6th Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA (War Diary)

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6th Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA (War Diary)

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http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 33?r=1&s=3
Page 1 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

Field, UK

1 July 44
Learned that Main HQ, 2 Cdn had moved the previous night to Marshalling Area.

2 July 44
Protestant Church Parade with H/Capt Higgs, Padre 6 Cdn LAA Regt. Pilotless plane passed overhead during Church Parade.
Advised that no mail would leave or be received by unit until new postal arrangements were made.
Order received for Regiment representative to report to East Kent District at 1400 hours tomorrow for orders re forthcoming move.

3 July 44
All ranks C.B'd to area until further orders. Adjutant and I.O. proceeded to East Kent District and received orders for the Regiment to move to Marshalling area near Woodford, N.E.London. To cross SP at 0230 hours, 4 Jul 44. Flying bomb shot down in 56th Bty lines at 1740 hours. Six men admitted to hospital as a result, one seriously injured. A number of others treated at RAP.

4 July 44
Head of Regimental column arrived Marshalling area at 0815 hours. Certain elements delayed by vehicle difficulties but eventually all vehs except one ram tower complete with trailer and gun arrived. One M.C. Orderly injured in collision with a 17-pr but rejoined regiment by hitch[XXX] hiking from Canterbury/after treatment in hospital.
Waterproofing of vehs and guns completed by 2359 hours. Considerable confusion arose out of fact that in arranging for loading of vessels, Q Move BUCO had ordered Ram towers to be all placed on one vessel andfor [sic] the Artillery tractors to tow the 17 pdrs and trailers in both embarkation and debarkation. The impossibility of this was pointed out but the problem was not solved until 2100 hours when arrangements were finally made to have the Rams tow the guns and trailers..
Orders received for all equipment to be ready to move to embarkation area at 0530 hours, 5 Jul 44.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 34?r=1&s=3
Page 2 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

Field, UK

5 July 44
All "B" vehicles and Universal Carriers and personnel other than those required to move Ram towers and M-10's embarked on 3 vessels during the day at Victoria Docks in London. These vessels moved down stream during the night and anchored off South End.

6 July 44
Rams and M/10's embarked on 3 LST's. Convoys forming up.
B.S.M. O'Connor, D. E., 56th Bty developed severe pain in eye injured in explosion of flying bomb, 3 Jul 44 and was removed from ship to hospital.

7 July 44
Convoy underway in late evening.

8 July 44
Convoy including first 3 ships loaded dropped anchor off Juno Beach 2110 hours. Voyage completely uneventful. No enemy action.

9 July 44
Unloading begun 0700 hours of "B" vehs and carriers and last of these vehs ashore 0130 hours, 10 Jul 44.

10 July 44
Rams and M-10's unloaded and by 0900 hours, all equipment except Ram, trailer and gun left in England, one 15-cwt and two Ram towers which had difficulty in landing, arrived in concentration area near Banville, Normandy (MR 955883)
Dewaterproofing of vehs and sets being carried out.


11 July 44
Recce party ordered to RCA HQ 2 Cdn Corps to recce route to forward area. Dewaterproofing of vehs and sets completed and landing maintenance carried out.
Ordered to prepare to move Regiment to Les Buissons (997742).

12 July 44
Advised that immediately following move, to be prepared to deploy one 17-pr troop and possibly one SP Bty.
Moved to new location. All B vehs being under cover and personnel dug-in by 2359 hrs.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 35?r=1&s=3
Page 3 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA


13 July 44
Track equipment in new locations at 0600 hours. Major Slater recced area north of Carpiquet and ordered "L" troop to deploy in that area by 1930 hours. Major Hamilton recced area south and east of Carpiquet for deployment when required. 74th Bty have two 17-prs in position around concentration area, one at 991745 and the other at 992745. "L" troop, 103rd 17-pr Bty, Lieut. Flowers, Troop Commander, deployed [s]under comd 2 Anti-Tank Regt[/s] in area 9669.

14 July 44
No activity reported by troop in action. Considerable air activity but no damage to unit. 17-pr and trailer damaged in move to Marshalling area replaced today.

[no entry for 15 July 44]

16 July 44
Order received no veh to move on any roads north or north-west until further notice.
Two O.R.'s committed to hospital with injuries sustained by exploding mine while working on a salvage party.
Voluntary Church Parade held by Capt. Higgs, 6 Cdn LAA Regt and attended by 10 offrs and 90 O.R's.
Six officers reported to DA-QMG to assist in controlling traffic.

17 July 44
I.O. attended meeting at HQ RCA 2 Cdn Corps for briefing of 2 Corps representation on forthcoming operation "Goodwood". It is not contemplated that this Regt will have any part in the initial stages of the operation.

18 July 44
At 0130 hours, a message received giving H-hr for Goodwood as 0745 hours. All Btys ordered to be ready to move on 30 minutes notice after 0800 hours. Operation "Goodwood" apparently underway on schedule. Heavy firing from AGRA area.

19 July 44
Two 17-pdr Btys ordered forward under command 3 Cdn Inf Div. 74th Bty to support 7 CIB near Cormelles (MR 0565) and Bras (MR 0663) south of Caen and 103 Bty to support 8 CIB in area MR 0668. 74th Bty reported fully equipped but 103rd Bty lacked one Ram tower which was broken down.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 36?r=1&s=3
Page 4 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA


20 July 44
33rd SP Bty left concentration area at 0600 to proceed under command 2 Cdn Inf Div to support 6 CIB at IFS, MR 0463. One tp of 74th Bty fired on with small arms and A Tk gun on road CAEN-BRAS. No casualties to personnel but one Ram tower gun and trailer damaged. Within two hours, however, gun back in action. This bty's gun straffed from air during afternoon. 33rd Bty suffered casualties from mortaring. Total casualties for the day: one officer (Major Hamilton) wounded; 2 O.R's killed: 5 O.R's wounded.
C.O. attended meeting with CCRA and advised that within a day or two, Regt would moveto [sic] Fauberg de Vaucelles. 2 i/c and RSM made recce of area this afternoon.
Capt Landale to be A/Major and posted from 56th Bty to 33rd Bty.

21 July 44
33rd SP Bty reported two equipments out of action as a result of enemy fire. Both equipments replaced during the evening. Owing to heavy fire, it was not possible to reach the destroyed equipments during the day. Three men wounded during the day. Lieut. Heath instrumental in saving one SP from enemy fire and assisted Essex Scottish in action. Fought with infantry most of the afternoon, withdrew under fire with the only surviving coy of this Regt in the evening.

22 July 44
RHQ and 56th Bty moved to CORMELLES MR 05{8}656. Batteries in action undermortar [sic] fire and 6 O.R's wounded. One 5 cwt of 33rd Bty hit by enemy fire and three O.R's killed. Lieut. Elliot to be A/Capt [s]and to be 2 i/c[/s] 56th Bty.

23 July 44
One SP recovered by 33rd Bty and found to be repairable. C.O. attended CCRA's conference on forthcoming operation "Spring". Three btys remain under command for operation. Are to follow operation bound by bound to stop counter attacks.

24 July 44
Enemy scored direct hit on "H" tp HQ wounding Lieut. Howard, killing 3 O'Rs and wounding 3 O.Rs. 4 other O.Rs wounded during the day. Lieut. Innis posted from First Reinforcement to 74th Bty.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 37?r=1&s=3
Page 5 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA


25 July 44
Mortaring of tp posn continued and 3 O.Rs wounded. Bombs and shells fell close to RHQ and 56th Bty during early morning. Objective of attack appeared to be 2 AGRA, immediately to the North. During the day, 1 O.R. in 74th and one in 103rd Bty were wounded. One 3-ton, RSM i/c, damaged by bomb splinter and one O.R. wounded returning from ration point.

26 July 44
RHQ moved back to VIEUX CARON MR975743 to save thin-skinned vehs from night attacks by enemy bombers and shelling which have been increasing in violence during the past three or four days. An Officer and DR left at CCRA's report centre, MR065678, to form a forward report centre for the Regt.

27 July 44
Mortaring of tp posn continued with some shelling. 33rd SP Bty taking part in an all-round defence of 2 Cdn Inf Div area and have moved two guns forward to ST ANDRE SUR ORNE. Remaining guns of the three deployed Btys are in following areas: HUBERT-FOLIE, FOUR, SOLIERS, BOURGUEBUS, BRAS, FAUBERG DE VAUCELLES and IFS.
No casualties today.
"B" ech vehs of 56th Bty returned to MR975743 to avoid shelling and air attacks.

28 July 44
Two 3" M-10's from 33rd Bty demolished two water towers and two church steeples in St Andre Sur Orne at 2200B Hrs. They advanced under cover to within 300x of the target. Attack very successful. The tower and steeple were being used as O.Ps by the enemy. The rounds fire by these guns are the first fire by this Regiment. at the enemy.
Lieut. McClelland evacuated today with a head injury received on 26 July 44 but which failed to respond to treatment locally. Two O.Rs wounded.

29 July 44
Advised today that 4 Cdn Armd Div would replace3 [sic] Cdn Inf Div 30-31 July and that 103rd Bty would go under comd 4 Div. [s]47[/s] 74 under comd 2 Cdn Inf Div and 33rd Bty to remain under comd 2 Cdn Inf Div.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 38?r=1&s=3
Page 6 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA


30 July 44
A group of 88 mm and 155mm shells fell in 56th Bty area last night destroying one Universal Carrier.
56th Bty under comd 2 Cdn Inf Div and moved to MR 027653. All our guns now in action. 56th Bty now has guns near IFS (0463) and St. Andre Sur Orne (0161).
Lieut. Whalley slightly wounded twice today, once by an S-mine and once by a mortar. Remained in action. All troops subject to mortaring and some shelling as has been the case since first being deployed. One OR killed by a shell in 103rd Bty.

31 July 44
Usual mortaring and shelling of tp posns.
"B" tp gun position at VERRIERS (MR 0560) observed attack on inf posns by Spider Tanks apparently radio-controlled as they carried wireless masts. LMG fire was ineffective. PIAT gunner destroyed one but was himself killed by resultant explosion.
At 1818 hours, f [sic] flying bomb passed over advance Report Centre at MR 065678, travelling in a south-easterly direction and disappeared over German lines.

LADevine Lt. Col.
(L.A.Devine) Commanding
6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

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Re: 6th Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA (War Diary)

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This film is Canadian

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RH1oItw ... GrEoT4oSIa

It was shot from July 18 and the scenes from 2:06 to 2:56 are Cagny and include an M10. There is a towed 17pdr at 1m36s and 3m34s.
The troops could be British but given the cameraman I would think the majority are Canadian. Same general area as the War Diary.

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Re: 6th Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA (War Diary)

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Ken S. wrote:
19 Aug 2018 22:31

2 July 44
Protestant Church Parade with H/Capt Higgs, Padre 6 Cdn LAA Regt. Pilotless plane passed overhead during Church Parade.
Advised that no mail would leave or be received by unit until new postal arrangements were made.
Order received for Regiment representative to report to East Kent District at 1400 hours tomorrow for orders re forthcoming move.
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Re: 6th Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA (War Diary)

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Re: 6th Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA (War Diary)

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http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 74?r=1&s=3
Page 1 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA August 1944

Sheet 7F/1

1 Aug 44
Relatively quiet day. 103 Bty has loaned 8 Ram towers to 5 A Tk Regt to assist them in getting their guns into position. One OR killed today by a direct hit from an enemy shell.

2 Aug 44
56 Bty guns now fully [s]superimposed on[/s] SUBSTITUTED FOR 33 Bty guns. 33 Bty with-drawing tonight for re-fitting to MR 035665 in Fauberg de Vaucelles. 74 Bty still have one troop in 4 Cdn Armd Div area but it will be transferred to 2 Cdn Inf Div front as soon as arrangements are made for guns to replace it. Total cas 4 ORs wounded and two missing.

3 Aug 44
Shelling and mortaring of troop posn during the day. BHQ 103 bty attacked from the air during the night with HE bombs and anti-personnel bombs. There were no casualties. One 17-pdr was slightly damaged by mortar fire today but it was not necessary to take it out of action. Lieut W E J Foot posted to Regiment as First Reinforcement.

4 Aug 44
103 Bty BHQ shelled at 1400 hrs. No casualties.

5 Aug 44
33 Bty placed under command 51 (H) division for forthcoming operation. Are awaiting orders to move. This operation is to be a fast-moving one and nothing except armoured vehicles are to be taken. 33 Bty will join the 51 div in a concentration. area immediately south of Cormelles. One 17-pdr 74 Bty damaged by shell fire early this morning.
Ram towers borrowed by 5 Cdn A Tk Regt were returned to 103 Bty today.

6 Aug 44
56 and 74 Bty under comd 2 Cdn Inf Div for forthcoming operation and 103 now under comd 51 (H) div. 56 Bty to move forward in the advance behind the first groups of inf and to assist in holding posns until arrival of towed guns. 33 Bty to fulfill similar role with 51 (H) div. 74 Bty will go forward with the advance to consolidate with inf anti tank guns. 103 Bty to hold present posns at FOUR, SOLIERS and BOURGUESUS to form firm base for the advace [sic]. One OR killed today.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 75?r=1&s=3
Page 2 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA August 1944

7 Aug 44
Attack to go in tonight at 2330 hrs. The C.O. moved Tac HQ to CCRA's report centre at MR 063678 for period of "push". Welding of turret tops on M10s as protection against mortars and shrapnel completed today.

8 Aug 44
Operation "Totalize" under way on schedule. Three tps and Tac HQ 33 Bty moved up to div objectives with 154 bde armd colns. No cas to veh or pers en route. Capt Miller shot and presumably killed two enemy inf men with Sten gun when they attempted to throw a grenade into a Univ Carrier which was ahead of him in the road. "A" tp supported the 1 Black Watch who took ST AIGNAN DE CRASMESNIL (MR0956). During this operation the tp knocked out one enmy [sic] lorry and towed gun. L/Bdr Ingram took two prisoners single-handed and Sgt Bracken routed three with his Sten Gun. "B" tp supported the 7 ARGYLE and SUTHERLAND Highlanders WHO took CRASMESNIL (MR0856). In the afternoon this tp supported the 1 Gordon Highlanders of the 152 bde in an attack on SECQUEVILLE LA CAMPAGNE (MR0959). "C" tp supported the 7 Black Watch who took GARCELLES SECQUEVILLE (MR0858). This tp destroyed one Mk IV tank. At 1500 hrs Lieut Foot and Gnr Albright were wounded by mortar fire and evacuated.
56 Bty under comd 2 Cdn Inf Div for operation "Totalize". "D" tp moved in support of "A" coy RRC in coln on left flank. Although enemy 75s and 88s were in action on the flank there were no cas to vehs or pers en route. Objectives were taken by the inf and tanks and this tps guns were deployed by 0600 hrs. At approximately 1000 hrs two Mark IV tanks broke through the defences on the flanks covered by inf six pdrs. One Mk IV engaged D4 from the rear, hitting it with four rounds. Cas two killed and two wounded. Bdr Battaglia wounded while making a valiant effort to save Bdr Clarke who had been wounded and was trapped in the M10. He was not successful and the M10 was totally destroyed by fire. The Mk IV destroyed our M10, a Ram, a Priest tp carrier and two univ carriers before it was itself destroyed by a tank. "E" tp of 56 Bty moved in support of Essex Scottish. E1 and E2 were with "A" coy and E3 and E4 with "D" coy on the right flank. As coln entered the orchard at ROCQUANCOURT (MR0558) E1 and E2 were destroyed by enemy 75s. All of both crews escaped. E3 and E4 reached their objectives with the inf an were deployed at about 1300 hrs. The guns were under mortar and 88 fire

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 76?r=1&s=3
Page 3 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA August 1944

8 Aug 44
all day. One man was wounded and evacuated. "F" tp of 56 Bty moved in the centre coln with RHLI, F1 and F2 with "A" Coy and F3 and F4 with "B" coy. No cas en route although coln engaged by enemy gun fire. Guns were deployed by 0530 hrs, and it was then discovered that F3 had suffered a damaged elevating arc as a result of travelling over rough country with the gun un-housed. This gun was held back as a HQ for Capt R Busteed who was acting as anti-tank co-ordinator for the bn area. At approximately 1030 hrs a Sherman tank which was harboured beside F3 started its motor and was immediately engaged by enemy gun fire. The first rd set the Sherman on fire and the second is believed to have hit F3. Capt [BUSTEED] and Bdr Perry were killed and Sgt Belleghem wounded. About 15 minutes later the SP was hit again and set on fire. 56 Bty was relieved by 2 Cdn Anti Tank Regt during the evening.
74 17 pdr Bty under comd 2 Cdn Inf Div for operation. "G" tp in support RHLI. "H" tp in support Essex Scottish and "I" tp with RRC. All tps moved onto objectives with inf; were subject to heavy mortaring and machine gun fire enroute but suffered no cas. Guns commanded by Sgts Gargan and Hilyer became detached from their inf and finally harboured with some inf anti tank guns for the remainder of the night. At first light they set out to rejoin their tp and got into enemy territory. On being fired on by machine guns, Sgt Gargan turned his tower in the direction of the fire and charged the nest, over-running it and killing three enemy inf men. The driver was Gnr Sheldon whose brother had been killed in action a few days previously. Sgt Hilyer followed Sgt Gargan to complete the destruction of the machine gun nest. Shortly afterwards these two Sgts rejoined their tp. During "Totalize", this bty lost one Ram tower which was hit by an enemy 75.
103 Bty withdrew from its gun posns during bombing and shelling of enemy in preparation for attack. Re-occupied posns early this morning. Mortar and machine gun fire decreased as attack by our troops went forward. Total cas today: 1 Offr killed, 1 offr wounded; 6 ORs killed, 12 ORs wounded and 3 ORs missing.
Lieut Whalley promoted to A/Capt today.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 77?r=1&s=3
P age 4 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA August 1944

9 Aug 44
33rd Bty under comd 153 bde. "A" tp and "C" tp supported 5 Cameron Highlanders who took southern half of woods in squares 1159 and 1160. "B" tp supported the 5 Seaforth Highlanders who took the northern half of the same woods.
56th Bty remains under comd 2 Cdn Inf Div but withdrew to RACQUANCOURT (MR 0558) for refitting.
74 and 103 Btys holding previous posns. One OR wounded today.

MR 047638
Sheet 7F/1

10 Aug 44
"A" tp of 33 Bty became mobile reserve for 5 Cameron Highlanders who moved into and consolidated POUSSY (MR1256). "B" tp mobile reserve for 5 Seaforth Highlanders who became reserve bn in woods sq 1058. "C" tp mobile reserve for 2 Seaforth Highlanders who consolidated CONTEVILLE (MR1257). 103 Bty ceased to be under comd 51 (H) Div and concentrated at CORMELLES. RHQ moved to IFS (MR0463). 33 Bty reverts to comd Regiment and concentrated at ROCQUANCOURT. One OR wounded today.

MR 050603
Sheet 7F/1

11 Aug 44
RHQ moved to VERRIERES (MR050603). 74 Bty goes under comd 3 Cdn Inf Div.
Two ORs wounded.

12 Aug 44
56 Bty ordered under comd 2 Cdn Inf Div for operation "Tallulah".
74 Bty set up Tac HQ at MR0[?]9519 with tps in area BRETTEVILLE LE RABET (MR1050).

13 Aug 44
33 Bty under comd 3 Cdn Inf Div for operation "Tallulah". Moved BHQ to MR092513.
56 Bty moved to MR035545. "D" tp supported 6 CIB and remaining troops in reserve.
"D" tp with Camerons of Canada who were given task of gaining river crossing at CLAIR TRIZON (MR064435).
103 Bty moved to VERRIERES. Sights for their 17-pdrs being modified for the use of "Sabot" amn.

14 Aug 44
Operation "Tallulah" under way.
"D" tp of 56 Bty deployed around river crossing at CLAIR TRIZON. At approximately

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 78?r=1&s=3
P age 5 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA August 1944

14 Aug 44
1300 hrs enemy counter attacked this posn with four tanks and inf. Attack repelled without loss to our tp. Tp withdrew from posn later in the day while our bombers attacked objectives in vicinity. During the day all this Bty's guns deployed in vicinity of HAMEL (MR086425) in support of 2 Cdn Inf Div in their assault of approaches to FALAISE.
Two ORs wounded today.
74 Bty with 3 Cdn Inf Div and has guns deployed around GRAINVILLE LANGANNERIE (MR0949) ESTREES LA CAMPAGNE (MR1149) and SOIGNOLIES (MR1350) to form a firm base for the advance. Three wireless sets damaged by our own bombs which fell short of their objective.

MR 049521
Sheet 7F/3

15 Aug 44
33 Bty moved to MR153478. About 45 POW taken by Sgt Cheevers and Sgt McIlveen. "A" tp with RWR in sq 1342, "B" tp with CSR in sq 1442 and "C" tp with NNSH in sq 1348. Later "A" tp captured one enemy ambulance and 1 half-track.
56 Bty near ST HILAIRE sq 0847. "D" tp with 6 CIB near USSY, sq 0842, and other tps with 4 CIB to support attack on FALAISE.
74 Bty moved to MR 101504. One tp deployed near SASSY, sq 1845 and two tps in woods 105460 consolidating advance of 3 Cdn Inf Div. Two ORs wounded by bombs from our own "Thunderbolts".
5 ORs wounded today.

16 Aug 44
33 Bty now under comd 9 CIB.
56 Bty guns deployed in north east outskirts of FALAISE, having gone in with 7 and 9 Royal Tank Regt and 2 Cdn Inf Div.
2 ORs wounded today.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 79?r=1&s=3
Page 6 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA August 1944

17 Aug 44
74 Bty replaced by 103 Bty and returned to CINTHEAUX (MR0753) for refitting. 103 Bty under comd 3 Cdn Inf Div with Tac HQ at MR165458.
33 Bty with 8 CIB at PERRIERES (MR190430), "A" tp supporting QOR, sq 2039, "B" tp with R de Chaud in sq 1739 and "C" tp in reserve.
56 Bty reverts to comd Regt and concentrating at LE BREUIL sq 2043 and ordered to recce high ground east of FALAISE in conjunction with 4 Cdn Armd Div.
103 bty straffed from the air by about 20 FW 190's. No cas to pers or vehs. BHQ moved to MR 148414, with troops deployed in areas MR 138402, 134385 and 151389. One OR wounded and one killed.

18 Aug 44
One OR killed today.

MR 172442
Sheet 7F/2

19 Aug 44
33 Bty now at MR281331 and guns deployed in that area. Took a nu mber [sic] of POW during the day.
103 Bty now at 254359 and guns deployed.
RHQ moved forward to OLENDON (MR172442).

20 Aug 44
33 Bty moved to MR332342. "A" tp supporting RWR, "B" tp with Bde HQ and "C" tp with CSR.
56 Bty ordered under comd 4 Cdn Armd Div during the day and moved at night to MR333331.
74 Bty moved forward and is concentrated at MR 152436.
103 Bty moved with 9 CIB to take up posns between TRUN and CHAMBOIS. One Mk VI tank knocked out during the day. BHQ at MR 309326.
One OR missing today.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 80?r=1&s=3
Page 7 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA August 1944

21 Aug 44
33 Bty now at MR 322342. 56 Bty at MR 333328, 74 Bty concentrated at MR 152436 and 103 Bty at MR 309326. See attached appendix 3 activity of 103 Bty for period 20-21 Aug.
A/Capt Elliot reverts to rank of Lieut today.

22 Aug 44
Regt ordered to concentrate in BAROU area sq 2539. Orders went out to Btys at 2100 hrs but guns widely dispersed and concentration not completed. One OR wounded today. Capt Miller admitted to CCS today for medical reasons. Lieut Buell promoted to rank of A/Capt.

MR 253397
Sheet 7F/6

23 Aug 44
Regt concentrated at BAROU by 0900 hrs. Tac HQ moved forward to LIVAROT sq 7048.

MR 484710
Sheet 8F/3

24 Aug 44
Regt moved up with Tac HQ at LIVAROT.

25 Aug 44
Tac HQ moved forward to LE PLANQUAY (sq 8167).

MR 678715
Sheet 8F/3

26 Aug 44
Twelve 17 pdr SPs received by Regt and six sent to each SP Bty. Regt moved forward to LE PLANQUAY.

MR 9890
Sheet 8F/2

27 Aug 44
Tac HQ moved forward to LE GROS THEIL (sq 9890)[.] Received four Crusader Towers today and two sent to each towed Bty. CCRA granted authority to draw an additional eight as required with long-term policy being Crusaders throughout the towed Btys.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 81?r=1&s=3
Page 8 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA August 1944

28 Aug 44
56 SP Bty ordered under comd 3 Cdn Inf Div and proceeded at 2000 hrs to MR089983. Orders received to concentrate remaining Btys and RHQ tomorrow at sq 0190.

MR 990907

29 Aug 44
56 Bty crossed River Seine at 0600 hrs.
Remaining Btys and RHQ now concentrated near LE GROS THEIL.
Lieut. P.S.Allison promoted to rank of acting captain.

30 Aug 44
No information from 56 Bty.
Tac HQ ordered to move forward tomorrow at 1330hrs.

31 Aug 44

LADevine Lt. Col.
(L.A.Devine) Commanding

6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

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Re: 6th Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA (War Diary)

Post by Ken S. » 03 Sep 2018 22:48

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 91?r=0&s=4

Report on coming into action in the Trun area on 20 Aug 44.
Lieut. P.S. Allison

1. At approximately 1400 hrs 20 Aug I halted my troop, which was at the tail-end of the Bty convoy, and put them into action in a RV at 321288. From there I took my troop Sgt. and started on my recce in the area around point 106 in square 3229. On reaching the area I asked some members of the Manitoba Dragoons about observation by the enemy, and was informed that the area was observed. During the recce we drew rifle fire twice and a mortar bomb landed about 20 feet from us. The mortar fire, however, seemed to come from the direction of our own lines. A few minutes before that a German half-track vehicle passed down the road from Neauphe-Sur-Dives to Trun while we were looking through the hedge, but we were unobserved. At the end of my recce I liased with a troop comd from the 94 A tk Bty., who also had guns in the area. He informed me however that his troop was moving out as soon as my guns were on the ground. While at his HQ, which was in the wood at 328291, there were enemy shells landed in the area and seemed to be directed at the wood. From there I returned to my troop RV and was told that they had also been shelled. Due to the good observation that the enemy apparently had of the whole general area, I decided that it would be wiser to make inquiries as to the advisability of putting my guns on the ground before darkness, so that the actual positions would not be known. Communication to BHQ by wireless turned out to be impossible, so I went to bn HQ of the S.D.& G. and contacted the C.O. By that time he was able to assure me that the detachments would experience little difficulty, but advised me to come back into Trun and go into the area by the secondary road, rather than going along the track directly from the RV. All guns were in action by approximately 2000 hrs and if the enemy could still see us, they showed no signs of it.

Lieut. P.S. Allison


http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 92?r=0&s=4

Report of Capt. R.S. Inglis

1. On 20 Aug 44 at about 1100 hrs the "F" group of the Bty moved from pt 265363 enroute for the 9th Bde area TRUN - CHAMBOIS. The Bty moved in Bty convoy, we moved from the Bde area along trails and joined the main road at LE MARAIS LA CHAPELLE. We proceeded along in convoy till we had just passed through FONTAINE LES BASSETS where we were halted and informed that there was a hold up south of TRUN. This hold up was stated to be a small pocket of enemy infantry. The Bty pulled off the road and two guns were deployed, one gun sited to cover anti-tank approaches from the south west, another gun was deployed west of the road to cover any possible tank approaches from the west. There was one troop of 6 pr from th[e] 94th Bty 3 A tk Regt. also deployed covering the general front, and the 6 guns of the A tk platoon of the N.N.S. Regt. This took place around 1200 hrs.

Information was received shortly after this that approximately 100 tanks had been located in a wood south west of the River Dives; a recce was then made along the road leading to the river for the purpose of checking on the area for anti-tank defence in the event of an attack being made to break through. On returning to FONTAINE LES BASSETS it was found that the Bty had moved on. I then proceeded to TRUN and met the Major at the road fork at the south east end of town. I proceeded direct on towards St. Lambert Sur Dives. I came up to K troop and found Mr. Allison deploying there xxxxx temporarily. Prior to carrying out his recce there was a good deal of M.G. fire and some shelling or mortaring. I then went on and came up to two jeeps at the side of the road containing some war correspondents and some film people, they had been wounded by small arms fire, they claimed to be snipers, we did what we could for them and went on, as we came to the top of the hill the firing became very much heavier and there was a great deal of shelling ahead, I saw one of our armoured ambs off the road to the east so I went up to it and found them tending some wounded enemy who had just surrendered their position. I told them where the wounded were that I had just left and proceeded across the field and came across RHQ of the S.A.R. and one troop of M 10 from the 5 A tk and an armoured OP at point 117. There was considerable shelling and small arms fire, this was about 1330 hrs.

From this position I was able to contact K and L troops and learned that they were pretty well pinned down but had their guns in emergency action. I was unable to contact BHQ. I made several attempts to get forward but was driven back by small arms fire.
I then proceeded to NEUPHE-SUR-DIVES to try and contact BHQ but they were not there. Layer I contacted them at LOUVIERES EN AUGE where they were with Bde HQ

Capt. R.S. Inglis


http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 93?r=0&s=4

Report of Lieut. W.E. McKinnon

1. At 0015 hrs 22 Aug 44 I went to the C.O. of the H.L.I's for orders, received them and proceeded back with Mr. Flowers to a barn we had been using until such time as we were to move off. In a few minutes there was a terrible commotion out in the field in front of the barn. This lasted for about ten minutes. We then heard tanks starting up and thinking they were the ones we were to follow I started out to go back where the troops was. I got out on the road and saw three men standing by a trench that some of our infantry had been in earlier that night but it turned out to be enemy and by that time it was to[o] late to go back. They told me to come and I went. Two had revolvers and one had a rifle. They took me back behind where they were formed up and searched me, taking revolver, watch (issue) map board and maps of area, and clasp knife. When they saw the clasp knife I thought I was in for it as they started talking between them and one put his revolver right in my face and seem to be mad as hell for a few minutes but then cooled off. At that time I saw three SP's and one Tiger tank plus about 250 to 300 men. They seemed to be lost and didn't know where to go. They raised hell again in a few minutes and pasted the orchard and barn with M.G. fire, and then moved ahead with me coming in behind with two guards[.] As we passed the bard I saw two of them trying to get "L" Troop Jeep going. They walked me about one anf [sic] a half miles and then put me on a trailed where I saw another Canadian from the N.N.S. One guard sat up behind us. By this time I was soaked through and just about frozen. We seemed to move in circles until about 0530 hrs. Then we went into an orchard and I was taken on top of the SP from then on. At daylight we came to a Rd Junc where I saw Sgt. Firlotte. We then moved up a valley with the infantry following in groups behind each vehicle. All of a sudden we were [fired] on from both sides by M.G. and it got quite hot. About this time I saw Mr. Flowers and Capt. Peat of 14 Fld. We took cover by the road's edge but every once in awhile one of the few S.S. in the group would march us up the road amongst the M.G. fire. After a time shells began to land on the road wounding quite a few Jerrys. The S.S. men in the group would walk up and down below the road banks making the other Jerrys get up and use their small arms. About 4 shells landed in a row and the Jerrys rushed in a mob down the road. We stayed where we where [sic] thinking we would get away but one little S.S. got a flame thrower and made us move down. I got seperated from the rest at this time. I had to go down the road father and ended up where the O.C. of the outfit was. He wanted me to go up the hill and make a truce so he could get his wounded out but knowing it would be useless I refused. About 1310 hrs the officers disapearre[d] and a few minutes later the men left came to me and one who could speak a bit of English told me they were my prisoners. I then got the other Canadian prisoners together and we started up the hill with the nine Jerrys and a white flag. Half way up we [were] fired upon by the remaining Jerrys at the other end of the road but no one was hurt. I turned them over to the Algonquin Regt[.] I then had something to eat and about a gallon of water to drink from a troop of 5 A tk. A little later I saw Mr. Flowers and Sgt. Firlotte. We then arranged to get back and were three happy lads.

Lieut. W.E. McKinnon

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Re: 6th Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA (War Diary)

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http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 96?r=0&s=4

Report of Sgt. Firlotte 22 Aug 44

1. On the afternoon of this date we proceed[ed] to Chambois where we were to take up defensive positions. We had passed through Trun and were approching [sic] Lambert-Sur-Dives on the main road. We encountered the enemy in strength on the right of the road with a few snipers on the left of the road just before going down the hill into the village. We had been led to believe the area was clear of the enemy and in possession own infantry.

We proceeded into St Lambert and were stopped by the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders and informed that only the first house on the main road were in our possession. Only approximately two thirds of a company of Argyles and two troops of Sherman tanks of the S.A.R.'s were deployed in this area.

Immediately we stopped and ordered detachments to go into crash action, No. 1 gun to fire straight down the road in the village, No's 2 and 4 guns covering to the right of the road, No. 3 gun covering east of the road from the high ground on the left of the road.

Mr. Fowler and Sgt. Thorp deployed "J" Troop guns the best they could. One gun facing on a general arc S.E. of the village, another gun covering the ground to the right of the road from high ground on the left of the road, the other two guns were covering an arc to the S.W. of the village. We were in this area from about 1430 hrs until about 2130 hrs. As soon as the guns were in action we left two men on each gun and deployed the rest in all round protection as infantry working in co-operation with the Argyles.

As soon as "L"1 gun went into action he engaged a house with a machine gun nest in it, afterwards it was also found to contain an amn dump,this quietened the house down and set it on fire, later it blew up. (2 rounds APC 1 round HE)

"L" 4 was the next gun to open fire.They fired at the request of the squadron comd of the S.A.R.; the target was believed to be an SP. The first round set it on fire, the second it blew up. Both rounds were APC.

"L" 4 engaged a target believed to be an M.G. nest in an armoured car. It was hid but discovered by the sun reflecting on its windshield. 1 round APC blew it up. Range 500x.

"L" 1 next engaged a Tiger at a range of 800x right down the road and scored a direct hit with an APC. The tank stopped stopped [sic] and then he fired a round of HE hitting the same hole enlarging it to about two feet in diameter. You could see right through the tank.

In the meantime themen deployed as infantry were doing magnificent[xx] work, accounting for approximately 200 enemy with rifles, brens and brownings (30.)

At 2300 hrs Lieut Flowers sent back to the troop RV for me to bring the towers and guns in. We had just been told by Major Scott of 5 A tk that any tanks moving around in that area after 2200 hrs would be shot at. So instead of taking the towers in I went ahead with the jeep to see Mr. Flowers and ask him if we could now liase [sic] with the 5 A tk to get out towers and guns into our area. Mr. Flowers and Mr. McKinnon went to see the C.O. of the N.N.S. to see what orders he had for them. While waiting for the C.O. one group of the enemy, approximately 100 strong, went by saying they were going to surrender, they made a hell of a lot of noise but there were no shots fired and they went past back through to out [sic] lines (L troop as the infantry were only one platoon strong and could not handle.


In the meantime Mr. Flowers and Mr. McKinnon had seen the C.O. of the A. and S. and returned to the OP in the barn yard where Sgt. Burgess and I where [sic]. We were just about to leave when we heard this loud noise outside again, this time there were shots fired from both sides. Mr. Flowers and Mr. McKinnon went outside and were taken prisoners by the enemy. I started out of the barn and saw I could not protect myself from the outside so I went back into the barn and went around behind a pile of baled straw. I was lying there with my rifle at the ready when a German came in and shone a light in my eyes and said "come". I fired a shot at him, he groaned and went he also threw an egg grenade hitting me in the mouth. I then decided I could work better from the top of the straw and was about half way up the pile when another grenade was thrown hitting the wall beside me wounding me in the right leg and left arm. The blow caused me to drop down but I made the top of the stack with the next try. I was crawling to the front of the stack where I could fire down on the enemy when two more grenades hit behind me. It was then I decided it would be better to be taken prisoner and have a chance of escaping as I only had about ten rounds of amn. I was taken prisoner about 0100 hrs. At about 0500 hrs we got on to a secondary. It was then that we were orderd [sic] to get off the tanks and walk behind them. We walked for about two hours with even the Germans having no idea where they were going. Their only thought was to get out of the pocket and the faster the better. At about 0700 hrs the Algonquins and the Lincolns and Wellands opened up both with M.G. Also there was a lot of browning 30 fired from the tight [sic] of this road. They put a hell of a concentration of ours fired on the road until about 1000 hrs. As soon as the firing started the Germans put us at the head of the column. The German morale did not seem to be affected much by the M.G. fire but at about 1000 hrs Canadians on the right side of the road started lobbing in 3 inch mortar bombs, making direct hits in the centre of the road. The mortar firing seemed to break up the German morale very quickly and wounded a hell of a lot of men, after that the German officers and N.C.O's half and half Wermacht [sic] and S.S. Troops had to threaten the men with pistols and M.G's to return fire. If the infantry had made an attack while the mortaring was inprogress they would have undoubtedly succeeded as the Germans all cowered in any hole they could find. Some wanted us to take them back as prisoner. At approximately {1200 hrs} one of the Canadians who was with us was wounded in the back by shell splinter. We took him on a stretcher along with three badly wounded Germans and walked down the road with a white flag, the Germans letting us go believing we were taking the wounded toan ambulance just down the road. When we got to the ambulance we turned right and followed the hedge up the hill leading us to the Algonquins position, bringing with us 12 prisoners. All the food or water these Germans had had for the last week was that which they could pickup. They had only small arms and flame throwers.

Sgt. Firlotte, D.G.

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Re: 6th Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA (War Diary)

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(note: bold = crossed out)

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 19?r=1&s=5
Page 1 Sep 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

MR 283064
Sheet 9E

1 Sep 44
Regt HQ moved to BOOS. Tac HQ moved to AUFFAY, MR283445. 56 Bty remains under comd 3 Cdn Inf Div. Attached appendix shows detail activities of this bty 28 Aug - 1 Sep. Sgt. Burgess who was taken prisoner on 20 Aug reported to Tac HQ for duty. See appendix attached.

2 Sep 44
Remainder of Regiment moved to BOOS today without incident. Work party of 200 men returned to the Regt today. This party had been employed by CRCASC
Tac HQ moved to MESNIL REAUME (MR497708) today. Lieut Shaver and RSM Brand took two prisoners in the woods immediately behind Tac HQ vehs.

MR 687544
Sheet 9E

3 Sep 44
Regt moved to ST GERMAIN SUR BRESLE today without incident
Tac HQ moved to MOYENVILLE (MR 755815)
56 Bty placed under comd 7 Recce Regt today and "D" Tp, "E" Tp and "F" Tp assigned to "C" Sqn, "B" Sqn and "A" Sqn respectively. The Bty "A" Ech joined the Recce "A" and Tac HQ (Bty) joined the Recce Tac HQ.

4 Sep 44
At 0500 hrs, 56 Bty moved off on what proved to be an all-day advance. The order of march was as follows: "A" Sqn with "F" Tp on the axis of advance, "B" Sqn with "E" Tp on a course parallel with the Axis of advance on the left flank, "C" Sqn with "D" Tp on a course parallel with the axis of advance on the right flank, Recce RHQ with Bty Tac HQ immediately behind "A" Sqn and Recce "A" Ech with Bty "[unclear]" Ech behind Tac HQ. The axis of advance was [strike] main rd through NOUVION-EN-PONTHIEU (756960) VRON (743077), NAMPONT ST MARTIN (743114), MONTREUIL (7624), SAMER (7643) BOULOGNE. The Bty moved off with the Recce Regt at 0500 and crossed the SOMME CANAL at a point north-west of ABBEVILLE at 0720 hrs, crossing on a bridge constructed by the POLISH ARMD DIV. The river AUTHIE was reached without incident and crossed near NAMPONT ST MARTIN. Beyond the river some opposition was encountered by "A" Sqn, immediately in front of Bty Tac HQ but was overcome without difficulty. "A" Sqn, on reaching MONTREUIL, reported back that all bridges had been blown and that the enemy were in considerable numbers on the opposite side of the river, The C.O. of the Recce carried on alone to the river while the remainder of his HQ with the Bty Tac HQ and the "A" echelons went into harbour. Half an hour later, the C.O. of the Recce reported back that he had found a crossing at MR 8121 and ordered the Bty Tac HQ

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 20?r=1&s=5
Page 2 Sep 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

4 Sept 44
to cross at that spot. Tac HQ proceeded to MONTREUIL but stopped on hearing SA fire on the outskirts of the town. They waited until two Humber cars of the Recce had passed them and then followed into the town. At the X-rds at 761233 they met two German "B" vehs pulling out onto the main road. They were destroyed by the Humbers at a range of 100 ft and the crews killed. A few minutes later two more vehs were similiarly dealt with. One small staff car was seen to approach the main road from a side street and then turn about. It escaped because French civilians were crowding the roads in front of the Humber's guns. Tac HQ then carried on to the bridge at 8121 and crossed La Canache River, proceeding forward through NEUVILLE on the axis of advance in search of the Recce C.O. They did not locate him before dark and so parked the veh and went to sleep.
At approximately 0430 hrs “D" tp moved off with "C" Sqn on a route parallel to the main axis of advance. The SOMME was crossed at 0630 hrs; a few isolated pockets of enemy inf were encountered on the south side of the river but were dealt with by the armoured cars. About 1930 hrs, the Sqn spotted a convoy of approximately 15 enemy vehs moving east. The SPs opened fire and enemy vehs were set alight. Our guns were not called on again until the CANACHE River had been crossed east of MOUNTREUIL. On entering an orchard south-east of SAMER, the col was fired on by enemy inf anti tank weapons. The SPs entered the orchard, destroyed four “B" vehs, two gun posns, one M.C., and a number of enemy inf. Sgt. Chambers showed great presence of mind in directing the fire of Sgt. Leblancs’ gun and in taking over the driving duty of the SP when the driver had been wounded. The SP was hit four times by inf anti-tank weapons but little damage was done. A building housing enemy snipers was engaged with HE and blazed furiously. A horse-drawn convoy was then sighted near the orchard and was engaged by the SPs. Half a dozen vehs were destroyed. The tp then harboured with the SQN for the night.
"F" Tp with “A" Sqn crossed the SOMME north-west of ABBEVILLE at 0645 hrs. The Tp proceeded on the advance and crossed the AUTHIE river without incident. North of the AUTHIE small groups of enemy infantry were overtaken as they retreated north and

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 21?r=1&s=5
Page 3 Sep 44 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

4 Sep 44
were disposed of by the armoured cars. The SPs were not called on until LA CANACHE River had been crossed east of MONTHEUIL, The crossing had taken place at about 1400 hrs and the convoy was proceeding through NEUVILLE on the main axis when an enemy convoy was observed proceeding up the highway ahead. The SPs engaged at about 2500x. A half-track and lorry were knocked out and the convoy scattered. At 1600 hours, the col encountered an= enemy horse-drawn convoy on the main road to SAMER. The SPs were again called on and smashed eight wagons. SAMER was entered and the SPs took up posns in the town square where they engaged several enemy horse-drawn vehs and two houses occupied by enemy inf. The advance continued with our col moving up the highway toward BOULOUGNE. They encountered mined road-blocks covered by 155mm guns from high ground on both sides of the road, Two of "F" tp guns exploded the road blocks. At the same time, an enemy "B" veh was observed about 2500x down the road and Sgt Mayes' gun engaged it, setting it on fire with one rd of HE. The Coln withdrew under fire from the 155 mm guns, harbouring and deploying the SPs.
"E" tp, 56th Bty crossed the start line at 0500 hrs in the drive northward toward CALAIS and BOULOGNE. This tp travelled on the left of the main axis of advance and on a course parallel to it. The SOMME RIVER was reached at approximately 0615 hrs and was crossed at a point north west of ABBEVILLE. Beyond the SOMME, a few small parties of enemy inf were encountered and dealt with by the Recce cars and carriers. The col proceeded toward the CANACHE RIVER, wiping out small pockets of enemy as they went. Three miles south of the CANACHE at approximately 1300 hrs, the strongest enemy posn yet met with was encountered. It consisted of two light anti-aircraft guns, supported by machine-guns and rifles. The SPs went into action and silenced the posns from a range of about 1000x. Although there were no cas in "E" Tp, the Recce Regt reported several killed and several wounded. The CANACHE RIVER was crossed at a point west of MONTREUIL and the coln headed toward BOULOGNE. En route, it was learned that both CALAIS AND BOULOGNE were strongly fortified and fully manned and it was decided to deploy. "B" Sqn deployed in the MARQUISE area with headquarters linking CALAIS and BOULOGNE. AT MR 76073.The SP's WERE DEPLOYED COVERING THE ROAD LINKING CALAIS AND BOULOGNE.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 22?r=1&s=5
Page 4 Sep 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

MR 731751

5 Sep 44
Tac HQ moved to LE MESNIL REAUME MENAGE DE BRIMEUX (MR804198) Regt moved to HUPPY (MR731750). 74 Bty lifted 2 T-42 mines which had been prepared for the demolition of a small bridge. The fuze, however had failed to ignite the detonators. The mines were not booby-trapped. 56th Bty Tac HQ learned today that French civilians had constructed a bridge across the CANACHE at MONTREUIL and "A" Ech had crossed, passing Tac HQ in the dark, and proceeded on the axis of advance to SAMER. Here they met the C.O. of the Recce Regt who directed them to harbour at LES PLACES (MR740454). While the area was being searched before harbouring, Gnr Pearson and Gnr. Luck were taken prisoner by two Germans who took them to high ground about a mile from LES PLACES. Here theyRE were about 200 enemy who had intended holding the area. However, when they saw the Recce coln moving up the road, they surrendered themselves to Gnr. Pearson and Gnr. Luck and were brought into LES PLACES in small groups. At about 1700 hrs, Bty Tac HQ and 7 Recce RHQ with the "A" Eche moved forward to MR 843595. It was learned by this time from reports from the Sqns that both BOULOGNE and CALAIS were very strongly held and it was decided to stop the advance, Tac HQ and the 7 Recce RHQ moved into a chateau at MR 835615 and "A" Ech remained at 843595. The next few days were spent mopping up the immediate area, several hundred prisoners being brought in by the 56 Bty and 7 Recce Regt

At 0800 hrs, the coln of which "D" tp was a part set out for ARDRES and arrived there without encountering the enemy. The SPs were deployed around the town, covering all possible routes. About 20 POW were taken in ARDRES. Enemy Inf appeared but were driven off with HE.

The Recce Sqn to which "F" Tp was attached reported enemy in a tunnel in a quarry near CARLY (7345). Sgt. Wickett took his SP to the posn and closed the front of the tunnel with HE. The enemy were captured as they climbed, one by one, out of a small exit at the rear of the tunnel. At the same time, Lieut. Klein with the remainder of the tp, moved into GUINES (8768). They entered the town with the Sqn at high speed killing a large number of enemy inf and taking over 100 POW. The remainder of the enemy withdrew in the direction of CALAIS. The SPs were deployed

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 23?r=1&s=5
Page 5 Sep 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

5 Sep 44
in the neighborhood of GUINES. Deployment of “E" tp as noted above was completed at 0500 hrs. These posns were occupied, under daily shelling and mortaring until 10 Sep 44,

6 Sep 44
"D" tp, 56 Bty despatched one gun with a tp of the Recce Regt to cut the main CALAIS-- GRAVELINES road, A second gun was sent to the same area later in the day. At 1830 hrs the remaining two guns and Tp HQ moved to NOUVELLE EGLISE (0073) and the guns were deployed under heavy mortar fire near OYE (0179)
Two SPs from "F" Tp were taken to ARDRES (9566) to replace the two "D" Tp guns which had been moved to OYE.

MR 889158

7 Sep 44
Regt moved to ECQUEMICOURT (8815) and Tac HQ to COLOMBERT (MR857546). 74 Bty removed two T 35 enemy mines at 881179.
"F" Tp heavily shelled and mortared at [a]bout 2000 hrs. A break-through from CALAIS was expected that night but did not materialize.

8 Sep 44
Tac HQ moved to CASSEL (MR 309578)
Sgt LeBlanc of "D" Tp engaged an enemy arty posn at 7000x, Five rds of HE were fired and the gun was silenced.

Sheet 6

9 Sep 44
Complete Regt less 56 Bty concentrated at WISQUES (MR 493507)

10 Sep 44
Regt received DT Cipher message at 0030 hrs from CSO advising that First Cdn Army Maplay compromised. This is the first DT Cipher message received by this unit since operations began.
"C" Tp 33 SP Bty ordered under command TOR SCOTS, 2 Cdn Inf Div, and proceeded to OYE (MR 0079) to replace guns of "D" Tp 56 Bty when 2 Can Inf Div took over that area from the 7 Recce Regt.
"D" Tp with "C" Sqn Recce Regt moved to vicinity MARQUISE (MR7583).
"E" Tp deployed today in area 7869. This Tp carried out an indirect shoot with considerable success against an enemy pill-box at WISSANT (SQ7371) Visibility was excellent and at 4000x the pill-box was silenced.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 24?r=1&s=5
Page 6 Sep 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

11 Sep 44
Regt ordered to provide guards for two enemy amn dumps in BELGIUM in sq 7693 north of THOUROUT and sq 6473 north of YPRES. Major Turner and Major Slater made recce of the areas and it was decided that 103 Bty would provide a guard of 75 all ranks for the latter dump and that 74 Bty would put a guard of 75 all ranks, subsequently increased to 100, on the former dump. Guards left the Regt area at 1500 hrs and were in posn by nightfall. HQ RCA 2 Cdn Corps issued an order today replacing our POW guard with a guard from the 6 Cdn LAA Regt. Our guard will be relieved at 1700 hrs tomorrow: this guard has been on duty since 26 Aug 44 at 2 Cdn Corps POW cage. The guard originally consisted of 50 all ranks but was reduced to 30. Lieut. Shaver was despatched today with twenty 3-ton lorries to report to CRASC 2 Cdn Corps for transport duty. Each lorry carried a driver and a co-driver and three DR's accompanied the party. The party is expected to be away for five days. “D" Tp guns in charge of Sgt Davis and Sgt Crimmons today attached to "B" Sqn 7 Recce Regt and the remaining two guns were deployed to cover roads between BOULOUGNE and MARQUISE.
56 Bty Tac HQ moved to MR 843612 and “A" Ech of the Bty moved to MR 835615.

12 Sep 44
Major Turner reports that the amn dump at MR 7693 covers a large area and that the amn is widely dispersed in piles and wagons, He will require a guard of 85 ORs.
An inventory is being made by pers of the Bty and will be available 14 Sep. Major Turner finds that the dump was constructed by the Belgians and appropriated by the Germans. In addition to amn, it contains a quantity of naval equipment, range-finders, searchlights, and generators. The buildings have been fairly well demolished,
POW guard returned today.
"D" Tp gun posns heavily mortared today.

13 Sep 44
"F" Tp guns attempted an indirect shoot on targets in CALAIS today but the range (9000x) was so great and the burst from our HE so small that the fall of shot could not be observed accurately. Amn numbers of this Tp were moved up to give inf support to the area,

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 25?r=1&s=5
Page 7 Sep 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

14 Sep 44
Major Slater reports that amn dump at 6473 contains a quantity of explosives and piles of filled shells with driving-bands removed. Major Turner reports that the inventory of the dump at 7693 has been completed and recommends that the guard be withdrawn as the material is not sufficiently important to warrant. See Appendix #7 for complete inventory of both dumps.)

15 Sep 44
Guard to be withdrawn tomorrow from amn dump at 7693.
Regt ordered to provide a transport platoon of one Officer and 42 ORs to work under Comd CRASC 2 Cdn Corps. Time to be notified tomorrow. Following Sitrep received from "C" Tp 33rd Bty today: one gun was moved to a posn at 005788 and fired 15 rds HE into an enemy gun posn at a range of 6550x on a brg of 260 deg. Fire was directed by the Tp Comd, Lieut FitzGerald, from a Church steeple at 007795. At the end of the shoot the target was observed to be smoking and the gun was returned to its original posn at 009739. The target had been reported to the TOR SCOTS by the FFI.

16 Sep 44
Lieut. D.M. McClelland SOS today to 2 CCS for further treatment for injuries received on 9 Aug 44.
Regt notified of “grounding” of vehs as per attached letter Appendix 8.
Lieut. Shaver reported back today and advised that during the past five days the activities of his transport platoon had been briefly as follows:
First Day: Reported to CRASC and was ordered to BOURGTHEROULDE near ROUEN for amn.
Second Day: Transported amn from BOURGTHEROULDE to COLOMBERT. Ordered from COLOMBERT to ABBEVILLE to pick up POW.
Third Day: Transported 1125 POW from ABBEVILLE to DIEPPE,
FOURTH Day: Loaded 5.5" amn at ST AUBIN near DIEPPE and carried it to COLOMBERT.
Fifth Day: Carried 200 POW from COLOMBERT to ABBEVILLE and then reported back to RASC,
When Lieut. Shaver left here he was returning to ABBEVILLE for further orders.

17 Sep 44
At 1600 hrs, "E" Tp placed in support Regina Rifles who were attempting to take CAP GRIS NEZ, The tp was deployed in the Regina's area and engaged several targets that evening with only fair success. In most cases, the range was too great for

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 26?r=1&s=5
Page 8 Sep 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

17 Sep 44
effective shooting. The enemy continuously engaged the gun area with large calibre guns from CAP GRIS NEZ but the tp suffered no casualties.

18 Sep 44

18 Sep 44
Party of 43 ORs, i/c Lieut. McGilton supplied by 74 Bty to work under comd CRASC.
Lieut. Kydd and 41 OR's TOS regt as reinforcements.
At 1900 hrs "E" Tp returned to "B" Sqn, 7 Recce Regt., and took up former posns.

19 Sep 44
"C" Tp, 33 SP Bty ceases to be under comd Tor Scots and goes under comd 4 SS Bde which has been allotted task of containing DUNKERQUE.

20 Sep 44
"C" Tp at MR 378836 on border between FRANCE and BELGIUM. The tp is supporting 47 CDO whose task is the right flank along the coast toward DUNKERQUE. Enemy is in pill-boxes and strong points along the coast and tp will be used to engage targets which are too heavily fortified for 47 CDO to deal with alone,
At 1500 hrs "E" Tp 56 SP Bty placed under comd 8 CIB and supporting QOR in BOULOUGNE Guns put into posn in QOR area in the northwest sector of BOULOUGNE this evening,

21 Sep 44
At 0930 hrs, "E" Tps guns supported the coy that attacked and took the CASINO, providing effective covering fire for the inf until they were within 30x of the objective, The guns then engaged various pill-boxes and strong points on the piers in the dock area of BOULOUGNE. At 1400 hrs, the SPs concentrated on a pill-box on a pier while 9 CIB attempted to put a flame-thrower into posn to burn out the pill-box. Before the flame-thrower had reached the posn, however, the SPs had destroyed the pill-box. That evening the guns were placed in hull-down posns about 2000x from FORT DE LA CRECHE, the strongest remaining enemy position in the BOULOUGNE defence area. Before dark, a few rds were fired a t the fort and a 20 mm gun destroyed.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 27?r=1&s=5
Page 9 Sep 44 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

22 Sep 44
Orders received to arrange with local authorities in area surrounding amn dump at 6473 to replace our guard. When this has been done the guard will be withdrawn. Major Slater to arrange relief.
"C" destroyed a pill-box and a number of houses today in area 3485.
"E" Tp, In BOULOGNE found that the target they had trained guns on the night before was obscured by mist in the early morning. However, the guns were left in the posns and the Tp Comd, Lieut. Cardy, also ordered the .50 cal Brownings readied for firing. The haze suddenly lifted from the fort and the SP's and Brownings opened fire. Three enemy soldiers were observed to leap from the top of the fort as soon as firing began. After the SP's had fired 15 rds of HE and APC several white flags appeared around the gun sites in the fort. Firing ceased and the POW began to pour out. The inf moved forward and took charge of the POW, about 400 of them. There was no further resistance from Fort de la Creche. At the time of the surrender, the fort was being engaged only by our SP's, The inf had not made an attack that morning and at the time of surrender, the inf were concentrating in an area not under observation by the enemy.

23 Sept 44
"E" Tp reverted to comd 7 Recce Regt and deployed with "B" Sqn in the area of ANDRES MR9666. Rained most of the day - visibility poor.

24 Sep 44
Rained most of the day and visibility poor.
"D" Tp came ^OUT for rest and refitting today to area 8360,
Guard returned from Belgium having been relieved by local authorities.
"C" Tp comes under comd 154 Bde 51 (H) Div and becomes part of “Dunkerque Force" as at 1800 hrs last night. Tp now under 47 CDO for rations and petrol only.
At 0700 hrs, Sgt. Cheevers conducted shoot on concrete pill-box. Gun posn at MR 351853, target at MR 331859. Amn expended - 8 rds 17-pdr APC and 2 rds 17-pdr HE. Nine hits obtained and pill-box perforated in several places. At 1210 hrs Sgt. Bracken conducted a shoot on a suspected OP at MR 336834. Gun posn at MR 353849. No.1 pointed out correct target but No.3 selected a house to the right and owing to a driving rain No.1 was unable to observe and to correct. A perfect shoot was carried out and the house was set afire at 2400x.
Correct target not engaged. Two minutes after opening fire, enemy fired an 88 mm airburst but did not do any damage.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 28?r=1&s=5
Page 10 Sep 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

25 Sep 44
Rained periodically today.

26 Sep 44
NTR. Weather bad.

27 Sep 44
Orders received to recce a[r]ea at sq 0183 west of GHENT for concentration of Regiment within a few days. Major Lander, Lieut. Heeney and RSM Brand carried out the recce and reported that the area is dyked land and that it will be necessary to harbour the vehs on roads. Weather clear.

28 Sep 44
NTR. Weather clear.

29 Sep 44
Orders received to move Regiment to Aeltre area J023837 on 2 Oct 44.
Tac HQ to move tomorrow area Ghent.

30 Sep 44
Tac HQ moved today to MR 237803 east of Ghent.
Parties in charge of Lieut. Shaver and Lieut. McGilton returned to Regiment today.
See attached reports by Lieut. Shaver. Lieut. McGilton reports that ^ON 19 SEP he and his party picked up new vehs at Bayeux and on the following day transported stores to #5 railhead dump at Abbeville. The party were then despatched to Dieppe to load 25-pdr amn and transport it to Queen dump near Ghent. One trip was made and Lieut McGilton reported back to CRASC for further orders. He was told to have his party cary [sic] out a complete check and overhaul of their vehs as they were new trucks.
A thorough job was done, extending over 4 days, and when this was completed, the party was ordered to rejoin the Regiment.
Regiment informed today that when the Calais operation is complete, the 56 Bty will return to the Regiment.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 29?r=1&s=5
Page 11 Sep 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA


The morale of the Regiment is very high when the men are busy but has suffered temporarily in the batteries not employed. Morale in the 56 Bty has been extremely good throughout the month.

The health of the troops is good and it is noteworthy that only one case of VD has been repored [sic] since this Regiment arrived in France on 9 July 44.

Discipline has been well maintained durng [sic] operations. AT the present time, three men are AWOL and there are no other cases of discipline outstanding.

State of equipment is good. All SPs and towed guns are battle-worthy but we are deficient four tracked-towers. A full complement of FAT's is available to tow the guns.

56 Bty is under comd 3 Cdn Inf Div and is about 65 miles from present RHQ area. Thus their repo^rt for the last few days is not available but will be included in next month's War Diary as an appendix.

LADevine Lt. Col.
(L A Devine) Commanding
6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA.

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Re: 6th Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA (War Diary)

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(note: bold denotes crossed out parts.)

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 60?r=0&s=5

Appendix #5

Report from 56 SP Bty covering period 28 Aug 44 - 2 Sep 44

At approximately 1800 hrs 28 Aug 44, this Bty came under comd 3 Can Inf Div and later that evening was attached to 7 Recce Regt which had been given the task of leading a recce in force across the Seine River to exploit areas 2001-2201, The Seine was crossed at approximately 0300 hrs 29 Aug at ELBEUF with Bty HQ and "E" tp travelling with "A" Sqn HQ1[?] "D" Tp with "C" Tp of "A" Sqn and "F" Tp with "A" Tp of "A" Sqn. The coln crossed the Seine without incident and proceeded to GOUY (SQ2105) where our tps were assigned to areas along the Seine and instructed to fire on any enemy movement across the river. The tps were in areas 2106, 2107 and 2108. The guns remained in these posns until approximately 1200 hrs 31 Aug 44,

During the above period several targets were engaged. "D" Tp reported destroying several houses believed to be occupied by the enemy and sinking several barges anchored along the River bank, “E" Tp fired at several enemy inf areas and our own inf reported the fire as being very effective. This tp also sunk several barges moored in the river. At 1200 hrs 31 Aug "E" Tp engaged three enemy armoured cars moving north at a range of about 2400x. A 17-pr was used for this shoot. One car was knocked out. Three rounds of HE were fired on this target. "F" [?] Tp engaged targets similiar [sic] to those taken on by the other tps and achieved similiar [sic] results.

On 1 Sep, the Bty ceased to be attached to 7 Recce Regt and moved in 3 Can Inf Div coln through ROUEN to CAILLY (3129). The guns were not deployed here. The following day the advance continued to MAISON/ CELLES (4664), Here "D" Tp SP's were used to carry out a recce through a wooded area in order to find out whether or not the enemy occupied the woods. No opposition was encountered on the recce. "E" provided anti-tank defence for HQ 3 Cdn Inf Div. During the afternoon of 2 Sep the Bty advanced again with 3 Div coln to EU area (4879),

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 61?r=0&s=5

Appendix #6
Report of L-18059 L/Sgt. Burgess, E.W.

1. On 20 Aug 1944 on entering ST. LAMBERT SUR DIVES we discovered that we were in close contact with the enemy and at once proceeded to deploy our guns. Sgt. Gates went into crash action and fired down the road at a tank he observed and put it out of action, Sgt. Stenner also fired at a gun and amn truck which blew up. I was placed in a small orchard protecting our left but did not do any firing. Later Lieut. Flowers asked me if I would take a tower and go back and try and recover L5 which was left along with the driver. I went up the road and found L5 but could not see the driver and brought back L5 and took the tower along with Gnr. Proctor and went to look for the driver of L5. We went to the town back of us but xxs [?] was unable to to [sic] see him and on returning back managed to rescue him as he was watching for us coming back and ran out of hiding. Later on we moved from the village which we were in action. I drove L5 along with Lieut. Flowers. We went on a recce for J and L troops along with Lieut. McKinnon. They searched for the O.C. of the H.L.I. and were unable to find him for some time, Later they sent me back for the guns and on coming to them learned from Sgt. Thorp and Sgt. Firlotte that tanks and such would be fired on after 2200 hrs. We decided to contact the others around us so we could deploy our guns. Sgt. Firlotte returned with me to where Lieut. Flowers and Lieut. McKinnon where and told them and they went to see what they could do about it. On returning we were just xx xxx going to start away when firing broke out. We learned later it was some Germans going to give themselves up. There was still some firing now and then and Lieut. Flowers and Lieut. McKinnon went to contact H.L.I. so we could proceed back without being fired on. Lieut. Flowers came back and said we had better slip out the back and were just starting when the Germans came in the yard and called for us to surrender. I was in the open along with another officer unknown to me and he said we had better give up as we stood no chance where we were and so we did. Sgt. Firlotte and Lieut. Flowers were behind me and I did not notice what went on but heard some shots and grenades go off. The Germans searched me but took nothing but my gun which was German, They took me across the road where the main forces where and held me till they moved off. There were some S.P. guns and tanks. I could not observe how many as I was pushed here and there but was under guard by one fellow who was very decent and allowed no one else to molest me. We travelled through the farms yard and out back and through fields. No one seemed to be in charge and they were quite jumpy and did not seem to know where they were really going. I tried twice that night to escape and on the second attempt the one in charge of me held onto my arm till it got quite light out. During the night they stopped at a farm for about 20 minutes where we were joined by more enemy. When we moved off they split up and we continued till we came to a road and followed it, along which were considerable lot of equipment and such lying along the side. We marched till close to 10 o'clock next morning till we came to Xrds where they seemed to be sorting different units out. Later on I was handed over to some other men who were not at all like the others but still figured they would win and were much older and soldierly and quite strict. There I observed some of their equipment and such which was badly used and very scarce, also a German General but was unable to learn his name on asking. Later I was taken and put in a small shed in which were 7 Polish men and kept there till about noon later being marched quite aways to a farm where we were questioned by two men and searched, Nothing was taken except cigarettes and watches and other articles which caught their eye. On asking for something to eat I was told we couldn't get any as they did not have any and I could see that it was so and learned later that they hadn't been

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 62?r=0&s=5

Page 2

able to get supplies for some time due to our aircraft and bombing. The first three days all we could get to eat was green apples and carrots we were able to grab. Later we were given a little stew. We were then loaded into a Red Cross car and taken to another farm were there we were questioned, the Polish men by one and I by another who could speak very good English. He showed me a book in which were all British guns and such and wanted me to show which guns we had and also our corps signs which I did not, although he knew we had 17 prs but did not know what unit or corps I belonged to and also they never had our patch. He asked quite a few questions but did not seem annoyed when I wouldn't answer them. Later we were taken away in a larger truck to another farm where some more Cdn tank men were held prisoners and were xxxxx xxxxx only there for a awhile [sic] and were moved again. This time there were 30 men and 4 were wounded and in fairly bad shape. We travelled along alone most of the time and seemed to have priority on the road and were allowed to go ahead of the others. We stopped in a woods and had to change trucks as ours was in poor shape, taking it from other men who were using it to get away in. We continued till we arrived at Rouen where we passed vehicles of all kinds on which most had the Red Cross marked although they were not such and after about an hours delay they took us across the river and put us in a long wooden building. There we were able to tend the wounded and was allowed a French doctor to see them and he gave us some medicine supplies. The one in charge of us went away to see about our truck and was gone for some time in which French people brought us food and drinks but we were not allowed to have any till the one in charge came back and he let everything come in to us and never touched it because he said they couldn't feed us and if the people wanted to they could. He alone was eating dry bread but we gave him something else which he didn't want to take. The people were very good to us and ^as we had one Polish fellow who could speak French learned if any of us were able to escape to find a policeman and they would help, also most civilians. The Germans were coming and going all the time but when night fell there was very little brought across the river due to the loading difficulties on the barges. Those who came in were in very poor shape and were very disorderly. I only seen about 50 who marched in an orderly fashion. Very few guns and tanks came across that I noticed. Most of the Germans were drinking quite a lot and didn't seem to care and on talking with several different ones learned they were sick of it all but didn't dare quit because of the S.S. men and others whom they were afraid of. On the second night we were moved because of the bombing on the other side of the river and it destroyed a considerable amount of their equipment in which was our truck and was told we were picking another one up outside of town. We started and on coming to a Hospital I talked the one in charge into letting the wounded be taken in which he did as we were slowed down by having to carry them. We secured the truck and started quite late and when we were outside Rouen I asked another soldier who was Polish and could talk French if he was coming with me as we had planned to escape but he wouldn't as we were travelling and he preferred to wait till we stopped but I jumped the truck right away. One shot was fired and the truck stopped about 200 yards further on but later proceeded on hardly any search was made for me I believe. I later made my way back to town but was unable to get close to the river to cross so I went back to the country and hid there two nights and two days. On the second day I saw a policeman and he took me to a farm where he stayed as he was bombed out and

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 63?r=0&s=5

Page 3

there the people helped me out by giving me eats although they wore frightened and didn't care to hide me till one lady who could speak English said she would help hide me and did. I was there for 3 days and 4 nights and she helped me. I hid in the bush during the day and came to the farm at night. Only once did I run into the Germans and then I bluffed my way because I was dressed in civilian clothes and walked by them. All I had then was a German grenade which a French boy had found and gave me and I wasn't sure whether it would work or not. They used to come to the farm every day for eggs and other things but never searched around or done any harm to the people. Then one evening some Recce men came for eggs and we knew the Canadians were there. I asked them to take me along and the fellow said if I waited another day the main forces would be there and I could get the location of my unit easier so I did. Next day I went to town and there I was able to get to rear corp with an officer. Lt-Col. Divine came and got me. Next day I was back with my bty and glad to be back.

L/Sgt. Burgess, E.W.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 64?r=0&s=5

Appendix #7

C O P Y 2C/RCA 2-0-0
HQ RCA 2 Can Corps
15 Sep 44
'g' 2 Cdn Corps (Main)


1. Guards have been placed on the following enemy amn and stores dumps at your request:-

(a) Rly yd R7693 - 70 men - provided by 6 Cdn A Tk Regt

(b) FORET D'HOUTHULST H6473 - 80 men - provided by 6 Cdn A Tk Regt

2. A svy of both these dumps has been completed and they have been found to contain the following:

(a) Rly yd H7693

I Bldgs - Amn bldgs partly demolished
- Wksps completely demolished
- Amn store houses completely demolished
- Contents of wksp bldgs of little value, except for those noted on list below.

II Rly tracks - In good condition except for short sec of track at entrance of dump.

III Rly rolling - One pet driven locomotive in good stock condition and 8 wagons only.

IV Stores, eqpt and amn found in bldgs and rly vans:

(i) Small amt of electrical maint stores.
(ii) 4 Large SLs )
1 small “ ) naval type
(iii) 1 large range finder)
1 small " " ) naval type
(iv) Small amt of sea mine marking eqpt & stores.
(v) 4 Diesel electric generators for SLs.
(vi) Small quantity of complete demolition units,
(vii) Approx 120 rds 3.7 A.A. amn
" 800 rds 105-mm H:E.PAK
" 75 sea mines
(viii) Negligible amt of S/A amn.

(b) FORET D'HOUTHULST H6473 (based on preliminary report only)

Powder - 50,000 lbs.
Shells - 100,000 of which 50% filled, all copper driving bands removed.
Small arms - Approx 2,000,000 rifle, Mauser, wooden,
Aerial Bombs - 1650
Cordite various types - 5500 lbs
French Mines - 10,000

3. The dump ref to in 1 and 2 (a) above has been heavily damaged by bombing, and in consequence the gd is being withdrawn as it is not considered that the contexts merits a gd of this nature.

Signed P Riordan Major
for A Bruce Matthews Brigadier
CCRA 2 Cdn Corps

Copi es:

6 Cdn A Tk Regt

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 65?r=0&s=5

Appendix #8

2C/RCA/ 1-7-1
RCA 2 Cdn Corps
16 Sep 44

6 Cdn A Tk Regt
6 Cdn LAA Regt


1. It has been found necessary to ground certain fmns and units in order to supplement First Cdn army tpt resources.

2. The units listed in Appx "A" will remain grounded until further orders from this HQ.

3. RASC second line tpt made available by these arrangements will be at disposal of Q First Cdn Army. When, however, units are made operational again this tpt will be returned to the units from which it has been withdrawn.

4. Unit tpt of grounded units will also be made available for definite tpt tasks of NOT more than four days duration. Orders for these tasks will be issued through unit comds concerned, rather than by removal of portions of units from normal comds.

5. The term "grounding" is taken to incl:-

(a) No further move by unit concerned.

(b) Unit temporarily non-operational as far as vehs concerned.

(c) Local use of vehs restricted to maximum extent to keepvpet consumption to a minimum,

(d) Replacement of unserviceable vehs suspended except in cases where it is administratively easier to do so at present.

Signed Stuart Ralston Capt
for (H W Devise) Capt
GSO 3 HA 2 Cdn Corps

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Appendix “A”

Unit Under Comd
1. 6 Cdn A Tk Regt 2 Cdn Corps
2. 6 Cdn LAA Regt 2 Cdn Corps

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 66?r=0&s=5

Appendix #9

Report of Lieut Shaver i/c transport platoon for period 18-30 Sep 44

On 17 Sep 44, I reported to CRCASC and was ordered to move an amn dump from VRON to COLOMBERT in preparation for the forthcoming attacks on Boulogne and Calais. This turned out to be a fairly large job and was not completed until the evening of 18 Sep.

On 19 Sep, we loaded petrol at LE TRANSLAY and started out for the dump at Ghent. The trip was completed without incident and the vehs were off-loaded the next day. We then returned to CRCASC for further orders.

On the 21 Sep, we loaded 5 25 pdr amn at ST AUBIN near Dieppe and on the following day carried it to OOSTRACK dump near GHENT. On the following days we repe ted [sic] the operation but dumped the amn at King dump also near GHENT. On Sep 27, we did veh maintenance all day. On the 28 we transported rations from LA BASSEE to ST NICOLAS and stayed there all of the 29 without being given anything to do. On 30 Sep we were ordered back to the Regt.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 67?r=0&s=5

Appendix #10

Report of Sgt. Stenner, R.M. C-50013

1. On the night of 20 Aug 1944 at approximately 2100 hrs I was informed by Lieut. J.R. Flowers my tp com that he was going on 4 recce. Infm given to me by him was that we were supporting the H.L.I, and working with 3 A tk Regt RCA and must be in posn by 2200 hrs 20 Aug 1944. Shortly afterwards Lieut. Flowers left in company with "J" Tp comd, Lieut. W.E. McKinnon and L/Sgt. Burgess.

At approximately 2230 hrs Sgt. Firlotte, tp Sgt of L tp left with L/Sgt. Burgess who had returned for the guns. That was the last I saw of Lieut. Flowers, L/Sgt. Burgess and Sgt. Firlotte,

At the time considerable numbers of our tanks and inf were in the area. This I knew. I also knew enemy forces of unknown strength were around us. Around 2400 hrs considerable firing was heard, mostly small arms and M.G. fire. I assumed command of L tp at this time as Lieut. Flowers had not returned and told all detachments to stand to. I ordered Bdr. Werbowetsky to take over command of L/Sgt. Burgess's det. I was unable to deploy the guns at this time, not knowing how our forces were deployed. However I explained to the No's 1 that in the event of a tank attack the guns would be swung in the desired direction and engage the enemy. They were not to engage targets unless positive that they were enemy or unless our own tanks engaged them. The tps stood to until at approximately 0700 hrs 21 Aug 44 [?]. At this time in company with Sgt. Thorp of J tp we contacted the C.O. 29th S.A.R. who was in comd of this area. He informed me that there were two tps of the 94th bty 3 A tk Regt deployed in the area. One of these tps were S.P. guns and one 6 pr tp. Also there were two tps of S.P. guns of the 5 A tk Regt in the area. I contacted one of the tp comds of the 5 A tk Regt and deployed L tp guns between the 3 A tk and 5 A tk posns. THQ of L tp I placed near THQ of the S.P. tp of 94 bty so I could get all available infn. Considerable enemy forces were being taken prisoners during this time. I could not get into communication with BHQ nor could I get a veh through during this period.

At approximately 0930 hrs 21 Aug 44 the H.L.I. moved off in force with tk support to carry through an attack. The 6 pr tp of the 94th bty were in this attack. Being unable to definitely establish as to whether L tp was supposed to be in this attack I kept them deployed in their present posns, At about 1700 hrs Major Slater, O.C. 103 A tk Bty in company with O.C. 94 bty 3 A tk visited tp HQ. A recce was made of the posn of the H.L.I, and L tp were deployed in the new area by approximately 2000 hrs. No unusual incidents occurred from then on. The tp comd Lieut. Flowers returned at approximately 1500 hrs 22 Aug 1944 and took over L tp.

C-50013 Sgt. Stenner, R.M.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 68?r=0&s=5

Appendix #11

814 - 11 - 1
SEP - 44


During the advance of a recce regiment from south of the Somme to the Boulogne-Calais area an anti-tank SP Bty was placed under comd. This bty was composed of 6 17-pdr SP's and 6 3" M-10's. While tanks were not encountered in the advance the SP's were found particularly valuable in assisting the Recce Regt to overcome resistance which might have ordinarily proven difficult for the lighter recce weapons. As a result of the manoeverability of the SP's and their ability to match the speed of the recce vehs, it was possible for them to travel well to the front of the column. Thus they were readily available to deal with “hard" spots when they were encountered. Moving enemy columns, fortified houses, machine-gun posts, and pill boxes were frequently engaged with success by the anti-tank guns. Their armour permitted them to enter areas swept by machine gun fire and the armour-plate “lids" over the fighting compartment made them relatively secure against mortar fire. On one occasion mined road-blocks which had held up the advance of the lighter vehs were destroyed by fire from the SP's.

Mechanically the SP's are also well suited to this type of employment. During the advance the guns travelled about 85 miles in less than 24 hours. Despite this rapid movement, it was not necessary to leave a gun behind at any time.

27 Sep 44
6 Cdn A Tk Regt. ,RCA

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 69?r=0&s=5

814 - 11 - 2
SEP - 44


During the attack on Boulogne a tp of SP anti-tank guns, 2 17-pdr SP's and 2 3" M-10's were placed under comd of an inf bde to assist it is [sic] dealing with fortified houses, pill-boxes and strong-points in general which were too difficult for the inf weapons. The results obtained might justify a wider use of this type of gun for such a purpose, Due to their ability to withstand enemy - machine-gun fire, and mortar fire to a certain extent, the SP's were able to engage targets which were holding up the advance of the infantry. The use of HE against houses and APC followed by HE, against concrete emplacements was particularly effective in overcoming resistance. The SP's are able to advance over and through considerable rubble and can be worked into posns close to the enemy infm, They are also very useful in providing covering fire for our inf in an advance. On one occasion the SP's were sited so as to bring plunging fire onto machine gun emplacements at the end of a pier and so to provide covering fire until our inf were within about 30 yds of their objective, It has been found that the 17-pdrs firing APC and the 3" M-10's firing HE against fortifications, particularly concrete, constitue [sic] a very useful combination,

27 Sep 44
6 Cdn A Tk Regt. ,RCA

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 70?r=0&s=5


814 - 12 - 1
SEP - 44


Field, 3 Oct 1944.

Commanding Officer
6 Cdn A tk Regt RCA


1. Ref the m/n.

2. (a) Normal employment of equipment. During the period of trg in England, great stress was laid on the roll of the 17-pr; i.e. giving depth to a posn and also siting of guns in relation to 6-prs. It was found that in active ops that none of the above rules could be followed, due to the tactical situation. This was especially so when the task of protecting a town was given. Here 6-pr and 17-prs were sited together on the perimeter of the town, everything being in a shop window. The depth was not accomplished though it worked out in the end by having it in localities or villages. The ideal A tk posn was never found; alternative posns with 17-prs are an impossibility and during an action or under shell fire it would be fatal to move to a new posn until adequate cover was available. This brings in the fact that a Ram, though one of the best towers possible, creates a lot of noise and its bulk liable to observation. If a gun must be moved or pulled out and if the posn is under enemy observation, it should be done at night and towed by a jeep and aided by complete gun crew.

The sitings of 6-prs and 17-prs together around a village was governed by the likely direction of enemy tk approaches and also good tk country. It was the only solution possible and it gave extra defense to a town by increased range of 17-pr. The range of a 17-pr would be rendered useless if it was sited to fire behind a 6-pr as then its killing range is practically identical to the 6-pr.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 71?r=0&s=5


814 - 12 - 2
SEP - 44



Page 2

(b) Battle procedure during static, deliberate and mobile ops. The static posn, where recce before occupation was made, followed along regular lines. During static Ops guns must be dug in and pits created for ammo and crews, A good many casualties to guns are due to the vulnerability of the trail legs to splinters. These along with tires must be covered by sandbags, rubble or earth, It is only necessary to have one man as a lookout on the gun, and he must be observing from a slit-trench. The balance of the crews must be handy and alert. During static Ops telephones to guns are necessary and it is a way to pass quick orders to guns; i.e. alerts, inf movements etc, Liason has to be good as inf patrols are always working out at night around the guns.

The Bty didn't take part in any deliberate ops, though one had been planned. This op was along regular lines.

During mobile ops one thing was paramount, and that was, that new situations were likely to be presented at any time, and consequently tps bad to be ready to adjust themselves accordingly. During the advance to CHAMBOIS this Bty ran into heavy fire from inf and the guns were crash-actioned. Two men were placed on each gun, the balance of the crews were deployed as inf, equipped with Bren and Brownings. The results were most heartening.

(c) Departures from normal and unusual forms of employment. During ops this unit did not participate in any unusual employment.

(d) Details of interesting incidents and results obtained.

1. A Panther engaged at 1800 yards with one round APCBC and destroyed it.

2. Wheeled veh and PZ Mk II at 2200 yards. Results not obtained.

3. In ST. LAMBERT action, guns were fired with trails not dug in and spades were partly on a metalled road, The gun was firm and steady during firing.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 72?r=0&s=5


814 - 12 - 3
SEP - 44



Page 3

4. One round of HE fired into a room completely smashed it beyond recognition.

5. One German tk was loaded with inf and on being hit in the hull from the rear the tk took fire and all the people, both in and out, were killed or burnt, by one round APC. The people on the rear were thrown clear but were dead on examination.

Note; It is felt that the use of the 88mm by the Germans for harassing fire tasks, was very successful, so much so, that it made the men take to trenches and they stayed there for some time. They were more shaken by 88s than anything else. In our opinion the 17-pr mounted either on a tk or S.P. should be used in the same manner, firing both AP and HE on enemy HQ or particular strong points as harassing fire. This observation is made on the action at SOLIERES, FOUR, BOURGEBUS and we have no knowledge as to whether the 17-pr has been employed elsewhere in harassing fire tasks.

HRSlater Major
(H. R. Slater)

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 73?r=0&s=5

Appendix #13

814 - 13 - 1
SEP - 44


When used as layed [sic] down in rules for the employment of S.P. guns, each gun has successfully accomplished its task and hence each troop.


In this connection it is felt that S.P. guns should not be moved during darkness, unless there is a moon, because of the danger of running over our own infantry while they sleep also our mortars and machine gun positions, not to mention enemy mines. In any event, it is felt that they should never be ordered to move at night without a daylight reconnaissance, unless, of course, in a teed up attack.

In static positions, it is desirable to have a bulldozer to prepare gun positions. e.g. The Desert Rats at Ifs. Recommended also that Tp Comds and Bty Comds have light tanks in lieu of carriers which may be dug in as command posts in the gun area, as done by the R.A. A. Tk (SF) Regiments I have observed.

In regard to armament it is desirable to have lids over the turrets, and extra protection from splinters for radiators. The installation of a Homelite in each S.P, as in Rams would also be a marked improvement.

In mobile ops any simple battle procedure up to Bty level appears to be satisfactory provided it is standard and known to all three troops. In this connection, a list of code words for use on the wireless saves considerable time. e.g. Troop -- effort, move -- monkey, gun -- code sign. e.g. To Sunray Baker 3. Monkey now. Disabled code sign to remain at present position.

To Sunray X Y Z

From B Z F

Two efforts in position, third on way.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 74?r=0&s=5


814 - 13 - 2
SEP - 44


In this connection, it is felt that we may well follow an example of the German use of S.P. guns. Namely, to move single guns to high ground or positions of vantage and fire into infantry localities with them. For example the Boche have, on occassions, successfully held up our advancing infantry for many hours by so placing a 75 mm at short range backed by an 88 mm covering the same ground but at a larger range. This fire must be by direct laying as indirect rounds falling discriminately about are of no value. Had these German guns held their fire because our armour was not within range, as we have been trained to do, our infantry would have continued forward on time to capture the objective, oblivious to the threat, and the enemy guns much sooner withdraw to rearward positions.


Every attack appears to differ from another as black to white but one interesting incident with successful results was during a daylight attack by the 3rd Cdn Inf Div, with an S.P. Bty in support of a Brigade. Two troops found our infantry were not on the objective due to one Battalion having advanced to another and farther forward feature to a flank. Our armour , also reserve and support companies appeared to be held up by anti-tank fire. Our troop found itself on the onjective [sic], a hill covered ^with small poplar trees and brush. In one corner of this cover was a machine gun post firing at our infantry. The gun nearest this position shot it up with H.E. at very short range. Upon this action, about nineteen Germans surrendered to that gun crew. On going to this spot, I found legs and arms of Germans scattered about in all directions also automatic weapons and pieces of weapons. At the same time another troop on the other side of this feature captured about thirty enemy infantry in like manner. While this was going on, our tanks were laying on our S.Ps and one Tp Com heard over his set "Do not shoot. They are our own guns."

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 74?r=0&s=5


814 - 13 - 3
SEP - 44

(d) (contd)

Since the closing of the Falaise Gap, this Bty has had only one troop in action, on the outskirts of Calais and Dunkerque. The guns were used to shoot up enemy O.Ps, occupied houses, pill boxes and gun positions with good results. The following small but interesting points were learned:

1. To shoot up pill boxes make a hole with A.P. then fire one round of H.E. through this hole as we have been taught.

2. When engaging houses unfortified, best results are achieved by firing A.P. first followed by a round of H.E. directly below the hole made by A.P. Work across the house from corner to corner. The A.P. will weaken the front and demolish the rear walls. H.E. completes demolition of the front walls also achieves anti personnel effect. Unlike pill boxes if H.E. is fired through the A.P. hole it will pass right through and explode beyond target.

3. Airburst by grazing fire off send may be accomplished but it is difficult to obtain good results, though if alternated with direct shooting, it is effective from a hull down position against an area target.

A. Landale A/ Major
O.C. Baker

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 76?r=0&s=5

Appendix #14

6 A Tk 9-2
4 Oct 44
2 Cdn Corps


1. While 74th Bty located near village of SETQUES Sheet 50 SQ 0649, civilians reported to O.C. Major Turner as follows:

(a) Civs had worked on tunnel with entrance at MR 063488, sheet 50, 1/50,000.

(b) Civs report quantity of electrical equipment stored in tunnel.

2. Bty work party opened entrance of tunnel sufficiently to admit men to distance of 30 yds.

3. At point 30 yards in tunnel blocked by explosion and roof of tunnel is cracked.

4. B.C. estimated tunnel could be opened for further recce with one day's work by [a] small party of sappers.

........................Lt Col
(L A Devine) Commanding
6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA


http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 77?r=0&s=5

Appendix #15

5 Oct 44
814 - 15 - 1
SEP - 44

6 Cdn A.Tk. Regt RCA.

Ref SC/RCA 1-1-0 d.15 Sep 44, para 2.

1. (a) Bty placed u/c of Div A.Tk. Comd. Tps never decentralized. Guns used to thicken up the A.Tk. def plan of small towns and villages. This procedure necessitated them being sited within the Arty. and Inf. 6 pr areas, the whole having interlocking arcs. of fire. The A.Tk. plan was drawn up by the senior A.Tk. Comd in all cases with the exception of the op "TALLULAH" when the three tps were decentralized to Armd Cols and the A.Tk. plan co-ordinated by the senior A.Tk. Comd.

(b) Procedure during static ops deviated from what had been taught in that the term "Defence in Depth" consisted of in most cases small islands of def. with the 17 prs sited in close proximity to the 6 prs, and covering much the same zones, but with the advantage of longer range shooting. Occupation of static posn. should be carried out under cover of darkness, Time and again our equipment was observed by the enemy who would sit tight until guns were moving in posn, and then let down whatever he had. Cooperation on the part of Inf for providing local protection was satisfactory.

Procedure during deliberate ops.

The establishing; of A "Firm BasEx" could be classed as "Deliberate", in that the tank approaches were selected from a map and air photos, pre recce by B.C. and L.O. Tp comd then carried out detailed recce.

Procedure on Mobile Ops.

Bty was involved in three such exercises. The first "TALLULAH" when tps were decentralized one to each of the three armoured cols, the second the capture of the village of GAUMESNIL, when one tp only had guns in support of Inf Coys and did a leap frogging role in conjunction with the Pls. The third op was the move on to high ground north of Falaise with two tps, and one tp. establishing a firm base at SASSY,

In all other moves tps were deployed independently after consolidation of objectives.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 78?r=0&s=5


814 - 15 - 2
SEP - 44

(c) The use of the 17 pr Ram towed eqpt for the op "TALLULAH" was the only instance of departure from normal employment. In this case guns moved with and on to the objectives along with fwd Inf tps while own tanks were exploiting the objective.

A.Tk. defence of this area consisted of Tanks, XX M 10's, 17 prs and 6 prs.

(d) On the occasion that one tp was deployed in the village of BOURGEBUS, three of the guns had to be sneaked into posn by Jeep and man-handled, due to enemy observation.

Ram towers were too conspicuous and noisy.

Ram tower with trailer and gun was on one occasion most effective for neutralizing enemy M.G. post by running over them.

(H.R. Turner) Major
O.C. 74 Cdn A.Tk.Bty RCA

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Re: 6th Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA (War Diary)

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Fascinating stuff, many thanks for sharing your hard work in transcribing the diaries.



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Re: 6th Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA (War Diary)

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Great work!
Michael Kenny wrote:
19 Aug 2018 23:23
This film is Canadian

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RH1oItw ... GrEoT4oSIa

It was shot from July 18 and the scenes from 2:06 to 2:56 are Cagny and include an M10. There is a towed 17pdr at 1m36s and 3m34s.
The troops could be British but given the cameraman I would think the majority are Canadian. Same general area as the War Diary.
How do you know the film was shot in Cagny on 18th July? That seems a little hot on that date?

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Re: 6th Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA (War Diary)

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I said shot 'from' July 18th' meaning after that date. The Cagny scenes in the film showing the Bren gunner (top photo below)https://youtu.be/RH1oItwYud4?t=151 is exactly the same spot as the well know footage of 1st Battalion Welsh Guards working their way towards Le Poirier (2nd photo below) on July 19th.


B7759 1st Welsh Guards Cagny 19 July. (1) vvv.jpg
The point was that the 17 pdr guns/troops in the original link


are most likely to be a Canadian AT Rgt. during the GOODWOOD time-frame.
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Re: 6th Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA (War Diary)

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I appreciate that. Unfortunately it has been slower going than intended.

Tom from Cornwall wrote:
02 Sep 2019 08:23

Fascinating stuff, many thanks for sharing your hard work in transcribing the diaries.



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Re: 6th Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA (War Diary)

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http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 80?r=1&s=5
Page 1 OCTOBER 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

Sheet 6

1 Oct 44
Tac HQ at J237803. Weather clear and cool.

MR J023837
Sheet 2

2 Oct 44
Weather cloudy with intermittent rain. Regiment less 56th Bty and "C" Tp 33rd Bty moved today to AELTRE area, MR J023837. Tac HQ moved back to this location today. 56th Bty moved to area CASSEL.

3 Oct 44
Rained most of the day. Regiment granted permission to send one 3-ton lorry per day to VIMY RIDGE with personnel to visit the Canadian War Memorial

4 Oct 44
Weather clear.

5 Oct 44
Orders for operations to clear area north of Leopold Canal received today. This Regiment is apparently not to have any part in the operation. Weather clear & cool.

6 Oct 44
Ordered today to provide 2 NCO's and 10 men to assist HQ RCA 2 Cdn Corps in erecting pre-fabriceted buildings for their headquarters. Weather clear.

7 Oct 44
Weather clear. 56th Bty ordered to concentrate south of LEOPOLD CANAL in area
J0297 and to come under comd 7 CIB.
Lieut. Elliot SOS today and returned to UK to take on AOP course. This Regiment ordered to supply transport to take the party, 7 officers and 6 OR's to DIEPPE.
Lieut. Shaver i/c party and ordered by HQ RCA 2 Cdn Corps to proceed from DIEPPE to BAYEUX and to pick up there personnel from 2 Cdn Corps RCA units who had been on course there and to bring them back with him.

8 Oct 44
Weather clear. Regiment ordered to be prepared to supply guards for four dumps, involving the personnel of at least two complete Btys. Details to be supplied tomorrow. 56th Bty ordered back under comd Regt and will concentrate in Regt area. For details of this Bty's activities from 22 Sep to date see attached Appendix 5. "C" Tp, 33rd Bty ordered to return to Regt. Regt ordered to hold one SP Bty available without notice as a mobile reserve.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 81?r=1&s=5
Page 2 October 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

MR J023837
Sheet 2

9 Oct 44
56th Bty concentrated at J023840.
The C.O., Major Slater and Major Turner recced the areas of the amn dumps on which we are to place guards and it was decided that the 74th Bty would provide the guards for King, Queen and OOstakker dumps in the Ghent area and that the 103 Bty would place the guard on Ace dump, near Aeltre.
Rained intermittently today.

10 Oct 44
74th Bty moved today to MR J423878 in the area of the amn dumps they are to guard.
The guards went on today.
Weather clear.

MR J447855
Sheet 2

11 Oct 44
RHQ, 33rd Bty and 56th Bty moved today to WAESMUNSTER, MR J447855. 103rd Bty moved on to HR J950870 in order to carry out their guard duties and their guards went on duty today.
Lieut. FitzGerald and "C" Tp rejoined the Regiment today.

12 Oct 44
At 0525 hrs today, 33rd Bty ordered under comd 3 Cdn Inf Div and the BC to report to CRA 3 Div at 1000 hrs. Major Landale reported but was informed that the message received by us was meant for 5 Cdn A Tk Regt. Our order was later cancelled by HQ RCA 2 Cdn Corps.
7th Victory Loan opened today and sales in the Regiment totalled $6,700 for the day for 54 subscriptions.
Weather clear and cool.

13 Oct 44
Orders received at 2345 hrs placing 33rd Bty under comd 3 Cdn Inf Div in this Division's Operation north of the LEOPOLD CANAL. Major Landale to report to CRA 3 Div at first light tomorrow morning. The Bty will leave their area at 0900 hrs tomorrow and proceed to a RV at J2499 where it will concentrate in preparation for a crossing or SAVOJAARD PLAAT behind 8 and 9 CIB.
Rained intermittently today.
Victory Loan totals are now $15,800 for 173 subscriptions.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 82?r=1&s=5
Page 3 October 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

14 Oct 44
33rd Bty carried out orders of preceding day. On liason [sic] with 8th and 9th CIB Major Landale advised that the Bty may not cross the water for some days but are to be held in readiness
Advised today that Lieut. J.K.Heath has been awarded the MC for his part in operations at St. Andre Sur Orne on 21 July 44.
Rained intermittently today but not heavily.
Victory Loan totals are now $16,250 for 204 subscriptions.

15 Oct 44
33rd Bty moved today without warning from harbour area at J241993 to D163143 by road and not by water as it had been anticipated. ”B“ and ”C“ tp are with BHQ at this map reference and “A“ tp is deployed in area D1808.
56th Bty ordered in support 2 Cdn Inf Div at 2015 hrs. to meet an armd threat believed to be developing along axis road RUSBERGEN D8928-WUESTWEZEL D8114 - ANTWERP. Bty to move to conc area D7104 tomorrow and Major Westcott reported to RCA 2 Cdn Inf Div tonight. See order attached as Appendix 6.
Rained most of the day.
Victory Loan totals are $21,550 for 271 subscriptions.
Rocket shell landed near RHQ today.

16 Oct 44
56th Bty moved to D715050 today. Only eight SP's were ready, owing to others being overhauled but the remainder will proceed when available. Bty is concentrated at this map reference and the tp comds are reccing the 2 Div front.
"A" tp of 33rd Bty with NSR. Some targets engaged but results not known. Targets were enemy strongpoints indicated by the infantry. Five prisoners captured. Lieut. Heath and L/Bdr. McKeogh wounded but remained in action. “A“ Tp is at MR D164082. For details of this tp's activities see attached Appendix #7. "B" Tp is with NNSH at MR D154137, no targets engaged. "C" tp is in reserve at Tac HQ at MR D179142. Rained intermittently today.
Victory Loan totals are unchanged today.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 83?r=1&s=5
Page 4 October 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

MR J447855
Sheet 2

17 Oct 44
Rained most of today.
Victory Loan totals now $31,800 for 439 Subscriptions.
One SP dispatched today to 56th Bty.
"B" tp 33rd Bty today lost one M10 knocked out by enemy gun fire. The SP was abandoned by the crew but the tp comd, Lieut. Keyes, and the No. 1 later crawled out to it and succeeded in knocking out the gun which had originally hit it.
An enemy rocket shell landed today near the 74th Bty at MR J348860 creating a crater about 30 ft wide and ten feet deep. There were about twenty civilian casualties but no army personnel were injured.

18 Oct 44
Rained today.
Victory Loan totals $40,150 for 573 subscriptions.
"A" tp of 33rd Bty put in an attack today with R de C. Two guns were employed but one bogged down before reaching its objective.
One SP dispatched today to 56th Bty.

19 Oct 44
Clear weather today.
Victory Loan totals unchanged.

20 Oct 44
Victory Loan totals $45,500 for 647 subscriptions.
Intermittent showers today.
33rd Bty guns harboured all day pending opening of operation "Switchback" tomorrow.

21 Oct 44
"A" tp under comd 8 CIB and in support or NSR for "Switchback" and "B" and "C" tps under comd 9 CIB and sp NSH and HLI respectively. Phases I and II completed today but phase III postponed until tomorrow. Locns of BHQ and Troops at 2200 hrs as follows: BHQ D151139, A tp D102123, B tp D101173, C tp D128161.
Casualties for the day nil and no amn expended.
Weather changeable today with some rain.
Victory Loan totals $48,400 for 694 subscriptions.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 84?r=1&s=5
Page 5 October 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

MR J447855
Sheet 2

22 Oct 44
Orders received today for 103rd Bty to proceed to area D7607 and to go under comd 1 (Br) Corps. Bty to hove tomorrow at 1000 hrs and guard to be relieved tonight. FAT’s will tow guns and tracked towers will harbour in the Regimental area for the night. Major Slater to report to HQ RA 1 Corps tomorrow morning.
33rd Bty active today in support of operation "Switchback". "A" tp supported the R de C and advanced westward along the dykes from MR D064099. The tp was split with the tp comd and two guns moving north-west from MR D075089 while Sgt. McIlveen and the remaining guns continued to work west under MG fire to engage MG posts from posns where our own tps would not be endangered. Sgt. McIlveen, accompanied by the inf reached 055095 and [s]put[/s] consolidated posn. After considerable firing Sgt McIlveen’s SP hit a mine and was put out of action. The enemy inf began to advance through MG and 17-pdr fire on their hands and knees. When hand grenades began to fall around the M10 our inf withdrew. Sgt. McIlveen fired at the enemy from the deck of the M10 with his Sten gun while Gnr. Bechtold remained in the M10 and also brought small arms fire down on the enemy. The crew was finally forced to abandon the SP and to seek shelter in a ditch where they remained pinned down for over an hour, but finally managed to withdraw. Meanwhile Sgt. James and Sgt Adshead were engaging targets on the right flank, working with the tp comd and the comd of the mortar platoon. At about 1730 hrs, "A" tp withdrew to harbour, leaving one M10 17-pdr in enemy territory although covered by our own mortar and MG fire. Salvage will be undertaken at the first opportunity. This tp expended 107 rds amn in this action. "B" tp Sp NSR in an attack on BRESKINS but had only one target. "C" tp sp HLI in an attack on SCHOONDIJKE but did no firing.
Victory Loan totals $52,200 for 741 subscriptions.

23 Oct 44
103rd Bty arrived at area D7607 and was placed in sp 104 US Div and allotted to 414 RCT. Guns will be deployed astride rd running NW from WEUSTWEZEL IN AREA D8114. 74th Bty today transported 12 BFI and two Belgian Nursing-Sisters to Antwerp. These people were on their way to the front.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 85?r=1&s=5
Page 6 October 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

MR J447855
Sheet 2

23 Oct 44
33rd Bty spent a quiet night. "B" tp today sp NSR in an attack and fired 52 rds. "C" tp moved into SCHOONDIJKE at first light with the HLI. MG fire encountered from pill boxes in area D090149. Two SP's proceeded along the south side of the dyke running parallel to grid line 159 northing and then south along the same dyke to 090150 where they pounded pill boxes in area 088151 until occupants surrendered. M10's preceeded by carrier returned along same route pursued by direct fire. C1 with Sgt Sydor in comd was hit in the motors by shrapnel at 090159. Tp comd stayed to attend to casualties and carrier returned to harbour. Amn expended 80 rds.
Lieut. Chartier[x] conducted himself with distinction in these operations. "A" tp in harbour at 089091. One M10 knocked out by shrapnel in radiator from fire of our own arty. M10 has been salvaged, and is now at Tac HQ. LAD section under Sgt. Dale taken to Sgt. McIlveen's M10 by Capt. Allison. Is being towed back and may be capable of salvage. Tp harbour area shelled by our own arty from 1015 to 1030 hour. No casualties.
Weather clear today.
Victory Loan totals - no change today.

24 Oct 44
103rd Bty guns deployed in areas D8017, D8116 and D8216. No action.
32rd Bty area quiet today.
56th Bty reverted to comd 2 Cdn Corps today.
Rained intermittently today.
Victory Loan totals $56,950 for 793 subscriptions.
Four rocket shells landed near RHQ today.

25 Oct 44
33rd Bty reports that a heavy attack had been laid on against Fort Hendrik but Fort surrendered as soon as attack began. "B" and "C" tps were to take part.
Victory Loan totals - $57,000 for 803 subscriptions.
Rained most of today.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 86?r=1&s=5
Page 7 October 1944 xx 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

MR J447855
Sheet 2

26 Oct 44
"B" and "C" tps or 33rd came out of action today, with 9 CIB, for maintainence. Tac HQ at D149126 and [s]three[/s] TWO in vicinity. "A" tp still in sp of 8 CIB. Tp Joined QOR and fought into OOSTBURG, firing all the way. Lieut. Shaver wounded and evacuated. Tp received commendation from Infantry. Harboured with QOR at 069111 at 1700 hours.
"L" tp 103rd Bty moved to area D795207 and deployed around HQ of 414 RCT at 1000 hrs. Used Crusader tower as an armoured patrol veh. German MG position shot up. Appeared to have fair success and enemy fire lessened after our patrol. Sgt. Burgess slightly wounded by small arms fire but remained in action. Tp used carrier and Rams for hauling rations, amn and water for US 3rd Bn. Considerable mortar and MG fire and some gun fire that sounded like 7.5 [x]cm.
"K" tp sp 2 Bn 414 RCT. During night, Bn supposed to advance 4000x but after going about 1500 x encountered some fire and fell back to our guns. After daylight they advanced again. "J" tp subject to considerable small arms and mortar fire allday [sic]. One Ram tower out of action after hitting a mine.
Victory Loan totals $57,000 for 803 subscriptions. Campaign extended for three additional days.
Weather clear and cool.

27 Oct 44
Capt. Allison took over comd of "A" tp of 33rd Bty after Lieut. Shaver had been wounded. At 0700 hrs, he reported to HSR. The tp advanced in sp of "D" Coy and soon after the attack began, tp comd's veh and one M10 hit by enemy fire and one M10 disabled by a mine. As a result of this engagement the following are listed MISSING in action: Capt. Allison, Sgt. McPherson, Sgt. Adshead, Gnr. Bowman, Gnr. Edwards, Gnr. Meeker, Gnr. Hunwick, Gnr. Lettner and Gnr. Banks.
Rained most of the day.
Victory loan totals now complete and as follows:

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 87?r=1&s=5
Page 8 October 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

MR J447855
Sheet 2

27 Oct 44
Sales Amounts

RHQ 76 $8,000.00
33rd Bty 168 11,400.00
56th Bty 159 10,750.00
74th Bty 208 14,150.00
103rd Bty 203 13,450.00
814 $57,750.00

The above total represents 170% or the objective set by the Regt and 254% of the objective set by HQ RCA 2 Cdn Corps.
"K" tp of 103rd Bty asked by US Inf to clear up MG nests. Used HE on a building: and then took inf forward in Ram but nothing found. Second time used tower with inf and found American soldiers zeroing rifles. Inf moved to grid line 20 at 1600 hrs. Tp moved forward to area 823193 during the night. "L" tp used towers all day to haul supplies for 3 Bn 414“ RCT as there were several MG posts preventing use of ordinary transport.
One buzz-bomb landed 150x from one of "J" tp’s guns. Situation generally quiet. Many German box mines in "L" tp area.

28 Oct 44
weather clear and cool.
33rd Bty reports little action on their front. Line now runs generally SCHOONDIJKE NORTH EAST TO NIEUVELIET and thence northwest to sea at casting 01. Several attacks put in but none successful. Possible operation north from SCHOONDIJKE tonight. "B" and "C" tps still in harbour 9 Bde area. "C" tp in harbour D082150. Tp has one M10 and crew active; two crews available. Two M10's burned out and cannot be salvaged. One M10 being repaired at Ech. One carrier missing. Major Landale visited M10's knocked out and found no bodies and no evidence of the carrier. Personnel still reported as missing. Sgt. McIlveen becomes acting Tp Sgt, and fired a time programme at 1800 hrs in sp of NSR. Gun posn D053129 and target D040130. Amn expended 8 rds. Bty Tac HQ now at D079163.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 88?r=1&s=5
Page 9 October 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

MR J447855
Sheet 2

28 Oct 44
103rd Bty moved forward today. "J" tp under comd 1 Bn 414 RCT and balance or Bty with 2 Bn 414 RCT. Advance held up at dyke running through point D88653023. "J" tp deployed in area 890282. Balance of Bty merely pulled off the road in area 87102442 at 1800 hrs.

29 Oct 44
Cool and wet.
103rd Bty moved forward and deployed astride main road at D887274 at 1630 hrs.
33rd Bty moved to D079163.

30 Oct 44
33rd Bty Tac HQ moved to D030170.
103rd Bty advanced today. "J" tp under comd 1 Bn 414 RCT. Balance of Bty under comd 2 Bn 414 RCT. "K" and "L" tps deployed one on each side of road at 86253425 at 1200 hrs. Inf continued toward MARK CANAL but ground so wet they retired to LEUR and deployed there. Bty Tac HQ at D862363 and tps nearby. Bty asked to take part in general harassing fire tonight but declined as they are not equipped properly for indirect fire.

31 Oct 44
Rained most of today.
All Btys quiet.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 89?r=1&s=5
Page 10 October 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

MR J447855
Sheet 2

31 Oct 44

Sales Subscribers Total

RHQ 76 65 $8,000.00
33rd Bty 168 129 11,700.00
56th Bty 159 134 10,750.00
74th Bty 212 159 14,350.00
103rd Bty 203 149 13,450.00
818 636 $57,950.00
The above totals include subscriptions by personnel of #82 LAD attached but do not include subscriptions by RCCS attached personnel.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 90?r=1&s=5
Page 11 October 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA


1. Morale of the Regiment is high.

2. Equipment out of action: four Ram towers, four Norton MC's, one carrier Universal and two M10's.

3. Considerable delay has been experienced by this unit in obtaining officers to replace casualties. The unit is now four Lieutenants under strength, one vacancy having existed for three weeks.

4. Discipline in this unit is good.

5. Health of the Regiment is good. No cases of VD reported in October.

LADevine Lt. Col
(L A Devine) Commanding
6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

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Re: 6th Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA (War Diary)

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http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 32?r=1&s=5
Page 1 November 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

MR J447855
Sheet 2

1 Nov 44
103rd Bty posns unchanged. 414 RCT now across MARK Canal in square 8541. Considerable mortar and MG fire on forward posns and troops forced to retire to south bank of canal.
Capt. Allison and nine OR's previously reported missing returned to Bty today. They have been POW for five days in KNOCKE-SUR-MERE and as our troops closed in on the German garrison the Germans surrendered to our troops and were marched out as out prisoners. One hundred and twenty Canadians brought out two hundred and thirty Germans. None of our men had suffered casualties.
33rd Bty: "A" tp under Sgt. McIlveen moved to D031123 in sp of 8 CIB in an attack on KNOCKE-SUR-MERE. "C" Tp moved in sp of HLI to D931148. Tp Sgt. with two guns went to area Fort at 945162. Garrison had refused to surrender. Tp Sgt at great personal risk recced fire posns from which 34 rds were fired. The fort fired on promptly surrendered. Meanwhile the tp comd with two guns went in sp of NNSH firing 19-rds and assisting in capture of pill-boxes. Tp now at 931148. "B" tp took part in an advance on objectives in KNOCKE area with one gun moving in sp of each coy. Tp knocked out one 75mm gun at 936136. While manning an OP in a church steeple, Lieut. Keyes was wounded in the face by shrapnel from a mortar burst but remained in action.
Weather clear today.

2 Nov 44
Weather cloudy and some rain.
33rd Bty. 9 CIB continued advance west from KNOCKE today with two bns up while HLI cleared pocket west of KNOCKE. 8 CIB advanced through WESTCAPPLE and thence north through KNOCKE. QOR accepted formal surrender of all enemy in area between LEOPOLD CANAL and line SLUIS-WESTCAPPLE. 9 CIB advance reached grid line 86 where anti-tank guns held up advance. Plan is to push through to canal tonight. "A" today sp R de C in an attack on WESTCAPPLE and thrust to north. They saw no action "C" to moved from KNOCKE in an attack before first light. Attack goes in on HEYST at 1300 hrs. M10's, AVRE's and CROCODILES engage fort producing a quick surrender "B" tp moved up with SDG from KNOCKE and gave up in an attack to outskirts of HEYST. This completed SDG‘e objectives.
103 Bty: Allied Air Forces today bombed and straffed enemy posns most or the day using Spitfires and Tempests. Sporadic arty fire from our guns.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 33?r=1&s=5
Page 2 November 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

MR J447855
Sheet 2

2 Nov 44
One of our A Tk guns engaged chimneys in ZEVENBERGEN which were thought to be used as OP's by the enemy. Our gun posn at D865390.

3 Nov 44
Weather clear. 33rd Bty reverts to command Regt and conc at J443852 near WAESMUNSTER.

4 Nov 44
Weather clear.

5 Nov 44
Weather clear during the day but rain at night. / Protestant and RC Church Parades held today with H/Capt Higgs and H/Col Cherrier, respectively, carrying them out.

6 Nov 44
Rain most of the day.
C.O. attended CCRA's conference today and received orders that during the next four days, Regiment will move to area NIJMEGEN, E7162. 103rd Bty is being released from comd 1 Corps at once and both towed btys will move tomorrow along with RHQ. 103rd Bty will go under comd 50 (Br) Div in area ELST, E7070 and 74th Bty will go under comd 101 US (Para) Div with guns in area ZETTEN E6272. BHQ of 74th Bty will be at HATERT E688582. Sp Btys will move forward NIJMEGEN on 12 Nov and will be held in reserve for 2 and 3 Cdn Divs. C.O. will go forward tomorrow to recce area for RHQ. 74th Bty is today relieved of all guard duties.

7 Nov 44
Clear and cool today.
Preparations being made to carry out orders received yesterday.

MR E683632 [?]
Sheet 2A&3A

8 Nov 44
RHQ and 74th Bty passed SP at 0445 hrs and arrived at Dis P at GRAVE at 1345 hrs.
RHQ established at E683682 near NIJMEGEN and will move to E677638 when 73 A Tk Regt RA move out. 74th and 103rd Btys moved into areas as ordered and will take over from outgoing Btys on a gun-for-gun basis. Transporters were unexpectedly provided for 56th Bty and brought their M10's to HEESCH E4852.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 34?r=1&s=5
Page 3 November 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

MR E683632 [?]
Sheet 2A&3A

9 Nov 44
74th Bty completed changeover with 130 A Tk Bty RA. Our tps are in areas as follows: "I" tp E615692, "H" tp E598727 and "G" tp at E595732. "G" tp gun detachments are not free to move during daylight as movement brings fire down on them. Tac HQ is at E624705 [?]. Bty reports the following information received from US A Tk comd: Units in the area are 501, 502 and 506 Para Regts, 327 Glider Regt, 101 Div Arty, 81 LAA Regt RA, 116 Regt RA and 61 Regt RAC (one sqn) FDL's are from River WAAL-5868-HIEN 5769-580710-570715-580730-580740-590750-thence east along south bank of river. Bty reports enemy arty fire intermittently during the day and night interspersed with mortar fire. Area is heavily mined and booby trapped. Two tanks are believed to be in the vicinity of OPHEUSDEN 5572. All possible approaches for armour covered by US 6-pdrs and in depth by our 17-pdrs.
103 Bty took over from outgoing unit and BHQ established at E713683.
56 Bty's M10's moved up to NIJMEGEN today.
Four officers and four OR reinforcement received today.
Rained most of the day.

10 Nov 44
Enemy tank observed at 1500x from "G" tps' gun posn in area 5775 at 1400 hrs today. Six rds were fired by the tank at an unknown target in the rear of the tp posn and the tank then withdrew. Tank was not sufficiently exposed to be engaged by our guns. Intermittent mortar fire in tp area all day.

11 Nov 44
Rained heavily today.

12 Nov 44
74th Bty ordered out to MR E963630 south of the WAAL in case operation SPRINGTIDE (flooding of "island") should commence. Regt ordered to hold 33rd Bty and 56th Bty south and west of MR E581511 because of heavy traffic in NIJMEGEN area.
Gnr. Wood, W.G. wounded in the chest yesterday by shrapnel while driving an M10 through NIJMEGEN.
Rained most of the day.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 35?r=1&s=5
Page 4 November 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

MR E683632 [?]
Sheet 2A&3A

13 Nov 44
Rain today.
33rd Bty and remainder of 56th Bty moved today to area ZEELAND E5746.
74th Bty unable to get two Ram towers off "island" last night owing to mud. Efforts to salvage continuing.

MR E687638
Sheet 2A&3A

14 Nov 44
Fair weather today.
Advised by RCA HQ 2 Cdn Corps that 50 Div wishes to release 103rd Bty. Bty will concentrate in area NIJMEGEN until traffic conditions permit removal to GRAVE area.
RHQ today moved to E677638.
103rd Bty at E7361. 74th Bty succeeded in getting towers out today which had been stuck in the mud.

15 Nov 44
Weather clear today. Orders received today to concentrate RHQ and two towed Btys near WIJCHEN area E6058. Surrounding area was tentatively recced by C.O. and Major Lander and it was decided to recce BATENBURG and BERGHAREN in detail tomorrow. 56th Bty will move to present location of RHQ and 33rd Bty to E702550 when RHQ moves.

16 Nov 44
Weather clear and cold. Major Lander, I.O. and RSM today recced new areas and it was decided to put 103rd Bty in BERGHAREN E5763 and RHQ and 74th Bty in BATENBURG.
RHQ and all Btys will take up new posns tomorrow.
Leave to Brussels began today. This Regt will send four officers and 61 OR's during the next eight days.

MR E548606
Sheet 2A&3A

17 Nov 44
Rain today and cold. Moves as above completed. Advised that 33rd Bty might be asked to provide two SP's to bring harassing fire in enemy opposite 2 Div front. Posns south of GROESBEEK recced by Capt Allison.

18 Nov 44
Rain today.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 36?r=1&s=5
Page 5 November 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

MR E548606
Sheet 2A&3A

19 Nov 44
Weather clear.
Protestant Church Parade taken by H/Capt. Higgs in local Dutch Reformed Church for RHQ and 74th Bty. 140 all ranks attended.
Advised today by HQ RCA 2 Cdn Corps that we will supply the following for trials of 17-pdr SABOT amn:
Two 17-pdr guns with tractors and complete gun detachments.
Three field telephones and two miles of cable.
Personnel with equipment will report to rep of 20 WTSFF at 31 RHU Bourg Leopold at MR K271829 at 1200 hrs 21 Nov and will be released at 0900 hrs 24 Nov. We are to send one spectator, who will be Major Slater, to witness these trials at 1130 hrs 23 Nov. Spectators will go MR K368763 at BOURG LEOPOLD Ranges.

20 Nov 44
Rained most of today.
Major Turner left at 1500 hrs for BOURG LEOPOLD with party for amn trials. Number of personnel, 28. Party will travel about 25 miles today and will complete the trip tomorrow. Attached hereto as Appx is details of trials to be carried out [under remarks: Appx #5.]

21 Nov 44
Weather clear.

22 Nov 44
Rained most of today

23 Nov 44
Rained heavily today. Trials of SABOT amn carried out today with results as shown in Appx attached. Visibility was very poor and there was a continuous downpour of rain during the shoot. [under remarks: Appx #6.]

24 Nov 44
Rained most of the day.

25 Nov 44
Fairly clear today.
Regt ordered to have one tp of SP's from each of 33rd and 56th Bty's ready to move under comd 3 Div within 24 hours. Lieut. Klein and Lieut. Chartier detailed.

26 Nov 44
Weather clear today.

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 37?r=1&s=5
Page 6 November 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

MR E548606
Sheet 2A&3A

26 Nov 44
Order re SPs amended today and both tps are to go under comd Recce Group. (See Appx) Area along River WAAL north of PUIFLYK recced by tp comds and guns will move tomorrow. [under remarks: Appx #7.]

27 Nov 44
Trials carried out today by tp comds of 74th and 103rd Btys at 3 Med Regt RCA of #38 Wireless sets. Sets were tested with a view to possibly requesting them on the basis of one for each tp HQ and one per gun in the towed Btys. Fair trials were given the sets and the officers agreed that they would not suit our purpose as well as telephones on the same basis. The chief limitation of the sets was their inability to stay on net when more than two sets were used. Accordingly, it appears that we will be able to get telephones on the basis requested. The indent has been submitted and approved.
Tps of SP Btys put guns in today under comd Recce Group and tp HQ's are as follows: "C" tp at E47668 and "F" Tp at E524667. For Tps activity for following two days see Appx. [under remarks: Appx #8.]

28 Nov 44
Rain today.

29 Nov 44
Weather clear.
103rd Bty recced areas in HERNEN for movement of their concentration area.
33rd Bty area bombed today and five OR's evacuated: Bdr. Elgie, G.H. and Gnrs. Sherwood, W.G., Dowling, E.W., McRae, J.A. and Fiveash, G.E. Two other Guns, Beer J and Court O.O. were wounded but remained on duty.

30 Nov 44
Advised today that Gnrs. Fiveash and McRae died of wounds.
Weather clear.
103rd Bty moved to area HERNEN (MR E583615)
Sitrep from SP tps with Recce Group: This morning possible gun posns were recorded in areas 4864 and 5268. From 1614 to 1700 hrs F tp engaged targets in areas KESTEREN 5172 and OCHTEN 5069 by indirect fire. OP at church steeple DRUTEN 536681 and gun posns at 561675. Visibility poor and rds in KESTEREN were not

http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 38?r=1&s=5
Page 7 November 1944 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

MR E548606
Sheet 2A&3A

30 Nov 44
observed. All rds in OCHTEN observed. Several OP's shot up and x-rds and dug-in positions on the dykes were engaged with good effect. Communications were carried out by Capt Whalley in the OP with extension from 1 9-set in Carrier and Mr. Klein at the guns. Guns were easily controlled. Amn expended: 40 rds of HE.

LADevine Lt Col
(L A Devine) Commanding
6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

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