SS-Sturmmann Karl Ewrard

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Re: SS-Sturmmann Karl Ewrard

Post by StripperClips » 04 Jul 2016 23:22

GregSingh wrote:According to German situation map from 24th of January 1945, SS-Brigade Dirlewanger was in the area of Priewitz (Prievidza).
And this source mentions 24 soldiers being shot in Priewitz by order of Dirlewanger.
The search for mass murderers

Although Karl Ewrard could be a deserter from different unit, just captured in Priewitz and shot there.
There was a large Catholic convent in Priewitz, so it was possible some nuns were tasked with burials or perhaps they did it on their own initiative, when bodies of deserters were left to rot.

Is there any way to determine if he was a Dirlewanger unit member (hopefully not...) or there with another unit?

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Re: SS-Sturmmann Karl Ewrard

Post by Orlov » 11 Feb 2022 09:58

Dear StripperClips,
If your grandfather actually served in the SS-Sturmbrigade Dirlewanger - then he could have ended up in a unit with a contingent of disciplinarily convicted soldiers. In this time unit had its Ersatz Kompanie in a convent/monastery of the Norbertine Sisters in occupied Krakow from middle of summer 1944.
After a short training, he could have directed to Slovakia. The aforementioned unit had one big desertion, but in December 1944, while Dirlewanger introduced draconian solutions - I read PhD's dissertation, which was based on Slovak documents, which talked about larger and smaller executions of soldiers by non-commissioned officers and veterans of soldiers SS-Sdr.Kdo. Dirlewanger
I remembered returning two soldier, carrying out executions, from one of the "action" with uniform and boots, which was noticed by a Slovak railwayman and testified as such after the war.

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