New list Foreign High SS officers

Discussions on the foreigners (volunteers as well as conscripts) fighting in the German Wehrmacht, those collaborating with the Axis and other period Far Right organizations. Hosted by George Lepre.
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Re: New list Foreign High SS officers

Post by smetanin albert » 30 Nov 2018 13:27

Add info - H.Motke
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Re: New list Foreign High SS officers

Post by clausewitz12345 » 10 Aug 2019 21:35

Juanjo wrote:
14 Aug 2009 09:32
The new list with all contributions of the forum members

Obersturmbannführer Orla Holger Arentoft – 24/07/1906
Sturmbannführer Aage Krogh Christoffersen – 26/12/1904
Standartenführer Poul Engelhardt-Rantzau – 05/09/1898-01/06/1987
Sturmbannführer Thor Jörgensen – 25/09/1897
Sturmbannführer Oleif von Krabbe – 03/09/1903-31/10/1999
Brigadeführer Christian Peter Kryssing – 07/07/1891-07/07/1976
Obersturmbannführer Knud Börge Martinsen – 30/11/1905-25/06/1949
Sturmbannführer Poul Neergaard-Jacobsen – 16/02/1902
Obersturmbannführer Christian Frederik Von Schalburg – 15/04/1906-02/06/1942
Sturmbannführer Per Sörensen – 24/09/1913-22/04/1945
Obersturmbannführer Ernst Christian Hartvig Viffert – 10/11/1893-?/?/1950
Sturmbannführer Svend Wodschow – 17/10/1894

What proof do you have that Poul Ranzow Engelhardt was a Standartenführer. I can't find any official document to that effect.

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