UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) - book online

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Sid Guttridge
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UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) - book online

Post by Sid Guttridge » 17 Mar 2021 23:05

The following site (https://old.uinp.gov.ua/sites/default/f ... orenyh.pdf) contains the text and illustrations of an interesting looking book about the Ukrainian Insurgent Army in WWII and after. It has a lot of photos.

It is in Ukrainian, but each chapter has a brief synopsis at the end in English.

Section I Origins of the armed insurgent movement
Section II Deployment of the insurgent struggle
Section III Polish-Ukrainian conflict
Section IV Territorial and functional structure
Section V Ukrainian Main Liberation Council
Section VI Zapillya
Section VII Ukrainian Red Cross
Section VIII Formation of officers
Chapter IX Roman Shukhevych
Section X Daily life of the insurgent
Section XI Insurgent holidays
Section XII Uniform
Section XIII Awards
Section XIV Weapons
Chapter XV Women in the Liberation Struggle
Section XVI Information and publishing activities
Section XVII Foreign raids
Section XVIII Hides
Chapter XIX The occupier has changed - the struggle continues
Chapter XX Anti-insurrectionary struggle
Chapter XXI Unconquered in the camps
Chapter XXII Trace in history



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Re: UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) - book online

Post by wolfguy » 18 Mar 2021 08:52

Thanks for the link Sid.

Do you know if a hard copy of this book is available anywhere?
Checked Amazon. They don't seem to have a copy.


Sid Guttridge
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Re: UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) - book online

Post by Sid Guttridge » 18 Mar 2021 10:43

Hi wolfguy,

I can't find one anywhere outside Ukraine.

Inside Ukraine there appear to be several online possibilities like: https://www.yakaboo.ua/ua/ukrains-ka-po ... 80060.html

This one has a box that immediately comes up top/rightish offering to translate the site into English.

Also it might be downloadable or printable, though neither of which have I tried.



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Re: UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) - book online

Post by Steve » 19 Mar 2021 23:44

A translation taken from the web site.

"All about the book Ukrainian Insurgent Army. History of the unconquered"

"Among the large amount of literature devoted to the activities of the UPA, this book claims a special place: here the reader will find a structured and concise account of the history of the insurgent struggle. The publication is illustrated with a large number of unique photos, documents and testimonies of participants. The specifics of the multi-level text will help the reader to see the whole picture of the insurgent movement, to understand its place and role in Ukrainian and world history".

Whether this book is an accurate account of the UPA/OUN I have no idea but from the above I have doubts. The UPA/OUN was a remarkable resistance group perhaps second in size only to the Polish Home Army against which it fought. Its ideological thinking was comparable to the Nazi’s. It worked to rid the Western Ukraine of Jews, Poles and Russians especially of the communist kind. I think the only non German group it can be compared to for savagery would be the Croatian Ustashe.

In much of Western Ukraine today the UPA is regarded in the same way as say the Polish Home Army is in Poland. This is perhaps mainly due to its anti communist resistance from 1944 onwards which was also extremely violent. Maybe the book tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth or maybe it tells the truth that is widely accepted by many people perhaps most in the Western Ukraine. It should be treated with caution.

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Re: UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) - book online

Post by thezerech » 15 Apr 2021 16:05


Litopys UPA is a publisher of primary sources and documents related to the UPA. They're a good place to find sources, it was founded by UPA veterans.

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