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Richard Anderson
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Re: Patton .................

Post by Richard Anderson » 07 Feb 2019 22:24

Mori wrote:
07 Feb 2019 21:52
Not really. It might be because I usually have a very clear idea what I'm looking for, so that I quickly skip unrelevant information. Or it may be that I just forget time spent checking useless information and only remember that I found what I wanted.
You are lucky then if you haven't tried to dig into various other record groups. Have you ever run into a folder with a Red Vault checkout slip? Or a misfile? Those are truly frustrating.
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Re: Patton .................

Post by MarkN » 07 Feb 2019 22:41

Richard Anderson wrote:
07 Feb 2019 17:13
Mori wrote:
07 Feb 2019 09:02
I disagree. Research is not difficult and using original sources is not either.
If it is so easy, then why don't more do it?
Probably because far too many 'historians' want the information/data/knowledge without the bother and expense of having to do the research to get it.
Richard Anderson wrote:
07 Feb 2019 17:13
If it is so easy, then why don't more do it? The much more common mode is the "comfy chair research", getting out of your chair long enough to get to a book on a shelf and then sitting down again to leaf through it.
If only posters here would apply the "comfy chair research" method!!!!

How many threads have been started, or interrupted, by posters too lazy even to get out of their comfy chair and reach for a book, too lazy to do a google search and too lazy even to do a search on AHF.

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