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Re: Landwacht Nederland and Nederlandse Landwacht

Post by NicoH » 18 Oct 2023 14:16

Hello all

Rob-wssob2 wrote (a long time ago)
Security operations undertaken by 34th SS Division, 1943-45:

• Nov 19, 1943: Apeldoorn, Hertogenbosch, The Hague & Vught

• September 11, 1944: Rotterdam, Apeldoorn

• Dec 44-Jan 1945: North Brabant

• Feb 26, 1945: Rhenen, Arnhem, Apeldoorn, Gelderland

Source: James Pontolillo, Murderous Elite:The Waffen-SS and its Complete Record of War Crimes p.243

Pontolillo covers the Putten raid on pp.125-6.
I will address each point:
Nov 19, 1943 : 34 SS Div (as such did not exist until 2.45) never was in Apeldoorn, The Hague at the time.

Security operation on Rotterdam took place on November 10 and 11, 1944, not September 11, 1944 ( at that time both II. and II.Btl of SS_Gren Rgt 1 Landstorm Nederland were in Belgium in action , III Btl in Hoogeveen)

Dec 44-Jan 44 : North Brabant; The province of north Brabant was liberated by the Allies late November 1944, So any action by a 34 SS Division there in december 1944-January 1945 seems most unlikely especially since the locations of the various subunits of the forming SS-Frw.Gren Brigade Landstorm Nederland are known and they are far away form North-Brabant province!

Feb 26, 1945, Rhenen, Arnhem, APeldoorn: The 34 S Div was then in the frontline on the so called River front and was not in the cities named. Arnhem was part of the sector of the 346 Inf Div.

The data given by Pontolillo, clearly are wrong and no-one should put to much faith in this book. I can only comment on the dates listed for the 34 SSDivision, but if this selection is anything to go by, the book is not worth the paper it is printed on!



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