SS-Hstuf.a.R Wolfgang Craass and SS-Stubaf. Hermann Roßner

Discussions on the foreigners (volunteers as well as conscripts) fighting in the German Wehrmacht, those collaborating with the Axis and other period Far Right organizations. Hosted by George Lepre.
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SS-Hstuf.a.R Wolfgang Craass and SS-Stubaf. Hermann Roßner

Post by army group south » 25 Oct 2022 18:15


Looking for help about the military movements of these 2 individuals who, at one time, we’re leaders of the Volksdeutsches Reiter-Regiments in Ukraine 1942-1944. They are listed on page 4 of the N/756/256/a Vopersal files at Freiburg. Page 4 also shows that in April 1944 how the regiment was disbanded first to Warsaw, Hungary and in September 1944, 300 men to 12.SS-Pz.Division “Hitler Youth”. Does anyone have more information or documentation about these movements? I have my Opa’s brothers POW records confirming the Kavallerie and HJ positions but would like to know more about movements. Thanks. S

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