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BEF Armour

Post by yantaylor » 12 Feb 2019 21:37

Hi everyone.

Now I know that this question has already been asked before, but can anyone help with the totals for the armoured postion of BEF in 1940.

This is all the AFVs I can find, which the BEF took to France;

Carriers - ?

Morris CS9s Armoured Cars - ?

Light Tanks – 331 both types
Mk. VI B
Mk. VI C

Cruiser Tanks – 184 all types
A9 Mk. I & CS
A10 Mk. II & CS
A13 Mk. III & CS
A13 Mk. IV & CS

Infantry Tanks
Matilda I – 77
Matilda II – 23

I would guess that the British grouped all the Cruiser Tanks under one total or did they?
The same may have been for the Vickers lights too.
No idea on the numbers of carriers or armoured cars.
Any help would be great.


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