Gerhard Wilhelm Kunze death date

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Gerhard Wilhelm Kunze death date

Post by oarion » 17 Jun 2012 03:25

Once again I need some info I just can't seem to find about a Nazi collaborator. This guy was deeply entrenched in the German-American Bund, and became the Bundesführer of the Bund after Kuhn was sent to prison in 1939. He was arrested in 1942 in Mexico. According to a Neo-Nazi website he was eventually sentenced to 15 years in prison and indicted in the Great Sedition Trial of 1944. More info on the guy here, and Sedition Trial here. Those are both from the same Neo-Nazi website, so I can't verify if some stuff's propaganda. My problem is that I want to know when he died, but I can't seem to find anything past 1944 when he was 38 (once again I can't verify his age, because the only source I know of is from that website). Anyway if you know what Kunze's death date was or can find it, it'd be awesome.

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Re: Gerhard Wilhelm Kunze death date

Post by zappy » 20 Jul 2019 22:34

I am sorry this is coming up only 7 years later...
Just in case you are still interested in getting info about Kunze, he died in Nov 1973 in Philadelphia.
Source: ... hard-kunze

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