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Discussions on the foreigners (volunteers as well as conscripts) fighting in the German Wehrmacht, those collaborating with the Axis and other period Far Right organizations. Hosted by George Lepre.
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Re: Rimini List Ukranians

Post by WAR LORD » 22 Oct 2018 19:04

It is important to know that those in the Rimmini Camps were not just Ukranians, there were other Rumanians to just illustrate. The repatriation to the UK of these "Peoples" is most complicate.

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Re: Rimini List Ukranians

Post by whiterussian737 » 15 Feb 2019 00:46

Hi I’m back having watch a couple of Michael Melnyk’s you tube videos. Very interesting Michael. I’ve ordered vol1 and 2. Having had no joy with my investigations with my fathers roots, I wondered if we could get the 1947 Venice to Britain passenger lists when all the POW’s/DP’s were brought to the UK? I have also had no reply’s from the British Ukrainian Association either, even though I know my father was a life long paying member and kitchen cook at the Nottingham branch. I also understand that Nationalisation was published in the Telegraph Newspaper any idea how we check that source. Any one interested in having a chat with me please let me know as I would like a stronger connection with people like me “frustrated” I spend hours searching and checking for material.
Good luck all

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Re: Rimini List Ukranians

Post by Melnyk » 15 Feb 2019 08:11

Hi Michael

Drop me a line at melnyk@mailcan.com

I will forward it directly to the head archivist at the Association HQ and ask her to check on your behalf.

I wouldn’t encourage you to purchase my 2 latest books as I am in the advanced stages of what will be a new book (my last on this subject) which will be more accurate, more detailed and will have a substantial amount of additional information and hundreds of rare and unpublished pictures from my personal archive.

Best wishes

Mike Melnyk

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Re: Rimini List Ukranians

Post by Joe1 » 23 Feb 2019 20:55

I’m new to this site and not sure how it works as it won’t allow me to contact members even though I’m logged in.
My grandfather was brought from Rimini to work on farmland in Lincoln. I have noticed a few posts reguarding the same and would like to share information with these members. And share and find any photos you may have.

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Re: Rimini List Ukranians

Post by derek@derekg.co.uk » 23 Nov 2019 11:27

I've just joined this site in an attempt to get more info on my Dad's history.
Stefan Gruszeckyj,
He was born in Svitanok 1922, ended up in Rimini SEP Cage 1 ... (I have his identity cards.)
His first address in the UK was Pingley Camp, Brigg ... and then I have different addresses through to Warwickshire.

He said nothing about his war history ... I need to know more.... I just wish I'd asked when I was younger.

I have just seen a group photograph on ( http://www.dpcamps.org/ ) .. and at the front is my Dad !!!! ... it matches the Identity card photograph.
Is there any way I can find out more ???

I'd appreciate any help.

Derek Gruszeckyj

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Re: Rimini List Ukranians

Post by Jehc7 » 23 Jan 2020 14:54

ashko wrote:
30 Nov 2014 19:44
melnyka wrote:Hi,

I have just found this forum.
I have been trying to get info about my late fathers war record.
He fought for the Germans in WW2 but was always reluctant to discuss it.
I have written to 2 army archives in Germany but neither could help.
I have also contacted the Ukranian archives in Lviv to try and unearth some further family information.
I have contacted the Red Cross in Switzerland as well but didn't get anything from them.
I gave up some years ago, but found this forum and wondered if the Rimini list could help.
My father was captured and held in Rimini prisoner of war camp before being shipped to England.
Although through my research of the national archives it appears that the cabinet at that time did not want enemy prisoners sent here but pressure from the agriculture minister for cheap, willing farm labourers convinced them.
The archive records only give numbers but not names of Ukranians shipped to the UK.
My father came here in 1947 and worked on farms around Lincoln with 30 other Ukranians.
My father's d.o.b was 15-05-14.Place of birth Wychopny.
Do you know what info the Rimini list will have?
Best wishes,
Andrew Melnyk.
My grandfather was also in Rimini, in camp Belyaria. He also came to Lincolnshire to work as a farm labourer. I have a few photographs of my G-father in the POW camp and lots of other small photos. I think I have a photograph which was taken in England at Christmas, there are many men in the picture? I could email you the picture if you like, perhaps your father is in the photograph too? My grandfather came from Sniatyn, Ivano-Frankivsk.


I have read your post and think my grandfather could potentially be in these pictures from england christmas. Would you mind emailing? Im currently searching for info.

Kind regards

J Cabaniuk

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Re: Rimini List Ukranians

Post by arogers195 » 02 Feb 2020 21:30

Hello Luba,
My husband's great grandfather also has an ID card: No 1SEP CAGE, Rmini Airfield. Rank: Soldier. K 15355 issued 14 Oct 1946. He also ended up in England and settled there in Northamptonshire. I also have pictures maybe we can swap photos? My email is arogers195@yahoo.com here is a link to a website for Rimini DP they have posted photos there as well. http://www.dpcamps.org/rimini.html
Luba wrote:
23 Jan 2015 23:32
Hi, I too have just found this forum. Initially looking for insignia's of my dads uniform. He was interned in Rimini ( ID Card: No 1 SEP CAGE, Rimini Airfield. Rank: Oberleutnant.( Senior Lieutenant) SEP No: L-7101.Issued 11 October 1946 by INTERNEES CAMP COMMAND, ITALY). Apparently was assigned to Major Krat. I have quite a number of photos from the camp including a book published in the camp 1946 showing all the officers in caricature style with joky comments about each of them. My dad is also included. He joined the Home Guards when he came to England. Can't find out how he managed that. Apparently there was a whole division of Ukrainian Home Guards in the Manchester area. In 1919 he attended the UHA senior HQ military training.
Does anyone know if there is any one place on the web where I can post some of these artifacts.

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Re: Rimini List Ukranians

Post by DebbieF » 19 Apr 2020 09:51

I understand this is a very old thread but hoping someone see it! I am trying to trace my Grandfather’s journey and confirm some details. He was Ukrainian and I was told he was a POW in Italy (I am unsure if it was Rimini) he was later brought to Haddington in Scotland. Can anyone tell me where I could check these details and obtain a bit more info. His name was Wolodymyr Rojeckyj (surname spelling could have been changed) and his DOB was 20/08/1924. He later lived in Edinburgh and sadly passed away in 1974 so I don’t have much information to go on. Thanks

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Re: Rimini List Ukranians

Post by Ljotrulf » 14 Sep 2020 16:20

DebbieF - There is still a Ukrainian Community Centre in Edinburg also a Ukrainian church. You might try them to see if anyone still remembers him.

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Re: Rimini List Ukranians

Post by steve248 » 20 Sep 2020 06:20

A question for the new posters above about their fathers and grandfather who made it to the UK.
What happened to their UK naturalization certificate? This is the old manuscript size (a little longer than A4 and a little less in width) and has an embossed royal seal and quite pretty to look at.
UK National Archives only have the carbon copy of this document in the Home Office files - just a copy of the document and no supporting documentation.

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