Leonid Svaytipolk-Mirsky

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Leonid Svaytipolk-Mirsky

Post by Za Rus » 13 Sep 2022 15:30

I'm hoping anyone can assist me on his background such as date of birth, date of death, etc? All, I know is he was sourced as a Hauptsturmfuhrer and co. of artillery for the Druzhina SS Brigade. It seems he doesn't exist since I can only find information about his family but nothing pertaining to him in German or Russian searches. I believe the two sources one which was from Antonio Munoz and the other from https://donschool86.ru/en/the-verb-form ... a-kak.html

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Re: Leonid Svaytipolk-Mirsky

Post by NataliaIakovleva » 16 Oct 2023 17:02

Is it the person you are looking for?

SVYATOPOLK-Mirsky Leonid Sergeevich.
Born 1885.
Odessa Infantry Cadet School 1905.
Officer of the 166th Infantry Regiment. Lieutenant Colonel, commander of the same regiment. In the Volunteer Army; November 1917 participant in the formation of the St.George Regiment. Participant of the 1st Kuban ("Ice") March. On Nov. — dec. 1918 commander of the 1st Officer Volunteer Squad in Kiev. Captured; from 14 Dec. 1919 in Lukyanovka prison. IN Armed Forces of South Russia and the Russian Army in the Markov Division before the evacuation of the Crimea. Gallipolian. In the autumn of 1925, as part of the Markov Regiment in Bulgaria. Colonel. In emigration to Brazil, in 1934 the head of the 1st group of the Brazilian sector of the Far Eastern Federal District in Rio de Janeiro. During World War II in the German Army: commander of an artillery battery
in the Russian brigade "Druzhina" on the Eastern Front. In August 1943 he was captured. Shot after 1945. (According to erroneous data, he was shot by the Bolsheviks on March 1919 in Kiev).

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