Hartvig Larsen

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Hartvig Larsen

Post by Pirro » 05 Jun 2019 22:48

I would like information about this officer

SS-Untersturmführer Niels Hartvig Larsen. Born in Assens, Denmark, on November 29, 1908. He joined the Danish Police in 1934. He would serve in several police stations in the territory of Denmark during the period leading up to the war. Rejected as a volunteer to enlist in the Russian-Finnish Winter War of 1940. He later joined the Frikorps "Danmark" / SS-Freikorps "Danmark" in September 1941. He would serve with his unit until 1943. Later it would be initially seconded to the command of the 2./24 SS-Freiwilligen Panzergrenadier Regiment "Danmark". I would provide services within the I./24 SS-Freiwilligen Panzergrenadier Regiment "Danmark". He would return from the Eastern Front to Denmark in mid-1944. He would be attached to an anti-terrorist section, as the Danish resistance groups were commonly called. Its work configuring an intelligence network. Actually, its main objective was to obtain a list of possible suspects, who would be arrested in case of a hypothetical, allied invasion of the Jutland peninsula, in 1944. Its commanding officer was SS-Obersturmführer Erik V. Pedersen, which would be eliminated during an operation of the Danish resistance groups.

I would like to raise some questions about Larsen, if anyone knows them. Larsen committed suicide at the end of the fight or did he survive?

I have read some data of press copies prohibited by the Nazi regime that reflect the following information about this officer: "...Kl. 5,45 meldes, at Untersturmführer Hartvig Larsen, f. 29. November 1908 i Assens, Feldpostnr. 5985 A, paa Missionshotellet, Løngangsstræde 27, har begaaet Selvmord ved med sin Pistol at skyde sig i venstre Side af Brystet..."

"..Kl. 5.45 reported that Untersturmführer Hartvig Larsen, born November 29, 1908 in Assens, Feldpostnr. 5985 A, at the Mission Hotel, Crossroads 27, has committed suicide by shooting his gun at the left side of his chest ... "

However, in a book about the Danish resistance (I do not know if I have interpreted it well), it seems to say the opposite, that is, that it could have survived. Does anyone know anything about it?

Svend Staal-gruppen: – nazibetjentene der infiltrerede dansk politi (Niels-Birger Danielsen)
"...Da Niels Hartvig Larsen kom for retten i 1946, Konkluderede dommerne at Hartvig Larsen Kun indrommede under afhoringerne, nar han blev forelagt, uigendrivelige beviser og selv i sadanne tifaelde forsogte han at bagatellisere sin persolinge rolle. Hartvig Larsen forsogte at tegne et billede af et rent efterretnigsarbetjde, der ikke tilsigtede aktioner mod bestemte borgere.."

"..When Niels Hartvig larsen came to court in 1946, the judges concluded that Hartvig Larsen Only admitted under the polls when he was presented, irrefutable evidence and even in such tifaelde he tried to minimize his parole role. Hartvig Larsen tried to draw a picture of a pure intelligence work that did not intend to take action against specific citizens.."

Is it Larsen himself?

And is it correct that he was excluded from the SS in October 1944?

http://www.dws-xip.pl/reich/biografie/n ... er456.html

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Re: Hartvig Larsen

Post by Halfdan S. » 18 Oct 2019 22:04

Larsen was released from the SS with the date of 1.8.1944 - release-paper signed by Katz on July 18th.

Larsen was given a twelve year sentence at Østre Landsret on 7.1.1947, so at least then he would have been alive.

Halfdan S.

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