Pionier-Schütze (SK-Mann) Ferdinand Marijn VAN LAEKEN

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Pionier-Schütze (SK-Mann) Ferdinand Marijn VAN LAEKEN

Post by Darth_Bjoris_1979 » 01 Feb 2021 14:28

Pionier-Schütze (SK-Mann) Ferdinand Marijn VAN LAEKEN (°23/12/1911- †09/04/1943)
Professional soldier in the Belgian Army 2nd Regiment of Engineers, 12th Battalion 1st Company from 1931.
Enlisted on 19 October 1942 for the Organisation Todt O.B.L. (Ober-Bau-Leitung) Russia. Died fighting Bolshevism on April 9, 1943 in Mitte-Russia, according to the Volksbund he died in Deniskowitschi (Deniskovichi). He is buried in Baranovichi - Belarus.
Note: The corpse should been moved 133,222 km for burial??? Is this even possible?

Do you know if any Flemish unit of Organisation Todt came under fire on 09/04/1943? I do know that they had to deal with Partisans practically every day. Does anyone know how I can get the possible cause of death?

I have already been informed by the Belarusian authorities that there isn't a grave of him at Baranovichi. So that trail stops there as well.

You can send personally documents of him to: eenhartvoorhingene@gmail.com

Thanks in advance

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