6th Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA (War Diary)

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Re: 6th Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA (War Diary)

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http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 80?r=1&s=5
Page 1 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA December 1944

MR E548606
Sheet 2A & 3A

1 Dec 44
Rain today.
"C" tp reports enemy on whole sector very quiet, except for occasional recce flares. By using an OP, harassing fire by indirect laying was brought to bear upon targets at TIEL, BRUMT, and ZANDWISK and also on road junctions and railway crossings in those areas. 40 rds HE expended.. Several hits were observed.
At 1330 hrs "F" tp moved to E479669, 1630-1730 hrs tp engaged several targets in areas KESTERN (5172) and on the railroad between grid lines 49 and 51. Guns posns were at 56026740, 56106743, 60116613 and 50246613. OP was at 5365809. All rds were in the target areas. Amn expended 40 rds HE. Today received 17 telephones and 16 #38 sets for towed Bty for communication tp-gun.

2 Dec 44
"C" tp engaged targets in area ZOLLEN (3970) by indirect fire. Amn expended 20 rds HE.
"F" tp engaged targets in area IJZENDOORN (4867), rds observed from OP at 48466780. Fires were started and it is believed that a vehicle was hit. Amn expended -20 rds HE. Later this tp engaged targets in area ECHTELD (4670) by indirect fire with good results. OP again at 48466780. Expended 20 rds HE "C" tp engaged target in BUREN (3471) believed to be HQ 712 Div. Expended 20 rds HE.
Rain today.
Submitted suggestions for WE amendments. [Remarks: Appx 5.]

3 Dec 44
Clear weather today.
"C" tp engaged targets in area OPHEMERT (3863) OP at 412638. First rds landed short but remainder fell in target area with good results. Expended 40 rds HE.
"F" tp engaged targets which had been previously registered in area BUREN.
Visibilty poor and shoot not observed. Expended 40 rds HE.
The two 3" M-10's from "E" tp were replaced today by two from "D" tp. Lieut. Armstrong replaced Lieut. Chartier as "C" tp comd.


http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 82?r=1&s=5
Page 2 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA December 1944

MR E548606
Sheet 2A & 3A

4 Dec 44
Rain and sleet today.
"C" tp again engaged targets in area OPHMERT. One section was placed in position and fired intermittently during the morning. Fire directed from OP at DRUTEN. Good results. Expended 20 rds HE. Later tp fired an additional 20 rds at previously registered targets in BUREN Area.
"F" tp engaged targets in OCHTEN by indirect fire. OP in Church at DRUTEN. Results good. Expended 20 rds HE. In the afternoon an additional 20 rds were fired from the same OP into the KESTEREN area.

5 Dec 44
At 0945 hrs detachments F3 and F4 replaced F1 and F2. At 1000 hrs "F" rp engaged previously registered targets in ECHTELD area. Good results obtained and 20 rds HE expended.
During the morning "C" tp engaged targets in OPHEMERT. First salvo was in the centre of target area and harassing fire was continued for the remainder of the morning. 30 rds HE expended. One M-10 was grounded for repairs to the generator. In the afternoon "F" tp engaged targets in KESTEREN, using the Church at DRUTEN as an OP. 30 rds HE expended and good results obtained.

6 Dec 44
Rained most of today.
Visibility was poor and tps did no shooting in the morning. Lieut. O'Malley arrived to assist Lieut. Armstrong with "C" tp. This will assure that one officer will always be with the guns and one at the OP during the firing. In the afternoon F2 engaged by indirect fire targets in OCHTEN area. Several OP's, dug-in posns and rd juncs at 51226986 were shot up. A large explosion was seen just west of the rd juncs following the shell-burst. Expended 20 rds HE. Number one Sec "F" tp engaged area HENAN [?] (755-) believed to be the area from which some enemy shelling came last night. Visibility was poor and these rds could not be observed. Opening range 9000x. 20 rds HE were used on this task.


http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 82?r=1&s=5
Page 3 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA December 1944

MR E548606
Sheet 2A & 3A.

6 Dec 44
No. 1 Sec "C" tp engaged, with open sights, factory and chimney at TIEL. Daylight can now be seen through the chimney and 8 direct hots were made on the factory. 20 rds HE expended. No. 2 Sec of this tp engaged targets in OPHEMERT. 10 rds HE were fired at Church steeple in this village, which is believed to be an enemy OP and a further 10 rds were used to harass the town area.

7 Dec 44
Rained all afternoon and evening.
Details being completed today for this Regt to place a 200-man guard on 205 FMC at OSST (4754). Guard will be supplied by 74 and 103 Btys. Overall personnel will be 117 all-ranks from each Bty.
"F" tp today engaged targets in ECHTOLD area with several hits being obtained around an observation post. Good air-bursts were achieved by shelling tree-tops around enemy posns. 20 rds HE used on these targets. Previously registered targets in area KEST/EREN were also again taken on by this tp and an additional 20 rds HE fired.
"C" tp engaged OPHEMERT with indirect fire using an OP at DREUMEL. The area was well shot up and our fire was returned with air-burst, several of them directly over our OP. Two pamphlet-carrying air-burst were observed. No casualties were suffered. We expended 40 rds on these targets. Lieut. Cardy today replaced Lieut. Klein as "F" to comd.

8 Dec 44
Clear today.
Regt advised today that an additional guard of 100 men wound be required to go on duty at 204 FMC tomorrow at WYJCHEN. Capt. Allison recced the area and as a result it was decided to place a guard of 140 all ranks. Capt. Allison will be i/c guard.
"C" tp today engaged targets in VARIK (3660) with both direct and indirect fire.
OP's were shot up and hits obtained on rd junc and cross rds in the town area. 40 rds of HE were fired and the guns remained in a sniping role all day.
No. 2 Sec of "F" tp engaged targets in KESTEREN area by indirect fire controlled by Church at DRUTEN. 20 rds HE fired with good results.
No. 1 Sec of this tp engaged targets in area ECHTELD by indirect fire. OP at MR 48466780. Several hits were obtained and area was sniped at for 3 hours. 20 rds HE expended.


http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 83?r=1&s=5
Page 4 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA December 1944

MR E548606
Sheet 2A & 3A.

9 Dec 44
Rained most of today.
Guards as indicated above took over their respective areas at 1200 hrs.
No. 2 Sec of "C" tp today engaged targets in OPHEMERT area by direct fire. The town was sniped at for 2 hrs and 20 rds HE expended. Later in the day this tp engaged areas in ECHTELD AND KESTEREN by indirect fire and with good results. Fires were started in both places. In the afternoon targets in VARIK and OPHEMERT were engaged and some enemy fire drawn onto our gun posns.

10 Dec 44
Weather cloudy today and considerable rain.
Usual shoots on previously registered targets carried on today by "C" and "F" tps.
Lieut. Keyes replaced Lieut. Armstrong as "C" tp commander.
One M-1 bogged down in mud and a guard was left on the equipment pending salvage operations.

11 Dec 44
Weather clear today.
The tps which are deployed continued their sniping roles and expended 80 rds HE.

12 Dec 44
Rained most of the day and very windy.
While trying to get one section of "F" tp into posn at MR 561673 in order to carry out a shoot on OCHTEN, one M-1o slid off the road and it required balance of the morning to recover it. The shoot was abandoned as visibility had deteriorated. Later in the afternoon this tp engaged a factory at MR 4763 which the enemy was reported to be using as an MG post. This target was very successfully engaged with 40 rds HE of which 36 rds were direct hits on the building.
One M-10 from "C" tp is still bogged down and recovery efforts are continuing. This tps guns placed in posn at MR 437635 in preparation for a night shoot on OPHEMERT at MR 3863. Recce Group report movement in that area at night and also a possible enemy petrol dump is believed to [be] situated there. The guns fired 39 rds and all were observed to fall in the target area. Shooting was carried on at irregular intervals for three hours. There was no evidence that the petrol dump was hit.


http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 84?r=1&s=5
Page 5 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA December 1944

MR E548606
Sheet 2A & 3A

13 Dec 44
Weather clear today.
Both troops carried out maintenance today and no firing was done. Vehicles, guns and wireless sets were also checked and found in good order.

14 Dec 44
"F" tp today engaged targets in KESTEREN which had been previously registered but observation was not possible owing to heavy fog. In the afternoon this troop took on targets in OYE [?]. 40 rds were expended in all.
"C" tp did not fire today owing to fog.
This tps' M-10 has been recovered from the mud but is not yet in action as the clutches will not disengage.

15 Dec 44
Advised today that Capt. Whalley will move with 7 Recce Regt to HORRSEN. The troops will stay where they are for the present at least. 8 Recce is rejoining 2 Cdn Inf Div and 7 Recce is taking over from 8 Recce. 49 Recce (49 Div) is taking over 7 Recce posns.
During this afternoon "F" tp engaged enemy OPs and X rds in OCHTEN area MR 5069 with good results. Guns were at MR 545663. Later in the afternoon this tp took on targets in KESTEREN but no observation was possible owing to haze. This tp expended 40 rds HE today.
"C" tp engaged rly bridge at MR 387677 and factory at MR 403655. Several hits obtained on both. When the rly bridge was engaged, heavy fire from mortars and guns was returned. Origin of the fire could not be determined. There were no casualties. This tp has one M-10 in the workshop and one in the ditch at MR 460628 with a track off.
No rain today but weather cloudy.

16 Dec 44
"F" tp today engaged targets in AALST and WADENOOIEN with indirect fire. "C" tps also took on targets in WADENOOIEN. Rds on this village drew return mortar fire. Tps expended 80 rds today.
Weather variable today with some rain.
Both guards returned today.


http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 85?r=1&s=5
Page 6 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA December 1944

MR E548606
Sheet 2A & 3A

17 Dec 44
Lieut. Armstrong today took "C" over from Lieut. Keyes.
"F" tp moved to MR 467672 and "C" tp to ALPHEN area (445616). "C" tp is in support of "B" Sqn and "F" tp in support of "A" Sqn.
No firing today.
Rained heavily.
Regt today ordered to send 2 17-pdrs and detachments to [s]BOURG LEOPOLD[/s] LOMMEL RANGES to carry out shoot with DS amn as per attached appx #6. Major Turner will leave with party tomorrow. [Remarks: Appendix #6]

18 Dec 44
Rained part of today.
Targets in AALST area today engaged by indirect fire; guns at MR 50096614 and targets in OCHTEN area similiarly [sic] engaged from gun posn at MR 54586632. This latter shoot was observed from the Church at DRUTEN and good results were obtained. "F" tp today moved to a new area at MR 46756712.

19 Dec 44
"F" tp today engaged targets in OYE and also in IZZENDOORN. 40 rds were fired in all. Weather partially clear today.

20 Dec 44
Advised today that "F" tp of 56 Bty comes under comd 49 (WR) Div from RECCE GROUP wef [sic] 171200A. See Appx #7. No shooting was done today by either tps. The area in which they are is being mined and booby trapped against raids. [Remarks: Appendix #7]

21 Dec 44
Rain today.

22 Dec 44
Rained part of today. Demonstration shoot to be done with DS man was cancelled today for operational reasons. Major Turner will return with his party tomorrow. Tps which are deployed engaged targets in TIEL, VARIK and KESTEREN today with good results.

23 Dec 44
Clear weather today with a drop in temperature.
"F" and "C" tps today engaged targets in IJZENDOORN and a factory at MR 478688.

24 Dec 44
Weather clear and cold today.


http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 86?r=1&s=5
Page 7 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA December 1944

MR E548606
Sheet 2A & 3A

25 Dec 44
Weather clear and cold.
No targets engaged today.
A very successful Christmas with excellent food. Spirits are high and morale very good. Discipline throughout the Regiment is excellent and no problems arose in any quarter.
56 SP Bty ordered today to prepare to move tomorrow at 1400 hrs [s]the[/s] to MR K443252 in sp 1 US Army. Lieut. Russell left at 2200 hrs and will report as soon as possible to OPs Branch, 1 US Army at TONGRES MR K4044. The tp which is deployed was withdrawn tonight and is in harbour with the rest of the bty at NIJMEGEN. The M-10's will move on transporters and will cross SP at 1400 hrs tomorrow. It was necessary to borrow two equipments from 33 Bty to bring 56 Bty up to strength. 56th supplied crews for the borrowed equipments. 56 Bty will reach Dis P at MR K443252 at 270300A and will be met by Lieut. Russell, who will have received instructions from 1 US Army and will lead them to their destination.
103 Bty ordered to have a tp comd report to 3 Div Arty tomorrow morning to recce gun posns in 7 Bde area. 2 Div less one Bde is expected to move south and 3 Div will spread out to rake over their front. 74 Bty has been warned to be ready to move with 2 Div. Two very successful parties were held in the Officer's Mess today when the CO and 2I/C entertained the Sgts in the morning & Officers in the afternoon.

26 Dec 44
Weather clear and cold.
56 Bty carried out orders given last night. "L" tp of 103 Bty moved over today in sp of 7 Bde and at 1400 hrs established HQ at MR 741502. Advised that GOC will visit us at 1430 hrs tomorrow.

27 Dec 44
Weather clear and cold.
Advised that GOC's visit postponed for 24 hours.

28 Dec 44
Heavy fog and milder today. Ice on roads.
GOC visited us today between 1430 and 1520 hrs. He saw "K" tp, 103 Bty and "G" tp of 74 Bty and RHQ. Visit passed without incident.

29 Dec 44
Weather clear today.
"C" tp today fired 40 rds at usual targets.


http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 87?r=1&s=5
Page 8 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA December 1944

MR E548606
Sheet 2A & 3A

30 Dec 44
Capt. Buell arrived from 56th Bty today to pick up mail, etc. He brought sitrep attached as Appx. 8
Weather clear and cold.
"C" to today fired 40 rds at usual targets. [Remarks: Appendix #8]

31 Dec 44
Weather again clear and cold.
Major Lane, O.C. 660 A OP Sqn today advised us that he would fire "C" tp tomorrow from his A OP.
28 Bty, 1 Heavy Regt RA, has moved in near "C" tp and will engage targets across the river. They have put a line into our Orderly Room and we are relaying messages to 2 AGRA.
CCRA called C.O. to HQ RCA 2 Cdn Corps and advised him to have B.C's of towed btys make recce in 3 Cdn Div area in anticipatiON of possible move. Recce will be made tomorrow morning.


http://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocih ... 88?r=1&s=5
Page 9 6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA December 1944

MR E548606
Sheet 2A & 3A

1. Morale of the Regiment is high.
2. Health is good. There were 2 cases of VD in December in this Regiment.
3. The Regiment's equipment is in good condition. "B" vehs complete except for one 5 cwt. One Ram tower is in LAD, one 3" M 10 is in 2 Ech Wkshps and we are one M 10 under strength.
4. Discipline has been good. During the month, one OR was court-martialled for being 38 days AWL. This was the first court-martial in this Regiment since it was formed in early 1942. At the present time, there are 2 ORs AWL.
5. During the month, Lieut. J.K.Heath was awarded a bar to his M.C. and Sgt. R.F. Gamble was awarded the D.C.M. for their part in the SCHELDT battle. C-in-C certificates were awarded to Lieut. J.R.Flowers, Sgt. G.W.Chambers and Bdr. J.P.Battaglia.
Sgt. J.R.Thorp attended Field Marshal Montgomery's investiture and received his M.M.

LADevine Lt Col
(L A Devine) Commanding
6 Cdn A Tk Regt RCA

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