What happened to Latvia's pre war rifles

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What happened to Latvia's pre war rifles

Post by pinjarra » 17 Oct 2021 02:27

When Russia occupied Latvia in 1940 and disbanded the Latvian army, what happened to all the pre war rifles and other weapons that were on issue.
The rifles were 303 cal from the British and other MGs as well along with ammunition stocks.

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Re: What happened to Latvia's pre war rifles

Post by Poot » 18 Oct 2021 18:57

They were absorbed into USSR inventory and even saw some limited wartime use. Once in awhile, I'll come across a photo showing a Soviet soldier with a P-14 among others armed with more typical Soviet (Mosin-Nagant design) rifles or carbines. The Soviets never threw anything away, and I wouldn't be surprised to find out that there are P-14s (or even Estonian contract Mausers) squirreled away in some mine in the former USSR.

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