Seeking Help in Identifying Members of Devils Brigade

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Seeking Help in Identifying Members of Devils Brigade

Post by Mygul » 20 May 2017 05:13

I am seeking some help in identifying members of the Devil's Brigade in photo's, they would be the Canadians, the two that I have identified... one is a famous person, the other is my grandfather... there is also the General Robert T. Frederick in the group photo.

The photo was taken in France August 1944 in front of l'arc de triomphe.

My Grandfather passed a few years ago and had given me his military memories/ images/ sparse items.

I have applied for his service record in the USA as I have the Canadian one but it does not explain how some of the images came to be.

Anyways, I am looking to connect and understand more of his service time so I can complete compiling the information to submit to our local military history section and hopefully a minor book to raise enough funds for a tombstone for his wife and his father.

Thank-you for any and all help!

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Re: Seeking Help in Identifying Members of Devils Brigade

Post by SHIFounder » 18 Nov 2018 12:09

If you have not checked it out already, there is a fairly active association dedicated exclusively to the friends, family, and veterans of the First Special Service Force, to include still living veterans who were the real Forcemen who fought in WWII. Here is the link to the First Special Service Force Association's official website:

My advice is to contact Bill Woon, the treasurer, and Cindy Hofeld, the President-Elect.

Bill inherited a bunch of declassified documents and other materials and artifacts from the Force.
Cindy's father was a Canadian who served in the Force.

Due to my military service in a specific part of the US Army, I am eligible as an Association "Friend of The Force" member, and I intend to join some time next year. I am currently working on a project to learn more about 5th Company, 3rd Regiment, or 5-3 for short. The project will include getting young American veterans and civilians alike into WWII living history and reenacting.

One last thing: the First Special Service Force Association is having its annual reunion in Rockford, Illinois next year. You may want to mark your calendar for that, and try to get out there. I am certainly going to try to do so.

I really hope this helps, and I am sorry you've waited over a year for an answer about this. I will help you in any way that I can. -Eric
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