Turk. Btl. I/295 and 784 in France / Turk. Einsatz-Btl in Küstrin

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Turk. Btl. I/295 and 784 in France / Turk. Einsatz-Btl in Küstrin

Post by zollgrenzschutz » 29 Sep 2023 20:25

Hi all,
I've read the all the topics in regards to Freiwilligen Stamm Regiment 1, but still need some help. According to NARA T78 R413 #0386, FSR 1 in June 1944 consists out of those Turk Btl. (beside Georgians and others): 784, 783, I/370 and I/295.
Although 784 and I/295 should have been merged in March 44, this obviously never happened and at the end of April 44, both were transferred to FSR 1. I/295 afterwards disappeared from reports and structure charts. 784 on 22.07.44 went from Castres and Montauban to Tonneins to guard the road between Toulouse and Bordeaux (source: Bundesarchiv RH 19-XII/6 #0415). According to further Bundesarchiv documents, the foreign volunteers after the invasion in the south first should move to Vesoul and later to Remiremont.
My grandfather came with I/295 to France and was later able to retreat to Alsace. I wonder if any further information concerning I/295 and 784 exist.

After the retreat from France, he showed up at training facility Neuhammer in Silesia and in February/March 1945 he was part of Turk. Einsatz-Btl. in Festung Küstrin at the eastern front. He was lucky again and could get out. But beside some structure charts from Heeresgruppe Weichsel mentioning that unit, nothing else could be found so far.

I would appreciate a lot if someone could help me with more information or hints.

Thanks & KR,

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