Help to find information. Tage Gudmann Corfitz

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Help to find information. Tage Gudmann Corfitz

Post by Corfitz » 07 Aug 2017 20:51

I am not sure if this is the right group to send my request, but I am trying.

My grandmother's two brothers volunteered into WW2 and were fighting at the East front. The one brother died at Narva Aug. 1944 (Jørgen Poul Heinrich Corfitz). The other brother, Tage Gudmann Corfitz, was hurt in aug. 1944. I assume that he came to a Lazerett (some of the other comrades who where hurt within the same days, came to Lazerett in Southern Germany).

Tage was in Denmark in Nov. 1944. and the next thing I have on him is that he died somewhere in Germany in 1946 (source: the Danish archives).

I would like to ask if any of you have any information for where it is most possible to find information on how, where and why Tage died in Germany 1946. I have tried the Danish archives, WAST, Dienstille, German Red Cross, US archives (found marriage forms).

I hope some of you could help me where to search.

Thanks in advance.


Flemming Nordland
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Re: Help to find information. Tage Gudmann Corfitz

Post by Flemming Nordland » 29 Sep 2020 20:39


Try to make a search here
I did and get several match. If you need help just ask.
Best Regards Flemming

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