operation icarus: Germany v Iceland

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operation icarus: Germany v Iceland

Post by daveh » 07 May 2003 16:59

I understand that Group XXI, after the conquest of Norway was ordered to prepare Operation Icarus, the invasion of Iceland. Starting from Tromso the 163rd Infantry division plus an armoured battalion (2 companies Pz 38(t) ans an armoureed recce co. (13 Pz II) and added mobile heavy weapons, was to sail for c 4 days and land in Reykjavik and Akureyi.

British Royal Marines landed in Iceland on 11/5/40 replaced after 4 days by 147th infantry brigade. On 27/6/40 "Alabasrer Force", principally the 49th Infantry Division landed and by Autumn had set up defensive artillery positions covering potential landing sites.

The Kriegsmarine viewed this operation as very risky and wanted Luftwaffe units based in Iceland to cover its operations.

June 1940 Hitler cancels the operation.

Does anyone have any refernces for Operation Icarus? and does anyone know how seriously the planning was for the operation? was it just a "staff exercise" with no real intention ever to undertake the operation?

My source for the above is I think a wargame design article from the early 1990's (my notes are not that specific sadly)

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