German ammunition consumption

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German ammunition consumption

Post by Guaporense » 14 Jul 2016 07:36

The only data I have on German ammunition consumption in the Western front is for a single army which according to Zetterling received 480 tons of ammunition per day. I was wondering how much ammunition the whole Western front consumed in 1944 or the Italian front. I would guess it was around 250-350 thousand tons for the Western front but I am just guessing.
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Re: German ammunition consumption

Post by AriX » 13 Feb 2019 21:54

Hope, someone haы data about it.
AS I know, in 1944 1.800.000 tonns of ammo were expended on Eastern front out of 3.350.000 tonns produced that year. So, the rest should be devided between West, Italian fronts and Reich's AA defense.

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