Looking for an alsatian in the Wehrmacht

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Looking for an alsatian in the Wehrmacht

Post by hohwald » 13 Oct 2020 16:40


I'm looking for someone of my family, an alsatian who was incorporated in the Wehrmacht.
The only things I know are the following :
- he was born in 1924 and died after D Day, after june 1944 - i don't know where.
- he was a member of Hitlerjugend, as his father was a nazi. Was he convinced or not ? I have no idea, I prefer not to know.
- his name is Frédéric David Lantz (or Friedrich David)

I made the hypothesis he was enroled in the last Panzer Division (the 12th ?), when members of Hitlerjugend were enroled, whether they accepted or not, just after the Normandy landings. But I'm not sure. I'd like to know what happened, where he died.

I need to have these informations, because I am alsatian, and i need to understand this side of history in our family. It's a bit strange to me.

If anyone has an idea where I can find these informations, I'm really grateful !

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Re: Looking for an alsatian in the Wehrmacht

Post by Sheldrake » 14 Oct 2020 09:48

Start with the burial place https://www.volksbund.de/en/graebersuche.html
If you can find him here this will give you his rank and branch of service - army, air force or SS.

This will narrow your search.

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Re: Looking for an alsatian in the Wehrmacht

Post by Hans1906 » 14 Oct 2020 11:17

Good morning hohwald,

in the company of our family worked in the 1960s and the early 1970s an Alsatian (Elsässer) who had voluntarily joined the Waffen-SS as a young man.

Herr Maurice Sion was the head of the accounting department in the company at that time, and at least my grandmother and my mother knew about his past.

Sion was sentenced to death in absentia in France after 1945, for his own involvement in war crimes.
This was known at least to my grandmother, who was a friend of the Sion couple, they were living in our home town.
As far as I personally remember, Sion died here in Germany in the 1970s, and was never prosecuted in court.

A long time ago, I received a screenshot with some personal data of Sion, the sender was a member of a german forum, who also spoke French.
Unfortunately I don't know where this information came from back then, but I attach the screenshot here.

My best wishes for your further research.


* In my younger years, I found a Haenel "Wehrsport-Luftgewehr Mod. 33" in the neighbourhood.
I was much too young to handle the former HJ weapon back then.
Sion saw me fiddling around with the air rifle, and disassembled the rifle within minutes, very easily.
His comment at the time: "Learned is learned!
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