRESEN (02/02/1904-¿/¿/1971)
Henrik Natvig BRUN (12/04/1897-¿)
Hans FUSK (04/05/1898-¿)
Knut GEELMUYDEN (17/08/1897-¿)
Brynjulf GOTTENBORG (28/08/1893-¿)
Fritjof HENRIKSEN (19/08/1898-¿)
Ola Tomassen LIEN (03/06/1898-¿)
Olaf Tryggve LINDVIG (09/09/1917-¿)
Othar LISLEGAARD (28/07/1899-¿)
Aslak Rönning NESHEIM (13/11/1914-¿)
Asbjörn REPPEN (31/12/1915-¿)
Karsten Ivar SVEEN (31/08/1914-24/12/2003)
Erling WAKSVIK (08/05/1900-¿)


John ASPHAUG (10/11/1905-¿)
Aage Henry BERG (11/08/1914-¿)
Richard BÖRESEN (01/01/1922-¿)
Ole BRUNAES (24/09/1918-11/05/1987)
Ola FURUSETH (31/05/1908-¿)
Alf GAUSLA (20/07/1917-¿)
Jens GRÖNNERÖD (06/11/1914-¿)
Ola HAFSTAD (09/09/1895-¿)
Otto Andreas HOLMEN
Hans Georg HOLTER (11/07/1918-18/02/1997)
August INGIER (28/05/1905-¿)
Holder Fredrik JENSEN (25/03/1921-¿)
Gust JONASSEN (19/05/1911-26/05/1943)
Sophus KAHRS (28/03/1918-18/11/1986)
Tor MARSTRANDER (06/07/1916-¿/¿/1966)
Magne MORTENSSON (23/09/1895-¿)
Arne NAEVERDAL (09/11/1912-¿)
Paul NIELSEN (29/05/1910-14/04/1991)
Kaare Meinert OPSAHL (29/05/1915-25/11/1974)
Kristian PRYTZ (16/08/1910-13/02/1944)
Njaal REPPEN (30/11/1914-¿)
Knut ROSNAESS (02/09/1918-¿)
Finn RUSTADT (30/04/1914-¿)
Thomas Peter SANDBORG (01/09/1907-23/09/1944)
Harald Normann SODAHL (05/10/1915-¿/¿/1986)
Thorwald THRONSEN (01/02/1917-15/06/2003)
Rolf UGELSTAD (08/05/1916-¿/¿/1990)
Rolf Ravn WIRUM (25/05/1916-14/05/2002)


Torstein AAKERVLK (01/08/1907-¿)
Knut Agnar AANONSEN (12/01/1919-05/02/1944)
Rolf AARBU (10/02/1922-26/06/1944)
Thorwald Willy AMUNDSEN (09/07/1913-03/11/1982)
Tor ARNTZEN (03/07/1919-30/07/1989)
Per BAE (26/11/1910-¿/¿/1992)
Knut Trygve BAKKE (09/06/1924-¿)
Olaf BAKKE (13/10/1920-¿) – Olaf Backe
Peter Johann BALSTAD (25/09/1924-¿/¿/1988)
Oscar BANG (09/04/1916-¿)
Hermann BAY (18/11/1921-24/11/2003)
Eystein BECH (17/09/1918-07/03/1944)
Anton Jensen BERG (16/08/1919-27/10/1944)
Magne BERG (04/08/1918-28/07/1944)
Njaal BJÖRKELID (03/03/1924-19/03/1945)
Per BLEGEN (29/11/1924-21/10/1990)
Ferdinand BÖE-SIMONSEN (08/04/1919-27/07/1944)
Kaare BÖRSTING (17/04/1923-27/06/1944)
John BRASETH (02/12/1914-¿)
Gunnar Rosseland BRULAND (21/03/1916-01/02/1944)
Emil BRUUN-EVERS (01/09/1921-07/05/1944)
Kaare BRYNESTAD (18/06/1924-¿/02/2001)
Finn CHRISTENSEN (11/11/1919-¿)
Laurits CHRISTENSEN (12/04/1924-¿)
Kristoffer DAHL (07/03/1919-27/12/2001)
Borger DAHL-LARSEN (30/03/1922-03/02/1944)
Siegfried EKELAND (18/10/1908-¿)
Knut ERICHSEN (21/08/1917-27/10/1944)
Olaf FERMANN (17/02/1892-¿)
Jakob FOGSTAD (03/05/1914-¿/¿/1996)
Einar GLESTAD (26/12/1915-28/01/1944)
Ivar GRÖNNEROD (01/08/1918-29/05/2004)
Gullik Odd GULLIKSEN (26/03/1917-22/06/1998)
Thomas Hersleb GURHOLT (03/01/1922-23/09/1944)
Johan Ragnar GUSTAVSON (04/03/1924-05/03/1945)
Sverre HAGTUN (13/07/1914-¿/¿/2001)
Per HALSE (01/01/1922-18/01/1987)
Arne Einar Olav HANSEN (18/08/1917-10/02/1944)
Haakon HEGNER (03/05/1910-18/12/1943)
Anton HEIBERG (17/06/1915-¿)
Aksel Magnus HEMBRE (18/05/1921-¿)
Kristian HERSETH (22/01/1920-¿)
Harald HERVIK (22/05/1917-¿)
Ran HIMBERG (29/09/1921-26/06/1944)
Hans Petter HOFF (10/06/1917-¿)
Thorbjörn HOLMEN (19/04/1919-¿)
Einar HÖVE (21/10/1912-14/02/1943)
Jörgen HÖVE (14/11/1916-¿)
Thomas HVISTENDAL (28/12/1918-21/08/1992)
Knut JACOBSEN (05/07/1921-¿)
Arild JADAR (19/02/1921-¿)
Rolf Harry JANSEN (01/11/1917-07/05/1945)
Johann Arnt JOHANNESSEN (25/11/1919-¿/¿/1988)
Per JOHANSEN (29/12/1920-23/07/1999)
Gunnar JOHNSEN (18/11/1923-¿)
Birger JONSSON (09/10/1923-26/06/1944)
Sverre KJELSTRUP (20/05/1920-¿/10/1993)
Per KJÖLNER (14/08/1921-¿)
Leif KNUDSEN (30/09/1911-¿)
Kjell KRACHT (20/11/1919-¿)
Birger KVAMMEN (04/05/1919-¿)
Sverre LINDE (12/12/1918-15/02/1976)
Torgeir LOFTHUS (13/02/1921-06/02/1981)
Jens Bernhard LUND (20/05/1918-21/11/1943)
Trygve LUNDBYE (17/09/1920-¿/¿/1970)
Kjell Andreas MARTHINSEN (24/09/1923-16/10/1944)
Gösta MYHRVOLD (09/08/1919-¿)
Eirik Hans MYTTING (19/03/1916-29/03/1997)
Hans Thomas NAKKEN (15/02/1924-10/02/1945)
John Willy NYGAARD (22/04/1918-04/03/1945)
Bjarne OLSEN (22/09/1920-¿)
Sverre A. OSTERDAHL (04/11/1911-26/06/1944)
Björn ÖSTRING (23/09/1917-¿)
Karl Aagaard ÖSTVIG (24/10/1924-25/12/1944)
Henrik Skaar PEDERSEN (23/04/1917-30/01/1944)
Per PLÜNNECKE (07/12/1922-¿)
Trond PRYTZ (23/07/1921-¿)
Reidar RISE (20/02/1920-02/01/1968)
Björn RÖKENES (12/02/1923-¿/06/1992)
Olai RONNINGEN (14/08/1921-04/08/1944)
Frithjof ROSNAESS (05/04/1921-27/01/1945)
Sverre RUUD (27/07/1911-¿/¿/1988)
Bjarne SANDNAES (01/11/1918-¿)
Olaf SANNER (08/02/1924-¿)
Jan SCHNEIDER (27/12/1919-22/03/2004)
Eyvind SCHRÖDER (06/01/1922-09/04/1995)
Odd SELJELID (23/02/1921-03/05/1968)
Ole SELNÄS (16/11/1917-27/11/1982)
Ole SESSENG-FJESETH (19/03/1918-01/02/1944)
Kjell SKJEFSTAD (14/02/1922-¿)
Martin SKJEFSTAD (23/09/1918-07/05/1992)
Odd SKUI (13/08/1921-¿)
Arne SMITH (23/04/1922-15/08/1944)
Knut SOLBERG (09/08/1923-¿)
Ole SOMMERHAUG (14/08/1923-¿)
Torfinn SÖNSTEBY (24/10/1918-¿)
Aksel STEEN (16/11/1915-25/06/1944)
Walter STEEN (15/07/1917-¿)
Thor STORM (10/05/1917-27/01/1945)
Arne STRIDSKLER (24/09/1916-¿)
Hans STRÖMSNES (19/05/1920-10/09/1999)
Oskar Anton Erik STRÖMSNES (26/09/1920-19/03/1945)
Haakon SUNDBERG (05/02/1923-09/08/1944)
Kristian SUNDLO (06/01/1919-24/10/2001)
Bjarne SVEEN (16/02/1921-19/03/1945)
Hallvard SVELLE (14/04/1918-¿)
Jochen Per SVENDSEN (05/10/1915-07/02/1997)
Harald SVENKE (24/09/1914-¿)
Tor SVENNEBY (06/03/1917-07/03/1945)
Stein SYLTEN (27/09/1921-28/11/2001)
Gunnar THEODORSEN (25/03/1919-¿)
Roald THETING-JOHANNESSEN (29/06/1921-¿)
Felix Patrick THORESEN (30/01/1923-¿/¿/1991)
Egil Horst THORKILDSEN (21/07/1916-¿)
Oscar Lauritz THUNOLD (23/12/1918-08/11/1943)
Odd TORDARSON (24/02/1924-27/08/1944)
Tor TORJUSSEN (04/06/1924-24/06/1944)
Arnfinn VIK (20/06/1920-05/01/1995)
Olaf WAHLMANN (11/10/1918-10/06/1981)
Rolf WAHLSTRÖM (11/10/1917-26/06/1944)
Knut WESTAD (23/01/1916-¿)
Haakon WINDINGSTAD (24/05/1924-¿)


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Post by Serbian boy » 24 Dec 2006 22:50


Oberst Konstantin Kromiadi
Leutnant Jurij Djatschkow
Leutnant Michajl Schilko
Hauptmann Rostislaw Antonow
Leutnant Ewgenij Kolotilin
Leutnant Vasilij Arsenew
Hauptmann Boris Golowkow
Leutnant Nikolaj Liwinoew
Major Sergej Chitrowo
Hauptmann Petr Kaschtanow
Hauptmann Nikolaj Beglecow
Leutnant Wiktor Schulga
Leutnant Arnold Dschalakow
Leutnant Nikolaj Tolkatschew
Leutnant Aleksej Babnickij
Leutnant Wladimir Dubowec
Leutnant Sergej Kopitow
Leutnant Ewgenij Delakowskij
Leutnant Anatolij Bublik
Major Pawel Kazanskij
Leutnant Michail Malny

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Erlich L
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Post by Erlich L » 25 Dec 2006 14:00

A few more Estonians:

SS-Standartenführer Juhan Tuuling
SS-Obersturmbannführer Paul Vent
SS-Sturmbannführer Friedrich Kurg
SS-Sturmbannführer Georg Sooden
SS-Hauptsturmführer Heino Rannik
SS-Hauptsturmführer Ludvig Kiisk
SS-Hauptsturmführer Eduard Hints
SS-Obersturmführer Arseni Korp

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Post by Askold » 27 Dec 2006 06:37

I know that Michael Melnyk is planning to publish a book which lists ALL Ukrainian SS officers and their rank. Just few more from me:

SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Michael Brygidyr
SS-Obersturmfuhrer Liubomyr Makarushka
SS-Untersturmfuhrer I. Luciw
SS-Untersturmfuhrer Motyka
SS-Untersturmfuhrer Jaroslaw Owad
SS-Untersturmfuhrer Mychailo Prymak
SS-Untersturmfuhrer Holowko
SS-Oberscharfuhrer Zenon Goiiv
SS-Oberscharfuhrer Stefan Hulak
SS-Standartenjunker Marian Ciolko

Phil Nix
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Post by Phil Nix » 27 Dec 2006 11:44

A pic of F.Y.Trukhin
Phil Nix
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Hi Dan E. Moe.

Here is a some danish officers from Freikorps Dänemark and regiment Dänemark:

Frikorps Danmark:
SS-Sturmbannführer Thor Jørgensen
SS-Haupsturmführer Winding-Christensen
SS-Haupsturmführer Oluf von Krabbe
SS-Untersturmführer Thorgils
SS-Untersturmführer Petersen.
SS-Untersturmführer Johannes Just Nielsen

Regiment 24 Dänemark:
Regiment and compagni leaders:
SS-Sturmbannführer Per Neergaard-Jacobsen
SS-Untersturmführer Erik Herløv Nielsen
SS-Obersturmführer Knud Maagaard-Hansen
SS-Untersturmführer Erik Vagn Fenger
SS-Obersturmführer Hugo C. Jessen
SS-Obersturmführer Bent Worsø Larsen
SS-Unterssturmführer Kaj Bertramsen
SS-Obersturmführer Poul Thorkildsen
SS-Untersturmführer Jes Dirksen
SS-Hauptsturmführer Albert Bergfeldt
SS-Untersturmführer Jørgen Salskov
SS-Obersturmführer Egil Poulsen
SS-Untersturmführer Erik Brørup
SS-Untersturmführer Robert Hansen
SS-Untersturmführer Carsten Jørgensen
SS-Untersturmführer Mogens Karl Berthelsen
SS-Untersturmführer Leo Anton Madsen
SS-Obersturmführer Ole Peter Kure
SS-hauptsturmführer Svend Sofus Lars Birkedal Hansen
SS-Obersturmbannführer Knud Børge Martinsen
SS-Obersturmführer Hans Ditlev Ahlefeldt-Laurvig
SS-Untersturmführer Emil Gyldenkrone
SS-Untersturmführer J. Petersen
SS-Untersturmführer Hartvig Larsen
SS-Untersturmführer Hans Peter Jensen
SS-Hauptsturmführer Erik Lærum
SS-Obersturmführer H.W.Petersen
SS-Untersturmführer J.I. Frederiksen
SS-Untersturmführer Henry Valdemar Christensen

I've written the officers in two groups but officers from the Freikorps continued to serve in regiment Danmark. You should therefore be aware of the overlaps between the two.

I'm not certain about the ranks of the officers above, maybe some of them reached a higher rank.

All names from the homepage:
It unfortunenately is in danish, but as you're from Norway you sholdn't have a problem reading it. Pay special attention to the 1., 2. & 3. batalion and "personbeskrivelser" under Frikorps Danmark in the main menu.

Another place you can look is Axis biographical research

That's all for now.

Martin, Denmark.

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Allthough on that FK-Danmark site, I would like to point out that this man;
Is not Kurt Pedersen, its the swedish SS-Obscha Erik Wallin.

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Wow, thanks everybody!


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