I am looking for pictures of the graves of Flemish volunteers

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I am looking for pictures of the graves of Flemish volunteers

Post by Wim » 24 Aug 2021 15:26


One of my projects is to try to get pictures of all the graves of the Flemish volunteers that i know where they are burried.

I have already a good number of the cemetaries but there are still a few missing.

I made this google map with those cemetaries where i still need the pictures of (still 86 cemetaries).

https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/2/edit? ... sp=sharing

If there are forum members who want to help me and during their visit of one of these cemetaries and are willing to take a picture of him or them is much appreciated and can sent me the picture(s) to infograveninhetoosten(at)gmail.com.

Sometimes their names are only mentioned in the rememberance book if it is possible to take a picture of that would be awsome.

Plaese note that most of the information comes from the Volksbund but it is possible that i make a mistake in my information (i hope not).

When there is a Spanish member living in the neighbourhood of Salamanca and is willing to take a trip to take a picture of a monument with a Flemish notification please pm me.

Thank you all in advance.
Any information about Flemisch in German service (Waffen SS, OT, NSKK, Kriegsmarine, DRK, ...) during WWII is welcome.

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