Hells Highway

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Hells Highway

Post by nicburch » 27 Jan 2019 14:27

i am trying to locate the location of the 'corridor' north of ST Oedenrode to Vehgel via Koevering as was in Sept.'44. Assuming the road from Son was due north as is today via St Oedenrode then rejoining somewhere along the the present A50. Looking at maps there is an old road running parallel and very close to the A50 which then veers off NW toward Schijndel - further along as the A50 takes a direction to the west of Veghel if you look to the right there is a road referred to as 'corridor' which then goes on to cross the canal then over the Aa river. i suppose the roads i have mentioned were as one at the time, any clarification would be appreciated


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