Foreign membership in NSKK & OT

Discussions on the foreigners (volunteers as well as conscripts) fighting in the German Wehrmacht, those collaborating with the Axis and other period Far Right organizations. Hosted by George Lepre.
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Foreign membership in NSKK & OT

Post by Semenov » 19 Oct 2007 23:18

This topic about foreign membership in NSKK & OT.
I know next facts:
Flandern - 3000
Wallonie - 1000
French - 2000
Dutch - 4000 members NSB (2000-2500 WA members)

Belgium 91000 (70000 POWs?)

Who have infos on other nation?


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Post by rednas » 19 Oct 2007 23:49

There were around 9000-10.000 Dutchmen who drove for the NSKK (Alex Dekker who is also a forum member (lexiebabe) had researched this, he also wrote a book about it: "Ook gij behoort bij ons"). 25 of them earned the Iron Cross.
Some hunderds of Dutch NSKK men from the NSKK Transportgruppe Luftwaffe / 2.Brig / 2.Bat. / 6.Regiment fought in Stalingrad. Only 50 came out of the Kessel and were decorated by Mussert (Dutch nazi leader) when they were back in Holland.
Also check this site which has some Dutch NSKK medals:

There were also around 10.000 other men who did various jobs which also includes the OT (I don't know the exact numbers for the OT).

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Post by Askold » 23 Oct 2007 00:39

Here is some small info on Ukrainians in OT and also a photo of them that I found:


Alex Dekker 2
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Re: Foreign membership in NSKK & OT

Post by Alex Dekker 2 » 04 Jan 2021 15:16

The Dutchmen who wre deployed at Stalingrad were not active during the encirclement IN Stalingrad, but mosltly at 100 - 300 km westwards, around Milorovo. The men who came out of that Kessel were indeed invited by Mussert, but only if they were NSB-partmembers...

Estonians were also recruited as NSKK-members, but I have not got any numbers yet.

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