Silver Legion of America (Silvershirts) slideshow

Discussions on the foreigners (volunteers as well as conscripts) fighting in the German Wehrmacht, those collaborating with the Axis and other period Far Right organizations. Hosted by George Lepre.
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Vance Pollock
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Silver Legion of America (Silvershirts) slideshow

Post by Vance Pollock » 01 Dec 2021 03:27

I have been collecting William Dudley Pelley and Silvershirts material for over 25 years.

Today I put together this slideshow featuring many images previously unavailable online.

It does not tell his story or attempt to describe the group. It is strictly illustrative. The soundtrack is not period and might damage sensitive ears. :wink:

For a basic outline, see Pelley's wikipedia page.

All materials seen are from my private collection and assumed to be in the public domain. If you see something you wish to borrow, feel free to grab a screenshot. Any questions about particular items, I'm happy to answer.

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Re: Silver Legion of America (Silvershirts) slideshow

Post by Hans1906 » 01 Dec 2021 15:14

Interesting, but completely unknown to me personally so far, probably typical for a German reader ? :?

Silver Legion of America

Es ist im Leben wichtig, viel zu wissen.
Manchmal ist es noch wichtiger, zu wissen, daß man nichts weiß.

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