Bombing Berchtesgaden & Wolfschanze

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Bombing Berchtesgaden & Wolfschanze

Postby Jarnob » 18 Jul 2006 15:41

Why didn't the allies ever bombed Berchtesgaden or the Wolfschanze?!?
Were there so many flak sites and fighter bases around them???
Or didn't they know about Berchtesgaden and Wolfschanze... (not likely)

Or send special forces or anything - there were enough 'suicide'missions on the allied
side so..... anyone???

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Postby Jones » 20 Jul 2006 12:06

Was Hitler even there so much ? From what i know he spent most time there in the early years of the war. Later he was on the fronts where he thought he were "needed" :)

Delta Tank
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Postby Delta Tank » 20 Jul 2006 14:51


Why didn't the allies ever bombed Berchtesgaden or the Wolfschanze?!?

I thought we did bomb Berchtesgarden? I will admit I can't find anything on the internet, but I was there a couple of times, 1977 and 1984 and I thought that the tour guide on one of the trips stated that the place had been bombed in World War II. Below one of the hotels there is a bomb shelter, very steep steps and very deep. It was never finished but it was a very large bomb shelter, with many rooms


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Re: Bombing Berchtesgaden & Wolfschanze

Postby Daniel Laurent » 21 Jul 2006 14:03

Hi Jarnob,
Jarnob wrote:Why didn't the allies ever bombed Berchtesgaden or the Wolfschanze?!?

The reply is quite simple: It would have been useless.
When the Allies got the capacity to bomb Berchtesgaden, i.e. early 1942 (If I am not wrong), Adolf Hitler more or less never visited it up to the end of the war.
He was there quite often before 1940 but spent almost all his time during the war between Berlin and frontlines.
And the Allies intelligence services knew it.
Even from a "symbol" point of view, better bomb Berlin.

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Among the first Allied troops to reach Berchtesgaden in april 1945 was the 2.DB, the French 2nd armoured division of General Leclerc.
Some obscure american units reached it few hours (Minutes?) before.
Forgot the name.
Bloody biaised french nationalism.
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Postby ohrdruf » 03 Aug 2006 16:34

The location of Wolfsschanze was never known to the Allies, and never bombed. Berchtesgaden was attacked by USAF bombers on 25 April 1945, when substantial damage was inflicted. Only seven persons lost their lives because of the excellent underground refuges available. From 1941 the area had always been well protected by SS-manned flak and smoke crews. A person could do his RAD service in the Berchtesgaden flak and volunteer to stay there in the Waffen-SS once his six-months stint was completed. In 1944 SS personnel were released to the Front and replaced by Hitler Youth and female auxiliaries, and the smoke batteries disbanded. Source: Seidel, Die Führerhauptquartiere.

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Postby Hexar » 07 Aug 2006 05:32

I believe it was the RAF that bombed Berchtesgaden.
If the Americans would have bombed it, it would have been the Army Air Corps, not the USAF.

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Postby dabbydo » 12 Aug 2006 00:56

The RAF sent 600 bombers to Mount Kehlstein, where the eagles nest is. Not one bomb hit the eaglesnest, but houses of VIP nazis were destroyed.

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der bunkermann
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Re: Bombing Berchtesgaden & Wolfschanze

Postby der bunkermann » 18 Jun 2017 17:24

Hi, ik was Just there to day, (at the Kehlsteinhaus) and there the information plate says 400 planes were used..
Not sure about that.

Ik wonder of there is a good website about Berchtesgaden?
Could not Finder it untill now

Gr, Tim

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Re: Bombing Berchtesgaden & Wolfschanze

Postby eindhoven » 19 Jul 2017 20:53

The Berghof on the Obersalzberg is what you are referring to and was located above the town of Berchtesgaden.

Anyone attacking the Berghof in a surprise Commando or Special Services raid, they weren't known as Special Forces then, would've have had no chance of success. Hitler's was known to use doubles and as mentioned spent his time vacillating between many Führerhauptquartiere making a bombing raid less likely to kill him if they could even reach it from bases in England or the Mediterranean at that time. As for Wolfschanze in Poland Eisenhower would likely have left that to the Soviets.

Here are two photographs from May 4 1945 showing correctly that it was indeed bombed although as mentioned late in the war.

For further reading there are currently 317 pages detailing Berghof Obersalzburg


WW2 Photo WWII Hitlers Retreat Berghof Berchtesgaden Austria May 4 1945.jpg
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Geoff Walden
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Re: Bombing Berchtesgaden & Wolfschanze

Postby Geoff Walden » 11 Jan 2018 02:02

First photo shows the Hotel zum Tuerken, adjacent to Hitler's Berghof house. Second photo shows the Berghof.
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